Thoughts in Rhyme


By Rahomme de Linde


  1. FAITH
    1. Faith is an anchor; it keeps you on shore;
      Doubt is a sail; it helps you explore.

    2. Those who swear that faith is true
      Have only their own faith in view.

    3. If you wish a person's heart to break
      Try that person's faith to shake.

    4. Don't remove a faith that is deep,
      Unless you give ought else to keep.

    5. They're targets of peoples' rage and hate
      Who time-honored faith desecrate.

    6. When pain and sorrow afflict the mind
      In faith can one solace find.

    7. Faith may not cure physical ills;
      But important needs it amply fills.

    8. Gods in temples can't subsist
      If faith in humans doesn't exist.

    9. Faith isn't belief with no proof for it;
      It's belief when proof is for the opposite.

    10. Faith is accepting something without a reason
      Like eating some food without checking for poison.

  2. MYTHS
    1. Not facts, but values are what one finds
      In the myths and tales of ancient minds.

    2. Science's proofs and obscure theories
      Aren't as soothing as age-old stories.

    3. Devils and spirits are called by us
      Bacteria, germs and viruses.*

    4. Myths and spooks of ancient folks
      Perhaps were only their dreams jokes.

    5. Myths were once stories serious
      To explain the complex world around us.

    6. Who take mythologies as really true,
      Can get crazy and combative too.

    7. Myths are often tales delightful:
      Deep-felt visions, and insightful.

    8. The most ancient gods in human history
      Are filled with magic, myth and mystery.

    9. True God belongs to our kin and kith;
      What others worship, we call a myth.

    10. Myths see the world in terms too stark:
      As good and bad, as light and dark.

    1. Whether God is or not a hypothesis,
      God is joy and love and source of bliss. *

    2. The world has but a single Boss
      Who decides our life and gain and loss.

    3. God may not be a spy on high,
      Watching thoughts deeds from the sky.

    4. Music is one, but tunes are countless.
      Icons are many, but God is formless. *

    5. Fear not the God Who is above:
      For God is only mercy and love.

    6. Rain and thunder, sun and sky
      May be the only gods on high.

    7. If a God there be, He must embrace
      Saints and sinners of every race.

    8. God said, "Let a Big Bang Blast!"
      That's how the world, it came at last. *

    9. God thought, "Let there be sound!"
      Then said, "Let e.m. waves be all around."

    10. Is God a He or is God a She?
      Some think they know, but don't ask me!

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