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Results of the judging of

Sea Shell Game #60.

This is a quickie - no comments; only the poems and the winners Larry Willmarth and Jill Stanley.



February 2009 issue of
is now available online
for your reading pleasure. Thanks
to everyone who contributed to making
this one of our best issues ever!
New submission period is now open.



The newest session of
is now up.



AHA Books announces the newest online book

Dedicated to my Mother – Julia Conforti

Gerard J. Conforti

          This fifth book of tanka by Gerard Conforti demonstrates an even greater sophistication with the form. Each of his collections has had the effect of peeling away layers of his being and his observations until this one approaches the very core of his being. The poems, or songs as he calls them, are the result of his outpouring of love for his mother who has been locked up in Rockland State hospital since Gerard was four years old. Though she is unable to recognize or see him, Conforti continues fling his love out across the universe to her in his poems.


AHA Books announces the newest online book

Translated from the Dutch by the author
Silva Ley

            These short, but rich, poems were originally published in Dutch in 1977 as Ontbolstering. Now Silva Ley has translated her poems into English. Silva Ley, who has taught school for 35 years, has always written poetry in addition to her several books of scholarship. Though these poems are not strictly haiku or tanka, their quality, and way of seeing the world, are very clearly related to Japanese genres. Her deep insight into life and children, tempered by her kind humor, gives her poems a depth and richness to reward the reader.


On October 5, 2008 Fred Adler on FM Station KTDE
100.5 interviewed Jane about haiku and the new book
Basho The Complete Haiku.
You can hear the interview.



Thanks to David Jordan for immense help with this!



Newest session of


is now up. Thanks to everyone who contributed!


Announcing the winners of the

2008 Tanka Splendor Awards

in the official anthology is now available.


The autumn issue of
The Journal for Linking Poets

is now online for your pleasure.

Thank you for visiting

We welcome a new editor

Allison Millcock

who will be handling
the haiga submissions for

 Haiga Submission Guidelines
Email Allison Millcock:

 Response Time:
Submissions will be acknowledged on receipt. If you don’t receive a response within two weeks, please send a note of inquiry. A decision to publish or not publish will be made within two weeks of submissions closing. The closing date for the February 2009 issue is January 1.

What to Submit:
All haiku and tanka related art forms will be considered –photo, digital art, manipulated photo, painting, sketch etc. Artwork or photography must be your own or that of someone who has loaned the work to you. In the case of collaborations, please indicate who has created the artwork or photo and who has written the haiku or tanka.

File Size:
Please use jpeg with a resolution of 72 dpi.  Width should be 800 pixels or less, and height should be 800 pixels or less. The larger dimension should not be less than 600 pixels.

Email Allison Millcock:
Create a Subject Line that reads: LYNX Submission, Your NameAttach or Insert your haiga directly into the body of the email.


The newest session of
is now up for your enjoyment.

AHA Books Online announces

A Film of Words
Collaborative Inter-genre Poems

Jane & Werner Reichhold

Eighteen longer poems that combine prose, haiku, tanka, ghazals, sonnets, and graphics by two of the today's most astounding writers in these forms. See how they do it. Just click on the title to find the whole book for you to read and enjoy.


AHA Books is proud to announce the publication of


Marlene Mountain
Jane Reichhold

Collages done in 1991-92.


Good News!
Basho The Complete Haiku, the translation of all of Basho's single poems done by Jane Reichhold is now shipping in the USA. Check with your local independent bookseller or


September 21. 2007
The newest issue of Lynx, XXII:3 is now online inspite of having to wrestle DreamWeaver off the looming deadline. Many thanks to everyone who contributed! It is a fabulous issue and worth the effort of tying up all the loose ends.

August 28, 2007
As you can see, the has been revamped, Thanks to Heidi Vetter! Even have a new Open Mic up for your end of summer reading.

August 6, 2007
Received this note in my email today: "I discover you in internet, I sent you this my haiga, a little contribute to never forget 1945 August, 6th Hiroshima." Attached was this haiga from Toni Piccini, in  Italy.

August 1, 2007
    Received my copy of Philip Martin's book, The New Writer's Handbook 2007, in which I am proud to be a contributor. He chose to reprint my techniques for writing haiku. Thanks! Philip.

 Excerpts from the press release: The New Writer’s Handbook 2007 is the inaugural edition of a new annual collection of articles to refresh and upgrade any writer's skills, with advice on craft and career development. It offers an eclectic mix of expert how-to, short pieces on creativity, marketing, and professional issues, and other insights on being a successful writer today.

The 63 selected articles mostly are drawn from pieces published in 2006–early 2007. Contributors include winners of the National Book Award, Newberry Medal, and other honors, along with working journalists, writing instructors, authors with books on bestseller lists, editors, literary bloggers, and more.
Sections include: • Creativity, Motivation & Discipline • The Craft of Writing • Pitching & Proposals
• Marketing Your Work • Internet Skills • Literary Insights & Last Words

Title: The Writer’s Handbook 2007,  A Practical Anthology of Best Advice for Your Craft and Career
Editor: Philip Martin. ISBN-13: 13-digit: 978-0-9765201-6-0. Publisher: Scarletta Press ( Price: $16.95 (Trade Paper). Size: 6” x 9”, 288 pages. Pub Date: August 1, 2007
Category: Writing / Reference / Career Development.

The book is distributed by Publishers Group West/Perseus. Toll-free order line: 800-788-3123. Email orders: Also available from wholesalers Ingram, Baker & Taylor and

June 24
Thanks to those who reminded me it was time to activate the 2007 Tanka Splendor Awards contest with TANKA SPLENDOR Contest Rules. Check them out.

June 21 - Solstice Greetings!
Finally got Open Mic along with OPEN MIC ENCORE I and OPEN MIC ENCORE II. It has been a month!

May12, 2007
The newest issue of LYNX XXII-2 June, 2007 is now up! Please enjoy and a huge thanks to everyone for their contributions!

May 1, 2007
Had a rough stretch of health issues, but am better now! So here is Open Mic and OPEN MIC ENCORE I, OPEN MIC ENCORE II, OPEN MIC ENCORE III. Thanks for your patience!

March 18, 2007
Just posted two new books in the Brautigan Virtual Library by Liam Wilkinson, a poet from the north of England and curator/editor of the 3 LIGHTS Gallery of Haiku.

March 10, 2007
Finally, no I  cannot start another of these entries with "finally" even though I am again behind! But here are the poems send in during February. Open Mic, OPEN MIC ENCORE I, and OPEN MIC ENCORE II.

February 2, 2007
Finally got the December Open Mic poems up in Open Mic along with  Open Mic Encore I and Open Mic Encore II. I still have all the poems sent in January to post but that could be a few days yet. Thanks for your poems and your patience. The book is done!

January 22, 2007
Finally got the newest issue of LYNX XXII:1 February, 2007 up. Still have Open Mic yet to do. Will get to it as soon as I can.

Christmas, 2006
    May the blessings of the season warm your heart! 

St. Nicholas Day
In your shoe you can find Open Mic and lots of love poems in OPEN MIC ENCORE 1.

