Table of Contents 
 XV:2 June, 2000
A Journal for Linking Poets   



Marjorie Buettner
Hugh Bygott

Penny Greenwell
Betty Kaplan
Max Verhart

Carlos Colon
Alexis K. Rotella

Ruth Yarrow
Carlos Colon

Alexis K. Rotella
Carlos Colon

George Knox
Lesley Einer
Elizabeth Knox

Jacques Verhoeven
Silva Ley

Giselle Maya
Mari Konno

Book Two: ghost, coast, toast, boast, post, most
Francine Porad
Kris Kondo
Marlene Mountain

Carol Purington
Larry Kimmel

David Rice
Ebba Story

Alexis K. Rotella
Florence Miller

John Turner
Ross Bolleter
Stephen Hobson


Marjorie Buettner
Hugh Bygott

yet at autumn's end
the swiftness of the river
flowing endlessly                                        

the sear'd leaf and wither'd hand
we cannot turn back again        

for as Goethe says
only troubled guests are we
on this darken'd shore

still the dawn light of the new
dispels ragged shapes of fear

while in each bird-cry
a secret language revealed
bourn on a wild wind

across the face of a world
fearful against the unknown

this pilgrimage
when in the blind time of night

yet greening bud to flower
is not change the path to beauty?

and somewhere still
in the quick dust of petals
a sweetness and light

of hopes that have come and gone
"Death the mother of Beauty" *

now host of regrets
once the sound of your footfall
no longer heard

that night in silence we as one
saw the moon rise above the lake

this meditation
when the space between each breath
becomes full of song

the paradox of our lives
in speech silence yet unsaid words

beyond answers
the language of the soul's
longing for light

that comes through our duality
our rich senses to intellect

body's alchemy
this elixir's gold is gold

against her purple silks
her form and eyes immortal

our inheritance
when absence is a presence
that fills and fills

changed forms from primeval life
until at last the new mind

dark clouds parting
over a full, clear moon
this crystal night

how love can ebb away and
how full of pain this life can be

but why is the wave
jealous of the rolling sea
through which it passes?

are not all the things which change
longing for the constancy of truth?

Chuang Tsu
is it a dream within dreams

clinging to reality
essence that rings true

at the precipice
how can we not look at
the face of death?

this dark abyss cannot call
to break the bonds of loving

even Orpheus
with his empty heart still sings
of love unending

Eurydice's perfect'd form
lifting him to higher states

this consciousness
a window opening to
new worlds

as the stars light-trace the dark
so this covenant revealed

the pith of a poplar branch
a Golden Flower

within, a higher self;
un ami est comme un deuxieme soi
(a friend is a second self)

full moon in zenith
reflected in a still pond
this night sky

there is here a loneliness
the beyond against the now

echoing thunder
from the edge of the lake
then circling

the endless cycle of events
each moment forever past

heavy snowfall
covering the frozen ground
in forgiveness

time the healer of all things
cold wound the cruelest hurt

O Felix Culpa!
only when the heart shatters
can knowledge come

and wholeness from sorrow's crystals
as darkest nights yield to dawn

from the center of snowflakes
the moon caught within

spreads the light on silent snow
soon crimson'd by this first spring dawn

field of fragrance
how each blossom carries
new hope!

the darken'd stem now bursts forth
this light greater than shadows of fate

after the storm
this rainbow of silver rain
deep into the woods

as I now retrace my steps
she to the darker shadows

gathering night
cry of the loon carrying
all mysteries

I walk in plains under starry skies
the Divine spark our spirit's guide

*Wallace Stevens

Penny Greenwell
Betty Kaplan
Max Verhart

falling snow -
last night's footprints
fade slowly                                                                 p/1

