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XV:3, Oct., 2000

A Journal for Linking Poets   


Carol Purington
Larry Kimmel

Betty Kaplan
Heather Madrone

Marlene Mountain
Carlos Colon

June Moreau
Giselle Maya

Jane Reichhold
Dennis Dutton

June Moreau
Jane Reichhold

Steve Mason
Ed Owen

Jean Jorgensen
Janice M. Bostok

Carlos Colon
Alexis K. Rotella

(Where the addition or deletion of a single letter reroutes semantics.)
Richard Kostelanetz
(Shows how language may hide hidden meanings)
Werner Reichhold

Jacques Verhoeven
Silva Ley

Lorraine Schechter
Marcia Starck
Sudasi Clement

Carol Purington
Larry Kimmel

marriage counseling
I should have seen
it coming

those wild clouds even before
the hurricane watch


the inheritance -
this late in the game
what matters?

rose petals
in a paper cup


frosted -
the tall tumbler
of ice tea

bare legs sweaty
against the vinyl kneeler


farmers' market

a fiddle and a caller
and the contradance begins


getting the grit
out of my eye
her sweet breath

almost dizzy down
the hotdog skier's trail


in the dust
under a scorching sun
a dilapidated dog

"patch the rust spots
and put in a new engine"


Year by year
the same memory
different emotions

a black brush stroke
on white paper


Betty Kaplan
Heather Madrone

twittering ~
the rush of the river
over stones

in the heart shaped box
a ring for valentine's day

beach umbrella ~
the colored stripes in its shadow
are all black

behind his sunglasses ~
he waits for a blind date

ribbed saguaro ~
coyotes deaf to the call
of the summer moon

barbecue sauce on her chin
she orders dessert

U-Pick-It Farm
they buy strawberries
for the pie

in the old recipe book
a love note from another man

remembrances ~
clutter the mantel

the rattle of the truck ~
a drink of dust

sign on the mountain
California Poppy Trails
watch out for snakes

crossed ski tips
snow down her parka again

Harvest Moon Ball
their steps

falling star ~
she trips on her high heels

caught in the spotlight
a moth
circles the stage.

after the debate
he concedes the race

second place ribbon ~
white snowflakes on
the blue crocheted afghan

grandma's menorah
eight candles flickering

scent of lilac ~
clean Passover linens
flap in the breeze

fresh out of the nest
a robin...oh to fly!

Begun: 25 May 2000 ~ Completed: 10 June 2000


Marlene Mountain
Carlos Colon

15 billion inches to the moon when does a year really begin
damien with a meteorology degree 'el nińo'
bone scan step on a crack & break your back or take fosamax
e-mail i miss the sight of your handwriting
give a man quill & infinity he'd create shakespeare's stuff
at the straining point my quality of mercy

thirty-ninth chin-up distorted face of the field day competitor
flashlight in bed have air strikes begun
fallout shelter a brawl at the pinochle table
protest haiku 'outed' on the net
trapeze act spotlight shadows nearly touching
just not qualified to be myself anymore
in the same blue power suit her new assistant
dead-locked over the death penalty
execution evening the sound of the phone not ringing
mother nature slip: global warning
ready to test-drive a new haiku but where did my kigo?
'free speech not only lives it rocks'

boxers beat shit out of each other hug at the final bell
counting to ten before kissing you again
wildflowers behind 'the therapy center' stolen for home
in the rubber room gumby
library conference yard rooster gets the name crowbar
redheaded storyteller how wide the children's eyes
graf & davenport on espn fire dies down 10-degree night
white roses and baby's-breath on her ivory casket
nothing spent at salvation army from salvation army purse
mercury dime on the railroad tracks
'be prepared' for 'boy scouts of america' discrimination
jonesboro ambush i can't stop crying

discolored spot on the wall where the fire alarm was
spring-cleaning nothing in the house
funniest home videos a white dog used as a twirling dust mop
paula jones goes down in defeat
crossfire, geraldo, larry king live the court of the last retort
one good thing about poor memory another the perennials

Notes: 2c. the omen; 16m. by 2 or 3 newscasters including peter jennings;
18m. oprah winfrey, 2/26/98; 22c. flexible toy doll based on the 1950s tv
character; 29m. re court decision against gays and atheists

December 31,1997 - April 8, 1998 (Hampton, TN and Shreveport, LA)