Election Day, 2006
If you have already voted, then you can read the newest poems at Open Mic and OPEN MIC ENCORE 1 and OPEN MIC ENCORE II. Thanks to everyone who contributed!

October 17, 2006
You can get a sneak preview of the winners of the TANKA SPLENDOR 2006 ENTRIES JUDGED.

October 11, 2006
A little late but here is Open Mic and OPEN MIC ENCORE I and OPEN MIC ENCORE II. Thanks for all the great poems!

First Day of Autumn, 2006
Peace and abundance in falling leaves! The newest issue LYNX XXI:3,October, 2006 is now available for your pleasure. Remember the Tanka Splendor Awards Contest ends at your midnight on September 30. There is still time to get your entries into this contest where the participants do the judging! Read all about it in the TANKA SPLENDOR Contest Rules.

August 31, 2006
Surprise! I am early with Open Mic along with OPEN MIC ENCORE I  and OPEN MIC ENCORE II. Enjoy this summer of poems before the fall of autumn.

August 5, 2006
The latest poems for Open Mic are now available along with  ENCORE I JULY, 2006 and  ENCORE II JULY, 2006. Be cool; read poetry!

July 17, 2006
The AHApoetry Forums have been moved to a sparkling new blue site. You are invited to check it out at: New-comers will have to register, but I hope you see that small inconvenience as an attempt to safe-guard your visits.

July 7, 2006
A week of problems with the forum so I am getting around to Open Mic a bit late. Here is  ENCORE I and  ENCORE II. Enjoy a summer of poems!

June 11, 2006
After three years, evidently, of not doing a Sea Shell Game, I judged a new one. Here is the latest Sea Shell Game #58. Congratulations to the winner  Wendy Storey Sahagen.

Memorial Day, 2006
Open Mic is up with poems from both May and half of April. That means there is OPEN MIC ENCORE I, OPEN MIC ENCORE II, and OPEN MIC ENCORE III.

April 19, 2006
Still trying to get everything back the way it was, but am finding that is impossible with so many new programs, systems, etc. Still, here is Open Mic and OPEN MIC ENCORE I, OPEN MIC ENCORE II, OPEN MIC ENCORE III. I know I have lost poems so if you sent something that was 20 lines or less and it is not here, please send it again. Apologies!

March 21 - First Day of Spring
I had a complete computer failure on February 11th and then other complications ending in an infected botched root canal job, so I am very behind in everything, including Open Mic. Please be patient while I relearn so much and continue to find and reconstruct my website and life. Thanks for your understanding.

February 1, 2006
Lots of new poems for you at Open Mic and even more at OPEN MIC ENCORE I, OPEN MIC ENCORE II, and OPEN MIC ENCORE III. Thanks to everyone who contributed.

January 28, 2006
Up-dated the The Bookracks and the Magazine listings.

January 25, 2006
The newest issue of LYNX XXI:1, February, 2006 is now up for your viewing pleasure. Thanks to everyone who contributed to make this issue the best one we have ever had.

January 11, 2006
I don't know if I am in a good mood just to be into another year or whether has tapped into a new source of poets, but it seemed to me that the poems submitted to Open Mic seemed especially good this time. See if you agree. Open Mic has the poems of general interest, the love poems are in OPEN MIC ENCORE I, the experimental and classical poems are in OPEN MIC ENCORE II, and the dark side of life is in OPEN MIC ENCORE III. Thanks to everyone who contributed. 

December, 2005
Wishing Everyone a Happy Holiday and a very Blessed Season of Peace on Earth, Goodwill to All!


December 5, 2005
Open Mic, along with OPEN MIC ENCORE I, OPEN MIC ENCORE II, and OPEN MIC ENCORE III, containing the poems sent in last month is now available for your pleasure. 

November 8, 2005
Tanka Splendor 2005 is now online so everyone can read the winning poems, notice who won, and read comments by participants. 

This edition of Tanka Splendor 2005 is dedicated to the life and work of

Marianne Sasha Bluger Neily
Aug. 28, 1945 - Oct. 29, 2005

November 2, 2005
The newest session of Open Mic is now up along with Encore I and Encore II.

October 31, 2005
Winners in the 16th Annual Tanka Splendor Awards are: Thelma Mariano x 2, Amitava Dasgupta, Grant Savage, Tim W. Younce, Cris Staubach, Norman Wm. Muise, Aurora Antonovic, Darrell Lindsey, Michael McClintock, Melissa Dixon, Joanne Morcom, Laryalee Fraser, Dorothy McLaughlin, an'ya, Carol Purington x 2,  Susan Antolin, Cherie Hunter Day x 2, K. Ramesh x 2, angela leuck, David Lee Kirkland, Jack Prewitt, Peggy Heinrich, Barry Goodmann, Kathy Lippard Cobb x 2, Andria Laws (pen surname Plowman)
Dan Schwerin, Michael L. Evans, Guy Simser, Claudia Coutu Radmore, Roberta Beary. Congratulations! I will get Tanka Splendor online as soon as possible. 

September 30, at your midnight, is the DEADLINE FOR ENTRIES IN THE 2005 TANKA SPLENDOR AWARDS. Here are the TANKA SPLENDOR Contest Rules and forms.

September 29, 2005
How is this? I already have Open Mic done! Am clearing my desk for those Tanka Splendor entries. There is also this: OPEN MIC ENCORE I.

September 24, 2005
The newest issue of LYNX XX-3 October, 2005 is now done. Thank you to everyone who contributed!

September 18, 2005
In honor of Harmony Susalla's opening of the show of her own line of fabrics, all organic and environmentally friendly, I made two dolls for her. You can see the dolls and read Harmony's blog.

September 7, 2005
Announcing the opening the AHAPOETRY FORUM! Here you post your haiku, tanka, renga, sijo, cinquains, ghazals for review and revisions. Also the old Maekuzuki Contest is now located here!

September 1, 2005
Newest sessions of Open Mic  with Encore I are now up!

August 3, 2005
Newest sessions of Open Mic and OPEN MIC ENCORE I are now up for your viewing pleasure. Thanks to everyone who contributed!

July 7, 2005
New Open Mic beginning with a tribute to the victims and survivors of the London Bombing today and OPEN MIC ENCORE I  and OPEN MIC ENCORE II.

June 10, 2005
New Open Mic along with  ENCORE I  and  ENCORE II. Sorry to be so late. . . Summer is just too much fun!

June 9, 2005
Just got word (!) that my haiku are featured on Volker Friebel's website in German. Yes, in 1984 I published a book of my haiku in German and he found a copy in a used book sale and has put a selection up on the web. 

May 16, 2005
 The newest Open Mic is finally up! Sorry for the delay.

May 12, 2005
The newest, and best!, issue of LYNX XX:2 June, 2005 is now up for your pleasure. Thanks to everyone who contributed to this issue!

April 11, 2005
Finally have the Open Mic sessions up, along with Encore I and Encore II. Sorry for the delay. All the poems submitted since April 1 will be in the next session.