"catch a snowflake on your tongue"
I was once a little child                                                b/2

the long gone taste
of grandma's apricot pie -
still remembered                                                         m/3

inside the armoire
 smell her vanilla scent                                                 p/4

gathering truffles
the moon lights the pig's way
through the forest                                                        b/5

hidden in the fog
my destination                                                            m/6

on the home altar
in the blind man's house
a candle burns                                                            m/7

all along the Via Delarossa -
the paving stones worn smooth                                    p/8

the old bridge still stands -
he is waiting
I cross over                                                                b/9

on the water-bus
a wedding party                                                       m/10

imagining her face 
the veils of purdah
slip just a little                                                           p/11

Coney Island Sideshow
Zenobia, the bearded lady                                        b/12

silvery moonlight
a cool breeze makes her hair
reach out for me                                                      m/13

how the sunbathers
avoid each other's shadow!                                       p/14

she steps over
sidewalk cracks, does not go
under ladders                                                            b/15

saved by the rope
the mountaineer dangles                                           m/16

spring thaw -
I place a daisy chain
on the baby's grave                                                   p/17

the robin's blue eggs
nestled in her nest                                                     b/18

with the sunrise
the children
on their Easter hunt                                                   b/19

at the edge of the clearing
three men with rifles                                                 m/20

angry again!
aiming for the soft spots
I spit my reply                                                           p/21

William Tell's son -
knowing the bow will snap                                        b/22

his frozen fingers
mother has to help father
unbutton his coat                                                      m/23

early winter-
all the tree limbs newly bare                                      p/24

he could not give me
clothes and jewels
it was his heart he gave                                             b/25

this Valentine card
who does it come from?                                          m/26

red lipstick
on his shirt collar
our first kiss                                                              p/27

around with painted smiles
the horses on the carousel                                         b/28

both in and out
the fortune-teller's tent
I find moonshine                                                       m/29

under the changing leaves
a bum offers me his bottle                                         p/30

the flash in the pan
of an abandoned field -
goldenrod                                                                p/31

these moments so precious
the years are unfolding                                              b/32

a look on his watch
and the stylish commuter
starts running                                                            m/33

she's too busy to notice
her wet purse on my paper                                        p/34

strewn over the ground
of the rain swept orchard
apple blossom petals                                                 b/35

this spring morning's sky -
brightly today emerges                                             m/36

started november 28th 1999, completed december 15th 1999


Carlos Colon
Alexis K. Rotella

Christmas tree fort
the icicle trail
from yours to mine. 

Holly berries light up
the snow. 

One hour late
pizza delivery truck skidding
past the driveway. 

He's smooth all right
the skating champ. 

Instant replay
the referee pockets
a wad of cash. 

A lottery ticket
next to Jesus. 

Out of my mouth again
your name
in vain. 

Another babe in the woods
found pummeled. 

Hatpin stuck
in the back
of the butterfly. 

Making wind sounds
the tea kettle. 

Like a frazzled
fright wig
this weeping willow. 

Job's tears with nori
for breakfast. 

The owl
night before
the mammogram. 

Face of an angel
but his name is Clarence.

Shy woman


Pokeberry salve
pulling out
the tumor. 

Faith healer palms
a chicken liver. 


911 operator
donut in her throat. 

The expert
on magnet therapy -
a used-car salesman. 

Spare key under
the front bumper. 

Bright red
SUV driven by
an SOB. 

His and her
gun racks. 

Rev. Falwell—
his power animal,
the fox? 

My shadow growing

Blackberries -
a string of them
around my neck. 

Two feet off the ground
pair of cowboy boots. 

Mercury retrograde -
can't find
his silver spurs. 

Cold snap turning
into pneumonia.

I shovel her
from the pond -
goldfish "Marilyn Monroe." 

Updraft tickles
my leg hair. 

Fat dove
by the waterfall. 

Removing the shot's sting
a cherry lollipop. 

A bee
in the apitherapist's

Masked man mowing
down the dandelions.


