Thoughts in Rhyme


By Rahomme de Linde


    1. If the racists hadn't done their thing,
      Would the Nobel Prize have gone to King?*

    2. If heaven had not Hitler sent
      Would Ike have become a President?

    3. If Chinese Reds bring their might to bear,
      Would the world become a Chinaman's Square?*

    4. If the English hadn't crossed the sea
      Would India now be growing tea?*

    5. If spices didn't in East abound,
      Would there be Mayans still around?*

    6. If no cassette tapes in gay Paree,
      Would Iran's history different be?*

    7. If the Prophet had not had a sign,
      Would there be peace in Palestine?*

    8. If Muslims hadn't gone on and on
      Would there now be a Pakistan?*

    9. If the Moors had not to Europe come
      Would Europe have had the decimal system?*

    10. If the West had not to Arabia come
      Would Arabs have petroleum?*

    1. If fish could sing and dance for us,
      Would we catch and fry and eat them thus?

    2. Is it real or just a dream,
      This conscious flicker on the eternal stream?

    3. Little babes that laugh and play,
      What gods and angels worship they?

    4. Why were miracles, like some crimes,
      Much more common in ancient times?

    5. If Venusian clouds filled our air,
      Would we have known that stars are there?*

    6. A belief may be mindless, even blind.
      If it harms no one, why should one mind?*

    7. Do flowers blossom, do birds coo
      To give some joy to me and you?

    8. Why should the rich we respect
      If one can't from them ought expect?

    9. If Soviet missiles on the U.S. rain,
      Whence will they get their jeans and grain?*

    10. Is matter in motion the only thing
      That makes humans dance and sing?*

    1. If up in China Moses grew,
      Would God have spoken in Hebrew?

    2. If the Vedas were in Iceland sung,
      Would Sanskrit be a sacred tongue?

    3. During the eons when Man wasn't there,
      Who prayed to God, who asked Him to care?

    4. If God made Man in His image
      Why does he grow so wrinkled with age?

    5. If the Turin shroud is of Christ,
      Does that make Him a greater Light?*

    6. Why then did God wait so long
      To include Man in his glorious song?*

    7. Can a just almighty God on high
      Let hungry children starve and die?*

    8. Wouldn't heaven and hell empty be
      If monkeys had n'er come down from tree?*

    9. How can the world be a divine plan
      When it includes things like the Ku Klux Clan.?

    10. Should hell and heaven be brought to mind
      To eschew bad, be good and kind?

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