March 2, 2005
Here are a bunch of new poems in Open Mic with even more in OPEN MIC ENCORE I and in OPEN MIC ENCORE II.

February 3, 2005
Happy Birthday to my son, Hans! And here is Open Mic with poems dedicated to the Tsunami, OPEN MIC ENCORE I  has some love poems to get you started on your valentines, and then there is OPEN MIC ENCORE II  to finish things.

January 27, 2005
The newest issue of LYNX XX:1,February, 2005 is now up for your viewing pleasure. Thanks to everyone who contributed. The deadline for the next issue is May, 1.

Happy New Year! Wishing each of you all the very best in 2005!
And we have poems for you in Open Mic, OPEN MIC ENCORE I  and in OPEN MIC ENCORE II! Thanks to everyone!

December 24, 2004
 Hoping your Holidays are wondrous works of art that are full of love greeting from Jane & Werner

December 4, 2004
Open Mic
is up along with ENCORE I and ENCORE II. Happy Holidaze! 

November 6, 2004
Just received the news that Father Neal Henry Lawrence OSB died on November 3rd in Japan. We have lost one of the pioneers of tanka written in English.  It was an honor and a delight to know him and to work with him. His book, Shining Moments  is still available on the AHA Books Bookshelf. From Richard Oliver OSB, I also received this link:

 Perhaps his obituary online will interest you or your web visitors:

November 2, 2004
The winners of the Fifteenth Annual Tanka Splendor Awards are available at TANKA SPLENDOR 2004. See who won, and the winning poems along with comments from the participants. Congratulations to the winners and a big Thank-You to everyone who took part in this exciting, fun and educational exercise in tanka.

November 1, 2004  - All Saints Day! and to celebrate we have all the poets as saints in Open Mic and OPEN MIC ENCORE I and OPEN MIC ENCORE II.


October 5, 2004
Open Mic is up with  OPEN MIC ENCORE I  and OPEN MIC ENCORE II. Thanks to everyone for sharing their poems!

September 23, 2004
The newest issue of LYNX XIX:3 October, 2004 is now up.

September 25, 2004
R.G. Rader has a book RAISING THE BLADE on AHA Books Online!

ATC's Playwright in Residence, R.G. Rader, and his Photographer father, Forrest R. Rader, Interviewed on NPR's "Weekend America" September 25
Recently Arrowhead Theater Company's playwright in residence, R.G. Rader and his father, Forrest R. Rader were interviewed on National Public Radio's weekend show "Weekend America," based in Los Angeles.  Answering a call for human interest stories, Rader submitted an idea about senior citizens having had talents all their lives, but being discovered in their later years.  R.G. used his father, Forrest Rader, as an example.  Forrest had taken photographs all his life, but never realized his potential until recently, when Rader discovered his father going through a box of his old photos.  Since that time, R.G., his brother and sister made it possible for Forrest to have a one man photography show in Easton, PA. 
National Public Radio not only liked Rader's suggestion for a segment, but decided to select him and his father as the subject of their story.  Rader and his father were interviewed by Weekend America recently.  Their interview segment for the radio show will air on Saturday, September 25 on various NPR radio stations throughout the country.  In addition to the announcement on the Weekend America website - "Dad, the Photographer," Weekend America has also posted a gallery of Forrest's photographs.  
Here is the URL for Weekend America.
The local radio stations are listed on the Stations section of the website.  If you are not within a listening area, you will be able to listen to the interview after the show has aired, as the shows are recorded for playback on the website, under the Archive section.
Forrest R. Rader is also entered in a juried fine art show in Easton, PA in October, and a one man show in a gallery in Easton later this year, and one in New York City in 2005.  Limited editions of his photography are available for sale.  If you are interested, please email R.G. Rader at  Enjoy listening!

September 6, 2004
Happy Labor Day and I have been working! Have the latest Open Mic up for you along with OPEN MIC ENCORE I andOPEN MIC ENCORE II. Thanks to everyone who sent poems!

August 5, 2004
A bit late but Open Mic is finally up along with OPEN MIC ENCORE I (love poems) and OPEN MIC ENCORE II with all the darker ones.

August 3, 2004
The online "Poem for a Day" at the Shreveport Memorial Library has Jane's tanka up this week. Pop in anytime to find many of AHApoetry's participants featured.

August 1, 2004
From London, England, Susumu Takiguchi announced  Jane and Werner Reichhold as Joint Editor-in-Chief for the World Haiku Club publication, World Haiku Review

July 4th, 2004
We have a new Open Mic session along with OPEN MIC ENCORE I July and OPEN MIC ENCORE II July. Make poetry reading and writing part of your vacation!

June 21, 2004
Just got the new book, California's Pacific, containing my haiku, made by the photographer Chip Hooper for the exhibit of his photographs at Joseph Bellows Gallery, La Jolla, California, June 11 - July 23, 2004; Robert Mann Gallery, New York, New York, July 8 - September 18, 2004; Weston Gallery, Carmel, California, July 10 - August 29, 2004; Robert Klein Gallery, Boston Massachusetts, October 14 - November 13, 2004 and Tatar Gallery, Toronto, Ontario, November 18, - January 8, 2005. If you have a chance, do go to see his amazing photographs. Or check out his website.

June 6, 2004
The newest poems on Open Mic are up along with encores on OPEN MIC ENCORE I June 6, OPEN MIC ENCORE II June 6, OPEN MIC ENCORE IIi June 6. Thanks to everyone for all the great poems!

May 21, 2004
The newest issue of LYNX XIX:2 June, 2004 is now available for your summer reading pleasure. For those of you wishing a paper copy, remember to set your printer to horizontal or landscape orientation to get the full pages. Thanks to everyone who loaned their genius to this issue. It is jam-packed with lots of excellent work.

May 2, 2004
Open Mic is now up along with Encore I, Encore II, and Encore III

April 30, 2004
Just got the new Work-in-Progress feature done so we have new poems for you to to critique, if you will. 

April 20, 2004
Have received copies of Breasts of Snow Fumiko Nakajo from Japan which I am able to sell in the USA. Breasts of Snow Fumiko Nakajo: Her tanka and her life translated and written by Hatsue Kawamura and Jane Reichhold. The Japan Times, Tokyo:2004. Perfect bound, 8.5 x 5.5 inches, 152 pps., kanji, romaji and English. ISBN: 4-7890-1161-5. Order, outside of Japan, from Jane Reichhold, POB 767, Gualala, CA 95445 USA, $20.00 ppd.

April Fool! 
All the Open Mic poems are up. Are you really going to believe that I got them on time? Check it out! Open Mic and then go to OPEN MIC Part I and then OPEN MIC ENCORE II and even at OPEN MIC ENCORE III. Make someone's day by fooling them! or even yourself.

March 4, 2004
Open Mic is here! along with ENCORE I MARCH, 2004, ENCORE II MARCH, 2004 ENCORE III MARCH, 2004 so you have lots of poems to read in case spring has not yet gotten where you are!