June Moreau
Giselle Maya

Tangled in the branches
of a black willow-
the wolf moon
clumps of red osier
against a drift of snow

along the cliff's edge
over gnarled roots
a worn mountain trail
frost-covered cypress
shaggy trunk rising

held aloft
in sun-tipped branches
of the winter linden -
a tattered kite
that was once a dragon

poplar leaves
heart shaped
float on water
eroded by seasons
into veined skeletons

the pieces of birch bark
on my writing table
have their own
mysterious script -
written without hands

across the moon's face
cloud dragon tilting
with glittering branches -
a rabbit stops and stares
into monstrous headlights

with fingers nimble
as the spring wind
in willow branches
the year's first basket
is finely woven

dreaming of a hut
under the whispering oak
Icarius cliffs where eagles nest
impenetrable mists
pierce and chill my heart

I am sitting here
with my back
against a young tree
feeling the wind
in its branches

spring fever
walk within the scent of plum
sap rising
a thousand bees and I
elated by the mystery of things

write all your sorrows
on rainbow streamers
and tie them onto
the slender branches
of the weeping willow

patches of violets
under the Kannon-armed quince
strong winds sting my eyes
a lizard rustles to hide
in a bone-white stone wall

hazelnut blossoms
along the trail
to the old pond -
the brown creeper's
tiny song

clipping mistletoe
from an aged pear tree
March hare leaps
not half as agile
as this vixen of a cat

no blossoms this year
on the old apple tree
just a white butterfly
flitting here and there
in its branches

left to protect the tree
one last persimmon -
a prayer for fruit
from next year's harvest

a bevy of white pines
holding hands
with the ardent wind -
they are dancing
they are dancing

taller each day
iris beneath the walnut tree
narcissus wait
in their silver sheaths
for April mildness

the longing
to stay here
spreads around me
like the warm shadow
of a great oak

found and treasured
an old wooden ladder
for June cherry picking
a kitten's tentative paw
touches the snail's antennae

I am always
walking along the path
that leads to the willow
angel of the wind
the honey-colored wind

oak leaf fragments
wildly swaying
moon in dark branches
year of the Rabbit's end
wind-tossed heart at peace

January 1999 to January 2000 - the Year of the Rabbit - New England and Province, France


Jane Reichhold
Dennis Dutton

the depth of days
beginning the summer
with a friendship

two yellow butterflies
whirl over the street

above her knees
wind in the skirt's colors
and rising

dance studio
the janitor's plie

bending the branch
now bare of leaves
the fullest moon

on the porch to cool
two pumpkin pies

the flickering light
of the candle

only shadows moving together
will they be compatible?

after she leaves
he stands for a while
where she stood

that mile in his moccasins
the blister rubbed open

the arrowhead
her father gave her
no child of her own

in her medicine bag
cures for everyone else

early morning frost
his shaky hands hold the moon
in a teacup

are they also shivering?
tree limbs in the fine-snow storm

on a journey
of one thousand miles
willow staff

crowned with streaming ribbons
the Maypole raised in the village

an empty church -
by saint barbara's icon
a red poppy

and the dream flings down
the springtime glow of dawn

sky-high river
alders in flood waters
outflowing the earth

for the one still out to sea
she builds a fire on the beach

a woman's place
within the stone
within daughters

from the baby's chubby palms
mashed apricots for the dog

a gentleness
warming the night's darkness
summer stars

under the milky way
a cricket for company

in the dairy barn
the farmer's youngest son
wishes wishes wishes

buildings fall to ruin
why should love be different?

the house
not made by hands alone
a heart

following my breath
traces of this and that

the moon shining
in your eyes
the most ancient light

on the scarecrow's head
dad's old go-to-town stetson

the catch rope cold and stiff
in the wrangler's hands

goose bumps in the Bijou
spaghetti westerns still a thrill

lightning fast
the little boy
draws down on his mom

small puffs of white clouds
spring comes to the lone mountain

the trail at dawn
filled with the scent
of wild blue lilacs

meeting a young old friend
the sun rises even earlier

Started - July 6, 1999 Finished: July 24, 1999


June Moreau
Jane Reichhold

on the old pond
water lily swirls
in the snow
lion-like clouds
with jowls lighted by the sun

just for the patchouli
scent crumbles the foliage flame
smoke among visions
the invisible box of spirits made
square-edged by the moon

tiger lilies
closing their petals
in the darkness
if only I could know
their dreams . . .

