Thoughts in Rhyme


By Rahomme de Linde


    1. Religions talk of heaven and hell
      As where in future we all will dwell.

    2. No prophet's words are widely read
      That warm admirers haven't spread. *

    3. Religions begin to degenerate
      When all they do is God venerate.

    4. Jesus, Buddha, Mohammed, Moses
      Ate and slept like all of us.

    5. When humans hunted and lived in caves
      There were no priests or rites, or even graves.

    6. Pure truth in religion, if you wish to find
      Keep history fully out of mind. *

    7. Of gods and scriptures we find no trace
      In the early hunters of the human race.

    8. Reject not religions of the past.
      Change and expand to make them last.

    9. Who authored sacred scriptures' pages
      Were scientific theorists of bygone ages. *

    10. There's not a single religion indeed
      That fought not with another sacred creed.

    1. Fanatics can be dangerous
      If power they secure over us.

    2. Religious groups are good, you'll find;
      When not close to others of a different kind. *

    3. For the true believer, this is the test:
      He is sure his own belief is the best.

    4. If some religious folks have power indeed,
      They'll dictate what one must and must not read.

    5. "God is great!" some loud exclaim;
      Then fight and kill and also maim.

    6. Self-righteous fervor is a force indeed
      That provokes wars as much as greed. *

    7. Religious bigots who're arrogant
      Are of history quite ignorant.

    8. Of modern science, they know just naught,
      Who cling for ever to ancient thought.

    9. Religions have a role to play,
      But on everything, should they have a say?

    10. Religion is narrow if it doesn't care
      For the poor and the hungry who're out there.

    1. How can asses that can only bray
      Know the joys of those who pray?

    2. Scriptures must only be read.
      Dissect them, and they will be dead.

    3. Prayer in truth is an effort to find
      A cosmic link for soul and mind.

    4. The joys and thrills of God's embrace
      Are beyond those who have no grace.

    5. Prayer is not to solve problems fast,
      But to merge oneself with the cosmos vast.

    6. When all is well, and there's nothing to fear,
      Not many pray for God to be near.

    7. When it's hard for one with life to cope,
      Who prays to God gets some hope.

    8. When we're alone with danger around,
      Then can the value of prayer be found.

    9. Prayer to God need not always be
      A meek, beseeching, helpless plea.

    10. Prayer is a one-way mode to converse
      With the substratum of the universe.

    1. Hindus say there's many a way
      To search for God and to pray.

    2. The Judaic faith has this to say:
      They're true to God who his laws obey!

    3. The message of Christ is short indeed:
      Be kind and helpful to those in need.

    4. They call themselves devout Jains
      Whose religion feels for creatures' pains.

    5. The Buddha's wisdom may be seen
      In his simple rule of the Golden Mean. *

    6. God is great, Islam has said;
      His sole messenger: Prophet Mohammed. *

    7. The Sikhs say inner peace to find
      We must follow the master, keep God in mind. *

    8. Respect land and trees, rain and dew:
      This is religion enough in Amerindian's view. *

    9. Chinese wisdom, it would seem
      Is to be with Nature, follow the stream. *

    10. Be good and kind, take rational ways:
      This is all that matters, the humanist says.

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