February 1, 2004
New Year's resolutions pay off! Open Mic is done on time and even has OPEN MIC ENCORE I and OPEN MIC ENCORE II for your reading pleasure. Hint for makers of Valentines - the love poems are all in OPEN MIC ENCORE I. Be inspired but don't steal. Besides, no one can write about your love as you can!

January 13, 2004
The newest issue of LYNX XIX:1, February, 2004 is ready for your enjoyment. Brighten your winter days with poetry!

We can celebrate with a lot of new poems and new poets (plus several whose work you know!). Open Mic is here along with OPEN MIC ENCORE I, OPEN MIC ENCORE II, and OPEN MIC ENCORE III. Thanks to every one who sent in their work and thanks for stopping by AHApoetry. I see we just had our 600,000th visitor! And you were one of them! Blessed be! \o/

December 2, 2003
Just to let you know, Open Mic is now up with three encores at Open Mic Encore I November, 2003, Open Mic Encore II November, 2003, and Open Mic Encore III November, 2003. Thanks to everyone who sent in their poems!

November 15, 2003
The winners of the Tanka Splendor 2003Awards are: hortensia anderson, Pamela A. Babusci , John Barlow, Sarah Birl , Marjorie A. Buettner x 3 (!), Katryn Dougherty, Amelia Fielden, Suzanne Finnegan, Lawrence Fitzgerald, Erin Harte, Cherie Hunter Day, Bergen Hutaff, Doris Kasson x 2, M.L. Mackie x 2, Thelma Mariano, Keith McMahen x 2, Joanne Morcom, Lin Nulman, Grant  D.  Savage, Tracy Schlueter, Alan Spring, David Steele, George Swede, Maria Szabo, Martina Taeker, John A. Vanek, Alison Williams,  and  Jane E. Wilson. CONGRATULATIONS TO ONE AND ALL! You can read the winning poems at TANKA SPLENDOR 2003.

November 7, 2003
The Open Mic with October's poems is now posted at Open Mic and at OPEN MIC ENCORE I November and at OPEN MIC ENCORE I November. Thanks for your patience. 

September 16, 2003
Don't forget that midnight September 30th is the in-hand deadline for entries in the 2003 Tanka Splendor Awards. Here you have the TANKA SPLENDOR Contest Rules or you can read the works of past winners in Tanka Splendor  2000, Tanka Splendor 2001, or Tanka Splendor 2002 or even go back to Tanka Splendor 1990, or Tanka Splendor 1994  or Tanka Splendor 1996. And if you are not really sure what a tanka is but would like to enter the contest, do check out tanka for more information.

September 13, 2003
The newest issue of LYNX XVIII:3, October, 2003 is up!

September 1, 2003
Surprise. I am a day ahead with Open Mic. There is even OPEN MIC ENCORE I September, 2003 and an OPEN MIC ENCORE II September, 2003.

August 12, 2003
Had a note from Suhni Bell, Mary Lee McClure and Cindy Tebo that the premier issue of mothertongued is being unveiled today. This is a website with an incredible magazine of art and literature featuring many names you will recognize such as Marlene Mountain, Marjorie Buettner, Jeanne Emrich, Hortensia Anderson, Lyn Lifshin, Francine Porad, Shiela Windsor, Susan C. Bolstad, Benita Kape, Melisande Luna, Carol Sircoulomb, Sprite, Lynne Steel, Carmen Sterba, Melinda Varner, Etsuko Yanagibori, Cathy Drinkwater Better and myself. They are looking for more female artist/writers, so do check this out.

August 4, 2003
Open Mic is done again with  ENCORE I  and  ENCORE II for your reading pleasure! 

July 15, 2003
The newest winner of the Maekuzuki contest is Andrew! Congratulations. A new poem is posted for your next  link at  Open for Links.

July 9, 2003
There is a new haiga - an illustrated haiku - up on Kumi Shimizu's website. Perfect for a hot summer day! 

July 2, 2003
Open Mic  is up along with three extras: Encore I  and Encore II and Encore III.

June 27, 2003
Brian Gierat won the latest Sea Shell Game #57. Congratulations! See how he did and check if your haiku were among the entries. Thanks to everyone who participated. 

June 12, 2003
Eleven years ago Cor van den Heuvel, with his Chant Press, and I published a book of tanka by Gerard John Conforti titled Now That the Night Ends. The paper copies are all gone, and are now selling for rare book prices when they become available. So I've put the book online. Click on Now that the Night Ends to read this book without paying a dime.

June 8, 2003
Finally got around to doing Open Mic and OPEN MIC ENCORE I and OPEN MIC ENCORE II  and OPEN MIC ENCORE III . Lots of poems for you to read and enjoy and to be inspired by. Who will read every one of them? Would love to know. 

May 20, 2003
The newest issue of LYNX XVIII-2 June, 2003 is now up. Lots to read and enjoy. If you have written renga, tanka, haibun, ghazals, or haiku sequences, do consider submitting your poems for the next issue by September 1, 2003 by email. Send us a review your favorite book, write an article, or just have your say on any subject of poetry.

May 5, 2003
What else? Open Mic for your viewing pleasure.

April 5, 2003
Lots of new poems for you at Open Mic! We have Love and Lament in OPEN MIC ENCORE I,  War Poems  (both for and against) in OPEN MIC ENCORE II, and more darkness in OPEN MIC ENCORE III. Thanks to everyone who sent in poems. May they enrich all our lives!

March 17, 2003
Happy Wearing of the Green!
to the Irish in all of us. AHA Books online brings you two books of tanka in the place of one with Tanka by Michael Helsem . This author offers excellent work with an edge that will excite all you poets who thought tanka are sappy. Do take a moment to let yourself get into these great poems.

March 8, 2003
Thanks for your patience waiting for me to judge a new Sea Shell Game #56 which Joan Luckey won. Congratulations to her!

March 5, 2003
Brand new Open Mic is now up along with the Love Poems in OPEN MIC Part I, the Patriots' Poems in OPEN MIC Part II and then the Really Dark Stuff in OPEN MIC - Part III. Thanks to every one who sent in work!

March 1, 2003
Just a note that a show of my art opens tonight in Gualala at the Dolphin Gallery. Here is a  gallery view. Wish you could come! Lots of food, music and good people will be there.

February 5, 2003
For all you lovers looking for inspiration for your valentines, I have put all the Open Mic love poems into Encore I. Remember all these poems are copyrighted by their designated authors and if you take more than a phrase from a poem you are guilty of copyright infringement. So read them to get ideas to put into words your own feelings. If your world is darker at this season, you will enjoy the poems in Encore II.  The usual mix of poems, but better than every, is in Open Mic.

January 25, 2003
The newest issue of LYNX XVIII-1 February, 2003 is now up and ready for your reading pleasure.

and a big thank-you to everyone who has contributed to Open Mic.  We have a new session now up along with OPEN MIC ENCORE I and OPEN MIC ENCORE II. Again so many good poems. Do take time to enjoy what others are writing before you send in your newest and best. Blessed be in the New Year! \o/

December 17, 2002
After five days of storm and four days without power, it is a pleasure to be working again but especially to bring you a new book, Spirt of the Wind, tanka by Gerard John Conforti. This is Conforti's third book of tanka. The second one, For Victor, My Brother, is already on the list of AHA Books Online for your instant enjoyment.

