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If you have opened this page to see pictures of my clay vessels, figures and fountains, they are here, down below and loading. And, if your system is as slow as mine is here at the very edge of the continent, you need something to entertain you while waiting for the pictures of the pots I have recently shown. If I could dance for you I would, but that would take even longer to download, so let's just stick to ceramics.

Why on earth, are you interested in a clay representations that will vaguely remind of a person? Are you also fascinated with the concept that clay is made of the recycled bodies of mountains, people and plants? Does it thrill you to touch the sides of a clay piece and to know that fragments of other lives have now been joined into this singular configuration?

Perhaps it is too easy for you, holding the finished ceramic in your hand, or worse still, looking at pictures on your computer, to remember that clay was once a living breathing piece of life. Because I have handled the clay when it was wet, I have this sure knowledge in my fingertips. I know clay has a life. Just as with our bodies, you add water (and the oxygen in it) and we live. Take out all the water and like a frog in winter, it goes into reduced level of existence. 

The same thing holds true for clay. You take the dry, crumbly soil from the side of a hill and it seems to be only dirt. Add water and it takes on a life of its own. Suddenly it has a will, it has needs, it moves, it reacts to light, heat and air. It is something to be reckoned with because it now has desires and a will. Believe me, different clays have distinct personalities and are just as individual as are family members.

Adding water to clay reduces its ability to be vertical - to stand upright and stay in that position. No matter how skillfully the potter coaxes the clay to be vertical, either as the walls of a vessel, a plaque on the wall, or tea cup on your table, its natural inclination is to lie down, fall down or collapse.

Okay, here are some shots of works shown in these shows.


Art In the Redwoods, Gualala, CA, August, 2002. 

"An Opinion on Homeland Security"
with wood and fake, red (in debt) two-dollar bills.

First Place in Ceramics 
"Best Work by a Local Artist"







Masks! Members' Show at Point Arena CityArt, October, 2002.


"Masked Vessel"
42" x 15"



"Two-person Show at The Dolphin in Gualala, CA, March, 2003.

"The Humanitarian"
21" x 23" with willow and leather









  "Life Passage"











"Thumbprint Pot"
23"  x  15"



"Red, White and Black" Members' Show, Gualala Art Center, June 2003.



"Beaux Esprit" Show Point Arena CityArt, June-July, 2003















"Desire for a Child"
31" x 9"


Art in the Redwoods, Gualala Art Center, August, 2003.








"First Bath"
Fountain 18" x 10"
Sold $600.00




"Politically Speaking" Show at Gualala Art Center, November, 2003

"9 / 11"
9" x 11" x 11"



"Talking Potheads" One-person Show at Point Arena CityArt in Point Arena, CA, October, 2003.


"ABCs of Childhood"
Vessel 32" x 11"










one stands exposed
with the pain"

"Angel   "Same Old Story"    "Tea Party Rebellion"



"Holiday Store" Point Arena CityArt, December, 2003.












"Minimal Show" Point Arena CityArt, December, 2003

"Feather Flame" 11" x 8"
Sold $65.00




"New Art, Fresh Start" Members' Show, Gualala Art Center, January, 2004.

"Story-telling Giant" 9 ft. x 3 ft.
Sold to Holly Stiel and Bill Apton


"Collage, Assemblage and Mobiles Show" Point Arena CityArt, December, 2003

"Free-fall in a Cage"
24" x 24"












"Reel Pipe Dream"
16" x 7"



April, 2005 Broad(er)sides Show
Gualala Art Center

"The Haiku Poet Speaks"


The Creative Spirit
June, 2005 at the Gualala Arts Center













"Another Creative Spirit" 


Art in the Redwoods Festival at Gualala Arts Center
August 18 - September 9, 2005

"It Takes a Village (for the Lesbian Wedding)"


"Bridge Bowl" Collection of David and Harmony Susalla


Studio Discovery Tour 2005




Festival of Trees 2005
at Gualala Arts Center, November

"Licorice Birdhouse" 
This "gingerbread" house is recyclable! Under all that frosting is a ceramic house that can be washed and reused year after year.







