The nine-foot tall figure made completely on the wheel 
for the "Talking Potheads" Show.

Opening night showing the paper stages in "Talking Potheads".


The vessels in the show at the Dolphin, in Gualala, CA
for the opening of the show on March 1, 2003




"First Bath" - Art in the Redwoods, 2003

From Red, White and Black Members' Show 
at Gualala Arts Center, June, 2003.


Close-ups of some of the vessels:

"Common Cause"
h: 23" x 10"


"The Humanitarian"
h: 24"" x 18"


Thumbprint Pot
h: 24" x 10"



"An Opinion on Homeland Security"
h: 30" x 8"
Art in the Redwoods 2002
    Best of Show by a Local Artist (Elk to Jenner)
    First Place in Clay
    The Rams Head Clay Award