Saint Nicholas Day, 2002
Your gift, not in your shoe but in your computer, is a new book of haiku by Jack Galmitz, The Effects of Light

December 2, 2002
Lots of excellent poems this time in Open Mic and even more in OPEN MIC ENCORE I The Love Poems, ENCORE II, and ENCORE III. Even though this is a busy time of the year, don't forget to feed your soul with some poetry.

November 27, 2002
Since my newest book is out in Japan (it will be in the states, United Kingdom, and Australia in February, 2003 by Kodansha International) I have put up the online resources section for Writing and Enjoying Haiku: A Hands-on Guide here on the web site. Because the resource sections of books are constantly changing, it seemed wiser to put this information in a form that is available to everyone in a way that can be up-dated as necessary. I am hoping that by your getting to read the 'free parts' of the book here you will be encouraged  to get a copy for yourself as soon as it is available. Everything you needed to know about haiku coming to your fingertips soon!

November 21. 2002
Finally got around to putting up the new books on the bookracks. Be sure to check out: BOOKRACK A, BOOKRACK C, BOOKRACK F, BOOKRACK J, BOOKRACK E,  and BOOKRACK N. Thanks to all the authors who shared their new books with us. Wishing everyone great success!

November 5, 2002
Work-in-Progress has just been updated. Get out your red pencils and go to work on these.

Boo! Big surprise! Open Mic is done already, along with Open Mic Encore - Part One and Open Mic Encore - Part Two. A mixed bag of tricks and treats. Do read them all!

October 27, 2002
Sea Shell Game #55 was won in a tie between Darrell Bryd and Kate Creighton. Watch these two battle it out for top place!

October 23, 2002
The results of the TANKA SPLENDOR 2002 contest are revealed along with the winning tanka and comments and suggestions. A rich offering. Thanks to everyone who participated in the project. Winners: do not forget to order your prize books from the AHA Books Bookshelf.

October 7, 2002
The Open Mic entries have been a flood! I have entered the submissions  up to the 24th of September and need a break. If you submitted after that date, just wait. I will get to them. In the meantime you can read an OPEN MIC ENCORE I, OPEN MIC ENCORE II, or the OPEN MIC ENCORE TRIBUTE TO 9/11/01 or OPEN MIC ENCORE FOUR. If your poem is not here, you either did not give a name or had one that was too long.

September 20, 2002
The newest issue of LYNX XVII-3 October, 2002 is now up. Look for me to get caught up on some other things soon. Also, a reminder that the TANKA SPLENDOR Contest closes in ten days. 

September 2, 2002
The four sessions of Open Mic are now up. If your poem is not there it means you either forgot to include your name gave a fake e-mail address.

August 24, 2002
In the past two months I have been posting daily reports on the Yahoo Tanka Group of Heidi's journey over the Sierra Mountains. Now I have put the text and tanka together into one document, HER ALONE, with photos as an online book. 

August 3, 2002
Open Mic
is up with Encore I August, 2002 and Encore II August, 2002.

July 3, 2002
Summer is heating up with lots of hot poems and broken hearts in Open Mic. There are so many poems hatching in the warm sun that we have Encore I, Encore II, and even an Encore III. Start anywhere for your fill of good poems!

June 28, 2002
Just found out Philip Noble is the winner of SEA SHELL GAME #54! See how he did it!

June 21, 2002
Received the sad news that Margaret Molarsky of Ross, California died on June 13th at the age of 93. a memorial service to take place at 10:00 a.m. on Thursday, June 27 at the Mill Valley Community Church.. In 1992, she published her book of haiku - Waterlily Shadows. My favorite of her haiku is:

my oldest friend -
suddenly her wrinkled hands
are strangers to me

May 31, 2001
A new session of Open Mic is up along our spring-tide of OPEN MIC ENCORE Part I and OPEN MIC ENCORE Part II.

May 28, 2002
With the sad news of the death of Keiko Imaoka, a web page memorial IN MEMORY of Keiko Imaoka  has been set up as a place for us to remember her. If you have a poem you wish to post for her, send it and it will added.

May 28, 2002
AHA Books Online is proud to present the Collected Tanka of AKITSU Ei translated by Leza Lowitz and Miyuki Aoyama. AKITSU Ei's tanka has not only won several prestigious poetry prizes in Japan, it is also valued as a reflection of her engaged efforts for the rights of women. Having her feministic tanka translated by two poets only adds gloss to her shining efforts. 

May 27, 2002
We are a bit late, but therefore much happier to show you the latest issue of LYNX XVII-2 June, 2002.

Happy Mother's Day! 
We have four winners in the SEA SHELL GAME# 53! What a bonanza! Have a great day, everyone. It IS spring!

April 30, 2002
Ha! got Open Mic done on time and even have an Encore as bonus! Hopefully you didn't notice, but the site is on a new and faster server so those afternoon hits won't bog down anymore. 

April 2, 2002
No foolin', I finally got the Open Mic sessions for February, 2002 I and February, 2002 II done. 

March, 30, 2002
The cobwebs are being dusted off the site and things are happening again.  A new session of Open Mic is up along with two encore sessions at March 30, 2002 Encore I and at  ENCORE Part II March 30. If you sent in poems for Open Mic during February they are still waiting for me to post them. Be patient - will do. Also I have been in touch with Ty Hadman and he is working on the next Poet's Profile and will soon be back in action.

February at its end, 2002
Richard has another Sea Shell Game - #52 judged in which Heather Hernandez was the winner!

February 14, 2002
Richard is back with Sea Shell Game #50 which was won by Darrell Bryd. This is his third win and now graduates from the game so the rest of you have a chance again.

February 4, 2002
While Richard Watkins recovers from surgery, Jane has judged Sea Shell Game #51 which was won by Jennifer O'Neil. Congratulations!

January 30, 2002 
Open Mic
is up - early, if you will notice! It also has an ENCORE so you get double the pleasure, double the fun. 

January 14, 2002
The newest issue of LYNX XVII-1 February, 2002 is up for your poetry pleasure. It is full of new ideas, innovative ways of seeing the world and poetry. Do take a moment to check it out.

January 1, 2002
Happy New Year! Year of the horse - may it be a vehicle to our dreams. Open Mic is up to inspire your own new poems. Thanks to EVERYONE who over the past year has shared poems with us. What a great outpouring of words with feeling. 

December 27, 2001
If you didn't get what you wanted for Christmas, how about a new book of haiku and tanka? Here is R.G. Rader's RAISING THE BLADE which proves you don't have to live by a frog pond to write excellent haiku or tanka. This writer from the earliest days of haiku, who went on into drama - writing it and performing, now returns with his harvest of contemporary poems for your reading enjoyment. 

December 2, 2001
Open Mic and Encore!
is now up! Enjoy the latest poems in the world!.

November 12, 2001
Richard Watkins continues to work his way through the backlog of Sea Shell entries. Sea Shell Game #49 was won by ADK, who also won game #44! Congratulations to this shy person whose email does not work!

