Thoughts in Rhyme


By Rahomme de Linde


  1. ART
    1. Art is statement of a deep-felt truth,
      That also happens to please and soothe.

    2. It's humans who make and evaluate
      A work of art as weak or great.

    3. Music isn't just note and beat;
      But sound that's soothing and also sweet.

    4. Stories that are widely read
      Are harmless lies, all nicely said.

    5. A beautiful face is a thing of joy:
      Of man or woman, of girl or boy.

    6. People enjoy plays 'cause they partake
      Of dialogues they can't themselves make. *

    7. The power of words is what is seen
      In poetic descriptions of a scene.

    8. No art, no science, no song, no dance
      For one who suffers from hunger pangs.

    9. By oneself one makes a work of art
      The work of a scientist is but a part. *

    10. The forms of a truth are by art shown;
      The truth behind facts is by science known. *

  2. BOOKS
    1. Speech and actions fade away;
      But written words for long will stay.

    2. Books that gather dust in dark
      May sometimes light a sudden spark.

    3. Books and logic, we do not need.
      The poor and hungry to clothe and feed.

    4. A stranger is like a book unread.
      Dull or lively, it can't be said.

    5. Humans are the only creatures
      That make music, art, and literatures.

    6. Glories of saints need books and sounds
      To grow in time by leaps and bounds. *

    7. To just repeat what old books have said
      Is paying homage to those who're dead. *

    8. Some books belong to every nation:
      They've changed the face of civilization.

    9. A child is just some atoms, the way
      A book is just some words, I'll say.

    10. To listen to the thoughts of a brilliant mind,
      Read a book by it, if you can find.

    1. Moral codes aren't meant to find
      Knowledge to illumine the mind.

    2. Comfort, control, come from wealth.
      And wealth unshared is but stealth.

    3. One can't with logic justify
      How love and kindness sanctify *

    4. Ought in excess, even of laughter
      Brings pain and regret not long after.

    5. An extremist stand, on whatever cause,
      Most likely will cause some pain and loss.

    6. Conscious hurting of another life
      Is an evil sharp as any knife.

    7. Sex and love are not the same;
      With love goes never blame or shame.

    8. Pleasures are for only you;
      Joys are for sharing with others too.

    9. Those that deal in deadly drugs
      Are viler than the meanest thugs.

    10. The simplest moral rule is one:
      Willful harm must ever be done.

    1. From molecules came life and love:
      This, more wondrous than stars above!

    2. Knowledge of a star's essence
      Needn't rob us of a mystic sense. *

    3. Ecstasy is like an orgasmic joy
      That mystics get from the cosmic toy. *

    4. Logic brings to mind some light
      Mysticism brings to heart, delight.

    5. Not every mystic is a fake,
      Though some may make a pure mistake.

    6. Science's truths can all be bared;
      Mystic delight cannot be shared. *

    7. Mystics do some truths proclaim;
      But not all mystics say the same. *

    8. Science without a mystic feeling
      Is like medicine without too much healing.

    9. Mystic feeling is like a passing greeting:
      Deep-felt but all too fleeting.

    10. Mystical joy without God or creed
      Is like morality without laws, indeed. *

    1. Play on sounds, if you can afford;
      The pun is mightier than the word.

    2. The Chinese tongue is too hard for you;
      Yet millions speak it, and children too.

    3. Another language beyond your own
      Opens the mind to a world unknown.

    4. People holding different views,
      Don't mean the same by the words they use. *

    5. What to Romans it was simply sex,
      To the Greeks the same was in fact hex. *

    6. The fiery word can arouse a mob
      To peace or war, to save or rob.

    7. Though to the bard we're much beholden,
      Speech is silver, and eloquence golden.

    8. Vibrations in air, when ought we say,
      Can easily many meanings convey!

    9. Sounds from the mouth have of course
      Changed sometimes history's course.

    10. The sculptor chisels beauty from a stone
      The poet creates beauty from words alone.

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