Ruth Yarrow
Carlos Colon

dark cloud -
leaves flash
their undersides 

a ripple of waves
through the ivy 

rounding the corner
my umbrella
snaps back 

scattered chickens -
weathervane rooster
spins in circles 

cottonwood seeds
thicken on the screen 

her voice louder
the sound of the wind
not blowing 


Alexis K. Rotella
Carlos Colon

A sailboat
inside the kitchen

Blue marlin arcing
over the fireplace. 

Net filled
with starfish -
solstice heat. 

Twenty-three stitches
on the 10-year-old. 

Raven feather -
I reach out
and take it. 

Under the barber's chair
green curls. 

My palms pressing down
on my head as she tries
to pick my brain. 

Your smashing work
no one smashing it. 

The world's
sexiest man -
his ashes given to the sea. 

heart broken. 

The don juan wills
his penis
to science. 

Sheriff's auction
the smell of cigars. 

Draped over
the rocking chair
rat snake. 

Bottom of her swimsuit
the wrought-iron pattern. 

Drought -
after midnight
sound of a garden hose. 

Behind a thin white cloud
the sun sunnyside up. 

He says he has
to see me before
tomorrow's eclipse. 

Video tape
of his cataract surgery. 

Just before
passing on she squeezes
my hand. 

The tunnel at the end
of the light. 

White hydrangeas
so pure
and white. 

Pureed peas
the plans we had together. 

Like school buses
our four new koi
line up. 

Science class ecosystem
dead toad among dead crickets. 

Aunt Maggie
who died last week
sitting on the radiator. 

From the ceiling below
broomstick message 

Asking angels
to help me pass
the national Boards. 

Predator teacher
grading on the curves. 

No call
of congratulations
from my "best" friend. 

Blond trophies
the Ryder Cup wives. *

the door to a

Recycle can filled with it -
campaign litterature. 

[literature is misspelled on porpoise.]

Aren't you

Hollywood agent hitches
his wagon to a star. 

The haiku pioneer

Blowing bubbles
the bride and groom. 

*golf tournament

George Knox
Lesley Einer
Elizabeth Knox

mourning doves alight
at dusk in a leafless tree
fused in tule fog                                                            gk

early sun dissolves the mist
water lilies edge the pond                                              le

heavy rains falling
and no prospect of abatement
the river rising                                                              gk

valentine's day
my heart overflowing with love                                       le

band-tail pigeon
thin white ring on his neck
under pre-dawn half moon                                           gk

waking up to bright sunshine
breakfast on the patio                                                    le

half a quail's eggshell
under the yellow hop bush
Eolic off'ring?                                                               gk

maybe a capricious fairy
or mischievous blue jay?                                              gk

who is he
showing off his new baby
black? white? male? female?                                         le

successive blackouts often
leave the body affected                                                gk

as a rule yes
but, then there was Lazarus
came back good as new                                                le

Eugene O'Neill gave the tale
Some ironic twists indeed                                             gk

nothing like humor
in a grave situation
wouldn't you say?                                                          le

rare red-legged frogs court females
swamped with full moon desire                                     gk

(This was George Knox's last link in this renga. He died shortly after writing this. His wife, Elizabeth sent the renga back to Lesley and then the two of them decided to continue the poem together.)

'neath saguaro skeleton
shadowed horny toad                                                   le

eyes stay so gently closed
against the moted beams of light                                   ek

from its cramped chrysalis
resplendent                                                                   le

the bright orange lantana lures
swallowtails back, then again                                        ek

summer dust devils
lift off baked macadam
and then dance away                                                    ek

on TV this old movie
Fred Astaire and Cyd Charisse                                      le

the winter garden
nut grass nuts wait to pop up
with beets and spinach                                                 ek

bowls of steaming borscht
listening to troika music                                                  le

the beat is set by
balalaika and hand-claps
dancer whirls and sweats                                              ek

ring tail lemurs wage a stink war
never a fatality                                                               le

walnuts and pecans
smashed to bits from the drop
crows swoop down to feast                                         ek

date with no mirror image
don't ask him for a drink                                                le

ghouls at my doorstep
the jostle for pomegranates
parents wait by gate                                                     ek