November 6, 2001
Open Mic and its ENCORE are finally up. Sorry for the delay. A lost tooth and another year of my dentist's daughter's college tuition intervened.

October 29, 2001
Richard Watkins
has been busy judging the Sea Shell Game #48 which was won by Jenny!

October 21, 2001
The results of the Tanka Splendor 2001 Awards are now available. Congratulations to all the winners and thanks to everyone who helped with the judging.

October 16, 2001
The newest Sea Shell Game #47 10/12/2001 Judged by Richard Watkins was a tie between donald j. lanska and gill collingwood. Congratulations to both of these authors of excellent haiku.

October 5, 2001
The newest Sea Shell Game #46 was won by Darrell Byrd. Congratulations!

October 1, 2001
Open Mic
is up and is especially interesting to see how the poems have flowed over and from this month. Instead of posting them according to my whims, they are listed as they came in so you can see how these poets have reacted to the events of September 11th. The POET PROFILE is of Father Neal Henry Lawrence O.S.B., a poet of peace and pioneer of tanka in English. Last minute reminder that the TANKA SPLENDOR Contest closes at midnight today.

September 19, 2001
The newest SEA SHELL GAME #45 9/19/01 Judged by Richard Watkins is up. ADK wins with a (now) eerie entry. You have got to see this!

September 11, 2001
The newest issue of Lynx XVI:3 October, 2001 is now up. Richard Watkins has judged Sea Shell Game #44 and the winner is Debi Bender! Congratulations to Debi and thanks to Richard.

September 3, 2001
A new session of Open Mic is now up for your pleasure. There is also an Encore of Open Mic, so check both of them.

September 1, 2001
Even without Ty's contribution, we have a new POET PROFILE for September. This time we have a couple in the limelight where they always are! Can you guess who it is? Hopefully Ty will be back in place next month. Oh, a reminder to look at the TANKA SPLENDOR Contest Rules because this year's contest ends the end of this month. If you have ever wished you could judge a poetry contest, here is your chance. Send in your tanka and become one of those who pick the winners and maybe you will even be one of them!

August 26, 2001
Finally a new judge for the Sea Shell Game! Richard Watkins took on the job and picked Chris Patchel's haiku as the best one. See how the Sea Shell Game #43 goes forward with a giant leap. And thanks to Richard for a great job done. His help gives me courage that we can get the backlog of submissions out into new contests. Send Richard encouragement with an email!

August 17, 2001
The newest Work-in-Progress is now up. Thanks to everyone who contributes to this forum!

August 15, 2001
In the  AHA Books Online I have just posted my book, PSALMS OF THE NEW TESTAMENT. If you are asking what do these have to do with poetry, well the answer is: everything. The Psalms are the largest collection of the oldest poetry in a form now called parallelism. But I felt the Old Testament Psalms were too angry, too bloodthirsty, too lacking in love and compassion for devotional use, so I have 'translated' them. May the work be a blessing.

August 8, 2001
Paul T. Conneally
is the winner of the newest Sea Shell Game #42! Do see how he did it! and against some very good poems.

AUGUST 1, 2001 and worm-free!
Open Mic and a Poet's Profile on ai li, the editor of still, in London, England. Ty has a new job with ATT&T and hopefully he will be settled enough next month to resume his profiles.

JULY 25, 2001
Great happiness! Two of my haiku have been illustrated by Kuniharu Shimizu! I love his work. Do go see them? Also today I found out there is a Brautigan Store (that matches our Brautigan Virtual Library) but where we only have books, THEY have t-shirts, tanka tops and coffee mugs and great calendars by the Pilliard Dickle himself. His wife, Natalie did the Brautigan drawing on the shirts. Neat folks you just gotta meet. Leave a bookmark here and get going. Take a web-vacation - travel - surf.

July 3, 2001
Finally a new Sea Shell Game #41for you. Congratulations to jen for a very interesting haiku! Also, a new session of Open Mic went up the other day.

July 1, 2001
The POET PROFILE of the Month featuring Sanford Goldstein is up. Ty writes from Sacramento that he is deep in culture shock but still on both feet and looking for a new job.

June 25, 2001
The completed version of my own new book of Journal Journeys is now up. And now I will get around to all the webby jobs waiting for me. Thanks for your patience. 

June 5, 2001
Ty has his newest pick for the Poet Profile who is Yu Chang! Check this out!

June 1, 2001
A new session of Open Mic up, along with its ENCORE! so if you are looking to see if your poem submitted in May is up, do check in both parts. 

May 11, 2001
The newest issue of LYNX XVI-2 June, 2001 is now up for your pleasure. So much exciting work this time; it has been a real pleasure preparing it to share with you!

May 8, 2001
Ty Hadman has his newest pick for the Poet's Profile (an'ya) ready for your reading pleasure.

May Day! May Day!
the new Open Mic sessions are done! Do take a look! There are some very interesting poems there right now! 

April 27, 2001
All that noise of hammers and saws during the past week was the result of the huge additions done to the The Bookrack. Have added over 300 books, old and new, with connections to book reviews and the stores (when available) where you can buy the book. Now it is also a nice place just to browse.

April 20 Showers, 2001
Aaachooo! Finally got the The Bookracks dusted off and straightened up. Added an AHA Books Bookshelf so you can find and order our books more easily. We have a new Maekuzuki winner (Congratulations to Tameka Palmer!) and a new verse for the next contest are up!

April 5, 2001
New Open Mic is up!

April 3, 2001
Ty Hadman's POET PROFILE on Anne McKay is now up. 

March 3, 2001
The newest Maekuzuki results are up and we have a new Contest Open for Links. Congratulations to W.V. Kahler!

March 1, 2001
Ty Hadman's newest Poet Profile is up. This one you must not miss. So much new information about a haiku writer you need to know about-  José Tablada! A new session of Open Mike is up. And be sure to check out the Open Mic Encore to see a very interesting class project with poetry.

February 28, 2001
Hawai'i with Heidi
, A journal with haiku and tanka of a journey made by a mother and daughter is the newest publication of AHA Books Online.

February 26, 2001Still trying to get caught up on those sea shells! The latest match, Sea Shell Game #40 has again a tie. This time between Andrea Young and Brian Gerat. Go see what they did!

February 14, 2001
Finally found that lost Sea Shell Game. Get out those red pencils. The new poems for Work-in-Progress are up and waiting for your input. Be a critic, sharpen your own skills as you see what others are doing. 

February 9, 2001
A new SEA SHELL GAME #39 with a three-way tie is up. I am still very behind in doing these, so if you are still waiting for your entry to appear, please be patient.

February 5, 2001
The newest Open Mic session is up with its addition of an ENCORE. Ty Hadman has a new Poet Profile for you.

January 30, 2001
The newest issue of LYNX XVI:1 February 2001 is up for your viewing pleasure. So much good work, so many new ideas. Now to get caught up on the rest of the web work waiting for me.