Broad(er)sides Show at Gualala Arts
April 5 - May 3, 2006

"Haiku Fountain" Participants could catch the floating letters and write their own haiku on the rock


Beaux Esprits Members' Show at Point Arena CityArt
July 2 - July 28, 2006

"NobleNecklace" Diachronic fused glass and hex-cut Delica beads in the peyote stitch.


45th Art in the Redwoods Festival
August 19 - September 3, 2006

"The Pot that Loves Beads"

"For Jane From Tarzan" - Judges' Award


Environmental Exhibit at Gualala Arts
September 9 - October 8, 2006

"It Pays to Pick Up Litter" winner of the Environmental Award given by
The Friends of Gualala River

(Each piece of this recycled litter contains an artwork of varying value. Participants were encourage to "pick up the litter" to get their surprise prize. The goal is to have every piece taken away by the end of the show.)


red stella - a fabulous gift shop in the Cypress Village in Gualala is now showing my beaded necklaces



John Rizzi - Lampbead maker in Guerneville (just down the street from Coffee Bazaar) and I worked together to make necklaces he now has for sale in his brand-new store.



Love & Hate Show
October 14 - November 5, 2006
Gualala Arts

"Coming Out to Mother"  14" diameter
(The previous title to this was: "Secret Thoughts Made Visible.")


Collaborative Art Exhibit
June 9, - July 8,2007 

In addition to curating this show with Suzan Friedland and Hansine Goran, I had this piece done with Suzan. It was hung in the entrance to Gualala Arts Center.

Knot Chromatic Riff
13 ft x 8 ft.


Working with Jan Maria Chiappa we did this piece "Gifts for the Sea."


After the show closed, I was invited to take my mermaid and install her on the trail on the Gualala Arts Center grounds. I added pots to come up with a new version of "It Takes a Village."



August 17 - 19, 2007
 Art in the Redwoods at Gualala Arts

Bamboo Slant
20" x 40"

Beaded Sketchbook
30" x 18"
Pages from my sketchbooks recreated with 90,000 glass beads.


Showing winter, 2007-2008,
at the
Staedtische Galerie Fruchthalle Rastatt, Germany
X mal ICH - Sammlung Westermann
(X times I - Collection Westermann)

are my bottles, made in the early 80s, with haiku.


My thanks to Gunther Westermann for managing this exhibit and for building this extensive display unit!



















The "Beaded Bird" and "The Glass Green Rug" at
Gualalal Arts Holiday Show November, 2008


Holiday Store at CityArt in Point Arena
December 5 – 23, 2008









Judged by Your Peers
Gualala Arts Center: January 9 – February 8, 2009







“Saturday Night Fever”







Japanese Art & Poetry
Gualala Arts Center: April 1 to April 30, 2009


“Sacred Threads”




Polyglot: Expressive Media in Book Arts
Gualala Arts Center: June 13 to July 5, 2009





Haiku Book “River”


2nd Prize in 2009 Art in the Redwoods Fine Art Exhibit
August 15 - September 7

air win

"The Sea Sprite's Necklace"


First Place winner in Mixed Media
Art in the Redwoods 2010
Purchased by Rick and Jeanne Jackson

self portrait

"Self Portait"



"Living on the Edge" Show - January, 2012
Gualala Arts Center Foyer Installed until October, 2012


"Edge of a Cloud"


First Place winner in the "Small Works"
at Gualala Arts Center, February, 2012

gualala necklace

"Distination Gualala"






Gualala Arts Center
"Suiseki / Viewing Stones" February, 2013


L:"Old Tree with Blossoms"
R: "Bamboo Slant"


Art in the Redwoods 2014
Gualala Art Center, Gualala, CA
Judges: Katie Nartonis, stefan Kleinschuster, Heather Russell

Beaded Frog Purse

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