only six seeds eaten
six months of each year of winter                                   le

the moon obscured
with dirt driven in the wind
the world's detritus                                                       ek

ten days until Y2K
and the new millennium                                                  le

writing Christmas cards
my heart aches for dear friends
dusting off memories                                                      le

three persimmons sticky sweet
left for the new next thousand                                       ek

global warming!
fifty years after "Silent Spring"
they listen                                                                      le

damp blackened branches budding
in afternoon overcast                                                    ek

then with the sun
a profusion of pink petals
from death, rebirth                                                         le

the red balloon soars higher
the long string untethered                                              ek

January 1998 - February 2000


Jacques Verhoeven
Silva Ley

Written in the new Court of Justice in 's Hertogenbosch, Netherlands. Designed by the Belgian architect Charles Vandenhove, this stately building is the largest in the country with the grandeur of a palace. The authors spent the day wondering around seeing the rooms and art works which make it seem to have the air of a museum of art as well as observing the normal activities of justice.

The spin of words
promenades along the laws
palace of justice

blocks out of deep grooves
contradictions resisted

the marble shines
dancing floor for principles
waltz of getting right

the direction indicated
to a fight between quadrants

a plea in columns
files full of in-betweens
spotlights everywhere

return in full speed
swallow, grit the teeth

the swaying blossoms
the first view outside
new, empty years

leave the fiery flush
colour the white bands

opened or closed
doors part the distance
lunch time in an hour

footsteps to the courtrooms
fresh rolls in the fist

the muddle of no-yes
meeting around the ashlar table
the holy oak replaced

locums of sacrifice
nerves and transpiration

theater of toga's
codes of salutes
completed with pistols

pompous in shirtsleeves
secrets, mobilophones

building styles flirt

pastiche of the angora
the game never changed

decors of tapestry
woven parts of truth

exalted distance
barristers and passers by
look neither right nor left

rolling skaters in the square
view through a thousand windows

a full paper basket
a balcony for the emperor
symmetry of power

the concrete colonnades
neutralized emotions

the body in balance
the spirit practiced
in silent cloisters

coffee cup under the bench
at home now, nearly conquered,

echoes, wall to wall
in vertical designs
free from every verdict

books closed, chances valued
the session postponed

hands shaken
feelings wrapped up
high gates of leaving

loads of arguments
the rumors disclosed


Giselle Maya
Mari Konno

the newborn baby smiles
dreaming of his old friends
who smoothly move their fins
azure all around 

clear sunrise
constantly changing
the mind moves
a slight shifting of the eyes
early spring world never seen 

I embrace
some sixty trillion cells
enclosed in each
a minute metropolis
deep silence in water 

this illusive pine body
mind-heart at ease
each cell holds the secret
of the unfolding flower 

under blossoms full
teens are wondering dully
on this earth uneven
I am at a shady loss
seeing boys inside myself 

out of the garden
we remember how to dance
wisdom before the fall
planting in the dark soil
seed mythology from clay jars 

after the long sleep
of a thousand years
ginkgo trees are alive
sending us green shoots
just as to archaic people 

white camellia
germination of ideas
the tea room empty
exposing the heart's center
to the bare tips of branches 

whisking a bowl of tea
digging deep to find
nothing but this heart
and the cosmic air 

early spring
angels incarnate
for a brief span hover
among the green-white buds
of cherry trees 