Happy New Year 2001! December 31, 2000
The POET PROFILE on Janice Bostok begins this new year. One of her poems is also in the newest session of Open Mic. A huge THANK YOU to each and every one who made this such a marvelous year at May you be Blessed! \o/

November 28, 2000
Today is the death date for Richard Wright, the perfect time for Ty Hadman to highlight him in POET PROFILE. If you did not know this famous writer also wrote haiku, do check this out!

November 5, 2000
A new Open Mic session is up along with the latest SEA SHELL GAME #38 which was won by giovanni! Ty Hadman has some new surprises for you on the Poet's Profile Homepage. The article on "HAIKU TECHNIQUES by Jane Reichhold as in the latest issue of Frogpond is now also online for you.

October 18, 2000
The winning poems from the TANKA SPLENDOR AWARDS 2000 are now up for your viewing pleasure. Find out how this experiment in democratic contest judging turned out. Celebrate all the good new works! Open Mic is new as of yesterday.

September 28, 2000
Ty Hadman has his newest POET PROFILE for October ready for you. Perhaps a surprise for you -- Paul Reps!

September 19, 2000

A new session of Open Mic is now up. Finally have gotten around to renovating the Book Reviews feature. If you and your book of poetry are not there, here is an opportunity to get a listing.

September 14, 2000

The new issue of LYNX XV-3 October, 2000 is now up. And here is a reminder that the deadline for entering the Tanka Splendor Contest is the end of September. This time it is truly exciting as it will be the participants in the contest who will be doing the judging. Check out the details at TANKA SPLENDOR Contest Rules. Be a judge! send your tanka! 

August 29, 2000

Thanks to the work of Ty Hadman we have a new feature - POET PROFILES. Ty, who goes back a long time in the haiku scene, will present a monthly feature of someone he feels deserves to be wider known for their work in poetry. You may add to the present profile or suggest new poets to him.

August 28, 2000

Another new book by AHA Books Online.  Again tanka, only this time one by Gerard John Conforti author of Now That the Night Ends and Pale Moonlight. For My Brother Victor & Elsa His Wife.

August 6, 2000

AHA Books Online announces the newest book! The Wail of Gaea  by Fujio Tachibana. Tanka and tanka sequences by an oft-published writer. Bi-lingual. Correspond with the author! Enjoy!

July 8, 2000

A new SEA SHELL GAME #36 winner - Mark Fisher. This judging is not a quickie but full of comments. The vacation did me good! New Open Mic for you, big and fat with an encore. Hoping your summer is abundant!

June 19, 2000

A couple of new quickie games of  SEA SHELL GAME #34 and SEA SHELL GAME #35. Also, the (true) story of senryu in English for your summer reading fun - Apples, Apples and Haiku. Open Mic has been up long enough to need redoing but I am taking a vacation! Hope to return with new vigor in a week or so - depending on how long I can stand to stay away! Happy summering!

As of May 20, 2000

The brand new version of LYNX XV-2 June, 2000 is now up. The only thing missing in it -- your submissions!  New Open Mic  is up, too!

As of May 1, 2000

Jen won the Maeku contest. Check it out at Contest Open for Links and consider trying this for yourself!

As of April 24, 2000

Gary Somers answers the question "Where has all the poetry gone?" on  the soapbox. New winners in SEA SHELL GAME #33 are Nigel Gibbons and lisbeth cheever gessaman.

As of April 13, 2000

New winner in the Sea Shell Game #32 is Steve Amor. Now I only have one more contest to do. Accidentally found out what a mess the Japanese glossary was in so I have cleaned out that closet and spruced it up.

As of April 12, 2000

Am trying to get caught-up with the back-logged contests of the Sea Shell Game so we have two new games and winners. Check them out at SEA SHELL GAME #30 and SEA SHELL GAME #31. The server fixed the form for entering the TANKA SPLENDOR Contest so it works now - beautifully. Thanks, Bruce!

As of April 8, 2000

The rest of A Dictionary of Haiku Classified by Season Words with Traditional and Modern Methods is now up. New Open Mic  is up, also. Check out the new online TANKA SPLENDOR Contest Rules. I am having trouble getting my server to do their part of the forms so be patient with that part, please. 

As of the First Day of Spring, 2000 

Just got the spring section  of A Dictionary of Haiku Classified by Season Words with Traditional and Modern Methods up. Am excited and eager to share this with others.

As of February at its End, 2000

A new winner in a Sea Shell Game. Finally I found game #26 floating in my files and was able to pick Ed Button as winner. Congratulations!

Michael Rothenberg's Big Bridge Press, ( cordially invites you to attend the premier world-wide-web showing of Red Slider's installation,

-------------- NOGUCHI : THE MAN WHO ENTERED STONE ---------------

An assemblage of twenty-eight poems and associated photos, images and commentary celebrating the life and work of Isamu Noguchi and his legacy of sculpted space.

As of February 25, 2000

Just found a new haiku site that is bilingual French and English which I thought you might enjoy seeing which has been done by Serge Tome . Also, Sea Shell Game #28 is up with a tie for first place between Mary Beth and We'moom. See if you agree or if you could have picked one or the other!

As of February 9, 2000

If you submitted poems for Open Mic in January, they are up but in the archives which have been rearranged to make finding the most recent poems easier. The Maekuzuki for January has a new winner! Check this out. Some good poems here! The Sea Shell Game #27 has Mary Beth as winner.

As of January 1, 2000 - Happy New Year!

And congratulations to ABS for winning the Maekuzuki contest for December!

As of December 2, 1999

The Maekuzuki contest has been completely revamped. Hopefully it is easier to understand to so more can enter and win. Please check it out? New winners in the Sea Shell Game - Richard Francis and M.O entries are in the 24th game . Lots of new poems on the Work-in-Progress table. Get out your red pencils to go to work giving your criticisms.

As of December 1, 1999

The belated October Open Mic Sessions are now up in the archives . The new book - Symbiotic Poetry by Werner Reichhold which has an index containing collaborative poetry authors and poems. Check it out. Lots to do but now a whole month to get caught up. Ha!

As of November, 1999.

We are happy to list the winners in the 1999 Tanka Splendor Awards Contest:

Suezan Aikins - Canada

Pamela A. Babusci - USA

Mary Lou Bittle-DeLapa - USA - 2

Margaret Chula - USA

Jeanne Emrich - USA - 2

Penelope A. Greenwell - USA - 2

Cindy Guentherman - USA

Elizabeth Howard - USA

Joyce Sandeen Johnson - USA

Jean Jorgensen - Canada

Doris Kasson - USA

Larry Kimmel - USA - 4

Mari Konno - Japan - 2

Robert Kusch - USA

Leatrice Lifshitz - USA - 2

Barbara Mackay - USA

Thelma Mariano - Canada

June Moreau - USA - 3

Jean Rasey - Australia

Daniel Schwerin - USA

Margaret Stawowy - Japan

David Steele - England - 2

Carol Toogood - Australia

Linda Jeannette Ward - USA

Jeff Witkin - USA

. Numbers indicate more than one entry from that author was chosen.