a woman's own
priest-craft of magic
fragrant and equal
morning glories awaken
days when I was a virgin

at midnight
the sun decided
to come back
I thought it were
a huge marigold

center of the core
sweetening the bite of almond
calyx in memory
the husk of infinity stands
to assist the radiance

moon of flowers
how delightful
to have
the plum tree's shadow
as my coverlet

evening gentle
eternal things come to us
in our hands
signs of exchange are fated
on a scrap of wall flower

the table adorned
with forsythia,
sunbeams falling
where they will –
the taste of tea

filled up swiftly
as a disturber of the peace
the pregnant woman
walked the line to prison
malachite spilled from trees

seven ducklings
catching up
with their mother
raindrops wobble
on the lily pads

once wheat
was the small round girl
as a wound
the doom-laden years
could not kill my mouth

even more delicate
than tiny sunbeams
the flowers
dancing in the blue
near Fairy Spring

joyous April
the zone was cheated
by brake lights
in the loosestrife a flag
of truce is top story

after being ill
for a long time,
how unreal they seem –
the red blossoms
of geranium

night nest
ringed by the musky odor
of moon-sage
rosemary and her friends
lifting their love songs

so many
white blossoms
the clouds could make
if only
they knew how . . .

days deep with patience
of sunflower buds opening
starfire and scripture
long journeys of burnt umber
the scents of sacrifice with love

January 14, 1999 - March 18, 1999


Steve Mason
Ed Owen

all day
the balcony light
flickers in the mist

outside the door
the smell of red paint

an inspiration –
the theory that links
colour to sound

her face cracks a smile
she sinks deeper in the chair

this strange cigarette
brings on a feeling
of contentment

the journey home
seems quiet tonight

glaciers melt
water from the mountains
rushes to the sea

tangled in a net
the shark slowly drowns

a year in prison -
his immigration papers
not in order

forced into exile
because of his beliefs

knocking on doors
told to f off

troubled sleep
murmurs from the bedroom

the vice squad
sent into the district
by the dream police

uniformed guards
sweat in the midday heat

scientists study
local insects to predict
the next eruption

lava sculptures win
the modern art prize

the angle grinder
turns all the sharp bits
to dust

cosmic debris
gathers to form stars

shafts of sunlight
fall on the rabbit burrow –
a big doe blinks

his good eye pressed
against the telescope

in ten seconds
the evening primrose bud
becomes a flower

child with a mower
plays havoc in the garden

school closed–
no money to pay
the heating bills

sparks from the campfire
land on his straw hat

around the city dump
canvas shelters
flap in the breeze

the tugboat's horn
just louder than the gulls' cries

"gone to sea"
a message from the captain
"may be home late"

neon slogans
half the letters don't light up

bad weather
brings the party rally
to a close

after heavy rain
snails crawl all over the path

Brighton beach –
the crunch of pebbles

remains of candy floss
stuck firmly to my beard

late at night
the cat returns
with red whiskers

the surgeon makes a first cut
then asks for his glasses

in the greenhouse
plants think
it's already spring

we get up early
to catch the first train home


Jean Jorgensen
Janice M. Bostok

almost too heavy
the birdseed bag dad carries
to fill bird feeder

the cat's belly
scrapes the snow


ancient radio
amongst kitchen sounds
a swing band

woman at the kitchen sink
dances as she sings


last night's snowfall
covers lilacs in bud

white crocheted edging
centers the tablecloth


on shady pathway
a dove pecks

high in the sky
long tail of the dragon kite


too hot to sleep
she watches the jet's blinking lights
recede into moonglow

soon tunnel vision
may be all that she has


morning light
flock birds hang
above the river

through the mist
sounds of girls splashing


Carlos Colon
Alexis K. Rotella

Competing with the priest
a choir
of birdsong.

House wren -
or is it a finch?

Eenie, meenie,
minie, mo -
police lineup.

On a road never traveled
a golden looking for a home.

Broken window
the key he didn't see
under the doormat.

A rabbit through the slat
of our garden gate.

Rusty hinges
my old high school

Detention -
I read the dictionary.

Wind-riffled field guide
now only the butterfly's
photo remains.

Home from vacation -
tiger lilies light our path.

Japanese lanterns
the ticking of
soft rain.

Slowly I sink into
bath bubbles.

Old neighborhood -
familiar faces
now wrinkled.

On top of my head
an ironing board.

The guy next door
threatens to flatten
my husband.

The strength of a fist

Early dawn—
a blast
of Beethoven.

Kennedy Airport
the roar of Beatlemania.

Showers again -
triplets at the window
wearing stripes.

in ter mit tent
wip ers

Wonton soup
to go -
far away.

Eggdrop dripping
from chopsticks.

Our walk begins
with the smell
of phlox.

Clorox down
the front of my shirt.

In his baby moons
I check
my seams. *

Guessing her age by
the shape of her taillights.

He spends more time
with his Impala
than he does with me.