Sakura blossoms
a faint pink
exuding shadows
of life
and death 

tiny creek shrimp
ancient creatures
alive under rocks
hidden in the waterbed
of the rushing spring 

springing up
when discovered
as though an idea
came up to the surface
of the blue unconscious 

microscopic image
of a meristem
coral flowers in a dark sea
awed by what is unseen
I know that I don't know 

handed down again
numerous times
here I am
a fragment of the Paleozoic 

particles of time
incarnate in this gift
of a single rosebud
and the syllables chanted
by May pond frogs 

sounds echo
throughout a field
of the Mesozoic era
waiting for the next form
of metempsychosis 

shell-colored dawn
swallows nest under roof tiles
tending their young-
evolution of intricacy
the yellow columbine 

waving in the breeze
a tiger lily shows itself
on the spring slope:
memories of ancient days
swaying deep in the sea 

after a long rain
morning glory tendrils leap
higher on the bamboo pole
from the painted fan
a breath of wind 

unwound dreams
of last summer evening
now hidden in snow
empty rooms aglow
with winter sunlight 

color of iris
seedlings pierce the earth
corn and beans planted
a clay shard meets my hand
long hidden in the dark earth 

huge footprints
fossils of hollows
are going away
to the riverside
treading on leaves 

green sparkling lizard
a rustle among dry leaves
prehistoric horsetail
the glow of the late sun
enlightens the ivy path


Book Two: ghost, coast, toast, boast, post, most
Francine Porad
Kris Kondo
Marlene Mountain


fp three year old ghost of Christmas present each wrap torn and taped

kk shudder to remember how my soul candle was snuffed out

mm uncle sam says january third we widows get a few bucks raise

fp art auction first image shows through aquamedia layers

kk our house has quiet neighbors three farm families' grave sites

mm not what it used to be a mind of my own


fp no resting on laurels in the air the scent of pine and holly

mm off the coast in these worn mountains

kk a freckle-faced kid skims the valley in brand new rollerblades

fp from ocean to ocean the same scary news terrorists

mm the bad curve a car sails across my drive into the bottom land

kk idle enough to open my eyes and mouth to spring rain


kk a bottle of pink pokemon chanmery to toast the holiday season*

mm even better than 39 40 and 50 i like being sixty

fp magical double digit years and tonight's bright solstice moon

kk black sesame paste spread thick on warm bread

mm a fortune for this run-down house anywhere near toasty

fp 34 degrees outside action under two goosedown quilts

*a Japanese soft-drink-imitation of champagne


kk quirky aquarian self-confidence so often taken as boasting

fp 'I love me I love me my picture's on the shelf'*

mm as if they're suited to be talking 'bout stuff talking suits

kk gift for his 'disowned' daughter 'best vest in Boston'

fp ...and what happened to my flat flat stomach and graceful hands

mm yes i can i can eat more chocolate than you

* flapper era song


mm hard drive crash in a space unused solstice greetings hang

fp midnight a mailbox stuffed with tardy holiday cards

kk somewhere between Japan and Seattle some stranded sumi sprites

mm around here they say: dumb as a post

fp caryatids support the porch ceiling art through the ages

kk dream of horse trotting rhythm between tight legs


mm except in my mind moon in perigee not even almost seen

kk midnight valley clouded sky nearly all back-lit

fp Seattle skyline from my deck the view I love the most

mm utmost in tv hype anything beginning with e

kk New Year's singing contest the reds battle the whites

fp the restaurant can hold one hundred drunks max

Started 12/21/99; ended: 12/24/99


Carol Purington
Larry Kimmel

finding no one
at home we loiter
about the grounds 

the colors of marigolds
put out by shadows 


long afternoon
sketching the tortured twist
of the skeletal oak 

a bullfrog's gulping
echoes around the green pond 


voices of softball players
the fading light 

across the railroad tracks
a flickering neon sign
Bar & G ill 


knowing it will
have to last for a long long while
the farewell kiss 

wishing fast
but the shooting-star fades out 


with undiluted

emergency prayer -
childhood words come to mind 


alone with the farmhouse
a tango of mice 

are you sure
this is how Mickey Mouse
got his start 


the right gray suitcase
from the airport 

which shell hides the pea
watch closely now 


leaving the carnival
fingers sticky
from cotton candy 

also a lasting shock
to the imagination 


Hawaii postcard
that friend who never has time
for a visit 

morning-glory tendril
at the window 


David Rice
Ebba Story

whenever I drink
I leave a little in the glass
an odd habit
offering a sip
to spirits I can't see

in palmetto shade
a weathered doll's arm
on an old grave site
the dank air thickly
enters my lungs

car campground
a mutt pulls a boy
toward the water spigot
his loud radio
keeps the forest away

nearing midnight
african idols
crowd her altar
was that my heart beat
or some primeval drum?

death's presence
palpable in the room
it slings me to the edge
of a distant meadow ...
I boomerang back

cleansed by weeping
I turn skyward
the vast expanse
between me and the stars
comes pouring in


Alexis K. Rotella
Florence Miller

My whole childhood
spent looking
for violets.