As of October, 1999

Two new Sea Shell Games and winners and lots of new poems on the Open Mic . Even Works-in-Progress has the table full. On my table is the job of putting my book, A Dictionary of Haiku, up on the site. I no longer have paper copies and have decided to post it gratis here rather than get it reprinted. Also, Werner and I are working on a book together titled, Symbiotic Poetry which we will also post here under the online books . It will contain an index of all the published collaborative poems along with articles on renga and other linked works and examples of the various genres.

As of June, 1999

Several new books of poetry are listed on the Bookracks . If you haven't been there for some time, do stop by for a look-see.

As of May, 1999

Open Mic starts off with many poems dedicated to and about the Littleton, Colorado events. Be sure to read the poems.

As of February, 1999

Many changes here, but the good one is our finally having our own domain name ( Notice we had to drop the !exclamation! in the new calmer atmosphere of propriety. Four new Sea Shell Games are up; including #8 for which many of you have waited for so long. Check out games #17 won by Gerla Weidema and #18 won by R.S. and #19 won by Thomas Harrison. Congratulations to each and all!

In the AHA Online Books is Werner Reichhold's newest book titled, Notationen . That is not a misspelling. The title and complete poems are in German. The MAEKUZUKI Feature is not hooked up as that needs a complete overhaul and redecorating. Patience.

As of November 1, 1998

We have a new winner of The Sea Shell Game. Charles George won game #16 . A very close and excellent match.

As of October 28, 1998

New Sea Shell Game Winner already. Annie Delaney won game #15 with an excellent ku. Congratulations!

As of October 27, 1998

The Sea Shell Game #14 was won by Danilo Celi. Congratulations!

Also congratulations to the winners of the Tanka Splendor Awards for 1998, sponsored by AHA Books. They are:

Fay Aoyagi - USA

Pamela A. Babusci - USA

Geri Barton - USA

Janice Bostok - Australia

Michael Cecilione - USA - 2

Margaret Chula - USA

Tom Clausen - USA - 2

Cherie Hunter Day - USA

Jeanne Emrich - USA - 3

Rafael Jesús González - USA

Sumiko M. Hamlow - USA

Elizabeth Howard - USA

Joyce Sandeen Johnson - USA - 2

Larry Kimmel - USA

Robert Kusch - USA

Angela Leone - USA - 2

Edith Mize Lewis - USA

June Moreau - USA

Michael Nickels-Wisdom - USA - 3

Cogn Noon - USA

Daniel Schwerin - USA

John Stevenson - USA

Linda Jeannette Ward - USA

Jeff Witkin - USA - 2

Aya Yuhki - Japan

Authors receive a free copy of Tanka Splendor 1998 for each winning entry. Numbers indicate more than one entry from that author was chosen.

You may order copies of the winning tanka or tanka sequences published in a 48-page booklet, Tanka Splendor, which also contains an essay by the judge, Ms. Hatsue Kawamura, of Japan as well as one of her tanka. Price is $7.00 ppd. and the booklet will be available by November 1, 1998.

As of September 27, 1998

The article "Stalking the Wild Onji " by Richard Gilbert, Ph.D., which was excerpted in Lynx XIII:3 is offered here in its complete form.

As of August 1, 1998

The Sea Shell 13 was lucky enough to have two winners - it was a draw between marjorie chew and Michelle V. Lohnes. Congratulations. Excellent work by both winners and many others in the contest. Thanks to everyone who entered.

Those of you wishing to publish your books of poetry on the web should take a new look at the site to see if DreamSpace is the place for your book.

Philip Adams, Librarian for the Brautigan Virtual Library just checked in with the news of two new submissions: one by Nick Kellaway from New Zealand and one from Canadian Judith LeGras. Perhaps we should call it the Brautigan International Virtual Library?

As of July 13th, 1998

We have a new winner in The Sea Shell Game. Timothy Richards won contest #12 . Sorry I am still very behind in getting the contests judged. But as you see, I keep pegging away at the job. Any of you haiku pundits interested in a 'job', please let me know!

As of June 29, 1998

A new book of 30 ghazals, Zero , by Gene Doty of the University of Missouri-Rolla is up under "Read an online book". Gene has been one of the main persons working with the ghazal form, so this book shows the wide range of his experiments and his stunning success. In addition, Doty uses the potential of looping in a book which is only possible online. Very special. Wave of the future. Check it out.

As of June 19, 1998

Donald McLeod is the winner of The Sea Shell Game #11 . For the truly curious, I am in the process of putting up the long-awaited (by some) book, Those Women Writing Haiku, under "Read an online book of poetry" feature. Some parts are still missing, but if you enjoy works-in-progress. . .

As of May 25, 1999

Joyce Clark is the winner of The Sea Shell Game #10. A new 'sudden death' judging. Less educational stuff to wade through.

Have a new AHA Book online by Randy Brooks. Blank Ant's Journey to Japan. Eye candy comes to the site. Enjoy a trip to Japan with color photos! and very good tanka.

As of March 13, 1998

Mark "mark e" Everett is winner of The Sea Shell Game #9 . Congratulations! I am working to get the backlog of entries judged. Be patient?

AHA Books Online has published a new book of tanka. Edward J. Rielly is the author of How Sky Holds the Sun . Stop by and read this book - free!


As of February 13, 1998

Just got the report of our trip to Japan up under Invitation . Now that all the excitement is over, I will try to take better care of these web pages. Promise!

As of August 12, 1997

We have a new winner in The Sea Shell Game #6 ! Penny Greenwell, or "pen" as she is known to you regular visitors. Congratulations to Pen! It was the first haiku she ever wrote (which should give each of you new courage).

As of August 4, 1997

Amanda Fixsen is the new winner in The Sea Shell Game #7 judged by Francine Porad. Francine was President of the Haiku Society of America for two years, was editor of Brussels Sprout, and has written many books of haiku and tanka.

As of July 4th, 1997

Finally someone has disturbed the moss on the Soapbox . Stop by to *listen* to Bei-Yin's rant and see what you think. And now one from Rantrock, too. Glad to see some activity in this forgotten corner. Thanks, guys.

As of June 4, 1997

We have a new feature -- the Chat Room! A two-year dream come true for me. Until we get together a schedule of regular and guest speakers, please join me there each day from 3:00 - 5:00 PST. This feature has been discontinued for lack of use.

As of June 2, 1997

Just received news of the death of Geraldine Clinton Little died on March 6th. She was a very prolific poet and writer. Though many of us knew her through her haiku and tanka, she also wrote books and plays which were produced on stage. Heloise & Abelard: A Verse Play enjoyed its premier performance in New York City, 1990, under Edgar Lansbury. She also wrote Hakugai: Poem from a Concentration Camp (Curbstone Publishing Co.) a book-length narrative poem on the incarceration of Japanese-Americans during WW II; A Well-Tuned Harp (Saturday Press). Her haiku books include the award-winning Star-Mapped (Silver Apples Press) and her book of tanka --More Light, Larger Vision (AHA Books)

Gerrie, as we called her, was a charter member of the Haiku Society of America and Vice-President of the Poetry Society of America (New York City Chapter). A great lady we will all miss.