For sale: The Mona Lisa
of all trading cards. **

To my poor mom
we run
with fool's gold.

Diamond ring trembles
between his fingers.

the waitress's nails.

Raspberry sound from
the baby's stomach.

I thought it was
a dummy—
old woman hung from a tree.

Junior Klanner's name
on the edge of his sheet.

Nothing said
but her anger
fills the room.

Farmer pointing the way
with a shotgun.

*hub caps
**a 1909 Honus Wagner (baseball card)—CNN

May 24 - August 31, 2000

(Where the addition or deletion of a single letter reroutes semantics.)
Richard Kostelanetz
(Shows how language may hide hidden meanings)
Werner Reichhold

LONG ALONG a swans down TO TON TONE TONEY sweet band ON ONE GONE sculp tur al INK LINK CLINC sei smog raphy IN WIN WIND sales man ship ILL PILL SPIL scup u lously UDDER RUDDER tac tician WIPE SWIPE tam eable USE MUSE tank ard TUMBLE STUMBLE top i cality ALE HALE WHALE un a man able PILE PILES un shape roned TRAM TRAMP va moose RUSH CRUSH velour samt RABBI RABIT

var i gated HEAP CHEAP va sect omy RUNG WRUNG wo man liness EITHER NEITHER wors hipper BASS BRASS Quing qua gesima AIR LAIR FLAIR phil andering MOTION EMOTION phant asmal HE HEN THEN pork u pine AT LAM CLAM o nami sm ON CON CONE met all urgical REAM DREAM Sat is fact orily ARM HARM CHARM nice ness ITS HITS SHITS noct urnal GIN GRIN Ma da gas can AN ANT ANTI ANTIC ma mary

AIL NAIL SNAIL kno wingly HE HERE THERE lab our intens ive OUT FOUGHT leak age ILL HILL CHILL secret e veness ID RID RIDE DRIVE sea son able ONE ZONE OZONE sept ember AM RAM CRAM SCRAM SCREAM Lice nsed APE CAPE CRAPE sex agen arian MAR MARS MARSH k nock together PAIN PAINT journ a list AT PAT PATE sch o lastic TOT TOTE TOTEM hy men AS ASS CLASS grab by IT BIT BITE ferti lity EL EEL HEEL WHEEL.


Jacques Verhoeven
Silva Ley

(Written in the inner courts of "Het Markiezenhof" - a complex of castles built for the marquis of Bergen op Zoom, around 1500. Now, it is the Townpalace Museum of Arts and Library.)

A fortress for books
centuries for letters
the Flemish court

relics of battle turmoil
a rigid rearing horse

nobility honored
bronze for old gentlemen
a house full of pride

accused of madness
the marchioness in prison
power for broken roses

her eyes full of storm
slates under the sockle

the granaries filled
doves coo in the beeches
hours of dalliance

no kitchen ranges smoke
nor carrions rattle
gardens enclosed

statue of the architect
the chisel in his hand

children on the lawns
games in the castle
fight with a yellow ball

fashions in the halls
bodices and crinolines
the spirit caved in

a dance of puppets
a reign of purslain

the secret cabinet
the musky perfumes
pregnant from the groom

rummaging around
signals of custodians
the bride is coming

all colors mingled
the mare in the show booth

verandahs let out
everyone 'his majesty'
marquis in 2000

the dinner ordered
gothicly in the saddle
telephone on the ear

windows separate old and new
tourists step in and out

our passion to save
an indigestible rampart
ruminated to delight

Lorraine Schechter
Marcia Starck
Sudasi Clement

Cool garden bird song
morning sun heating walls
mountains sleepy

spikes of pink and red
hollyhocks in bloom

cat under covers
how can she stand the heat
ice cubes melting

next door a lawnmower buzzes
neighbor shouts hello

laziness passing
to cook? to shop? to play?
the telephone rings

O'Keeffe lay under her car
at noon the desert blazing

mini volcanoes
rise between porch bricks
industrious ants

thunderheads to the west
ev'ryday at four o'clock

lovers singing praises
to mid-afternoon madness
he tastes my tea and cakes

tongue licking edges
sweet chocolate icing

ah sweet cool!
clouds bursting open
rain falling hard

running through arroyo
laughing bare bottomed

slipping, sliding, mud
bodies covered
like snakes entwined

wine poured, cheese and bread
fresh baked scones spread with butter
salmon, salad, fruit

light breeze playing chimes
mesa sunset red

Oye como va
Santana rocks the club
hips and breasts shaking

dogs in heat howling
midnight a lone candle burns.



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