A nosegay presented
to Great Aunt Titania.

Pies cooling
on the stump
by the pond.

A haiku floats
into the apple tree.

The turtle rests
before returning
to the sea.

Honeymoon couple
rescued from the reef.

Next to the spider
old main
repairing nets.

Around her ankle
ouroboros tattoo.

A white horse
steps off
the merry-go-round.

Swarm of bees

Guest room -
in an abalone shell,

Crushing garnets,
Benares healer.

In Scarsdale
to Lord Surya.

This week she diets
on cabbage soup.

Polka music
coming from
a pine grove.

Resin on my fingers
in the middle of the night.

From the cemetery
a voice
cries out.

Valentine face
of a snowy owl.

Nothing comes back
from the one
I love.

Sad woman siphoning
my chi.

After the mastectomy
he sucks
her other breast.

The drag queen admires
his cleavage.

Cat -
one side yin,
the other yang.

"Next time, Mommy,
you be the little girl."

Ship waiting
as I fall

Golf ball
down the rabbit hole.

A horse-faced
duchess -
the doctor's assistant.

The acupuncturist's mane
brushes my lips.

Sunshine Avenue -
a mural
of chalk.

Kids no longer
playing grown up.

Silicon Valley -
the high-school

Vultures waiting
on Route 17.

Train station -
the only visitor,

Anna Karenina
left on the wooden bench.

At the ball
woman in a pumpkin

Aunt Pauline finds
the shoe I lost.

April 3, 2000, Arnold, Md.


John Turner
Ross Bolleter
Stephen Hobson

a moth seeks
moon on water                                                              jt

young girl's nipples
avoiding my eyes                                                          rb

another birthday
another year of
aftershave                                                                     sh

scent of lemon gum
the day warms up                                                          jt

rising up
black mountains of my bed
butter moon                                                                   jt

on backyard coal heaps
a hint of frost                                                                sh

in the cemetery
a cross of crocuses
spills over                                                                      jt

cheek in freezing pillow
storm clouds gusting through                                         rb

in the lightening
her new scarecrow                                                       sh

startling a mopoke
jarrah explodes in flame                                                 jt

puffing up out of the
valley dusk - thud thud -
my heart? thirsty dusty kangaroo?                                 fb

across the old garden
red tomatoes ripped open                                             sh

picking slugs
off the silverbeet
by the moon                                                                  jt

hip pain's cold spill jolts her
mouth wide night light blazing                                        rb

on the gray pond
autumn rain becoming
winter rain                                                                    sh

alone her name rings
with the bellbirds                                                            jt

morning glories
purple trumpets
pink throats                                                                  rb

dozing, waking through
the Resurrection Symphony                                          sh

the inevitable
final note
I can't breath in                                                              jt

silence towers
a warm slow wind                                                        rb

in mid autumn
I pick up the phone
for no reason                                                                sh

a wooden boat rots
in the cow paddock                                                       jt

one day later
even my toothbrush
tastes of kippers                                                           rb

mint flowering
where the garden was                                                   sh

late sun
hits granite outcrops
shadows grow                                                              jt

throat - angry sinews
mangroves of sadness                                                   rb

down in the water
where a man drowned
a hub-cap gleaming                                                      sh

light from stars
long extinct                                                                   jt

the black phone
glints with the moon                                                      rb

still dreaming
dreaming dawn                                                             sh


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