January, 2006


When will I disappear?
Where should I go from here?
With all my dreams torn apart
and all I see is nothing but dark?
mama please don't cry
I hate that sadness in your eye
Hey in the end Ill be alright
No more dark and scary nights
So I guess this is goodbye
I know everyone will be satisfied
Now maybe my dreams will fix itself
I have played the cards that I was dealt.


i put the blade to my wrist
i am sick of this
all the pain inside
that i am trying to hide
i can't take it any more
my life is so hardcore
my dad is dead
and i have shed
i can't take my pain
so i cut the main vien



Follow your dream, wish upon a star, find love where ever you are, look to the future, live in a dream, follow your heart, make new friends, love who you are.


your suppose to be my brother no matter what mistakes i make.
your suppose to be my brother no matter how many wrong steps i take.
but your not suppose to chose my life and tell me where to go.
you tell me you have to show my way so i dont turn into some kind of hoe.
You think your helping me for the best with what you say. If only you knew the thoughts you make me think them sad days.
Even though i think i have done alright,all you ever want to do is fight.
your racist against my friends, tell me your going to disown me some day.
what about the love were suppose to have? what made you turn out this way?
i use to feel bad for you when dad use to say dont turn out like you.
But now i see what he was talking about.
i could never follow you and take your life rout.
your cold hearted and dangerously sharp like a knif.
one day you will be sorry when i take you out of my life.



A girl with long brown hair.. Who always wore a frown and never cared and never cared
Came to school in tears.. With bruises on her face and slits on her wrists
Kids picked on her so she showed them her fists.. She went to the principals office for the 4th time this year
As she stepped in and he asked what’s wrong my dear..? She stood there in silence but in her eyes there was so much violence.. He said take a seat and she yelled out I’ve been beat..! He stared at her in surprise
And said tell me the story I have time.. (she spoke) “I thought I had it all but then my world started to fall and my dad through me up against the wall.. My brother said I’d be fine and my mother yelled out you’re not worth a dime.. So I ran to my room and started to cry it felt like needles were in my eyes.. As my mother walked thought the door.. I yelled get away you whore.. She said you don’t disrespect me like that.. So she beat me with my brothers bat.. As I laid there in pain my mother yelled out you should be ashamed.. I laid there all alone and all I could so was moan I looked at the clock and it was one in the morning as I thought to myself I have school this morning.. I laid myself down and someone came in.. and I would be damned if it wasn’t my brother Ben.. He said what did you do this time..? And I said nothing I’m fine.. He got mad and left the room and I yelled out forget you to.. I couldn’t sleep cause of the pain and torture.. So I found a way to add more.. I looked under the bed and got my knife.. While I hoped this would be the last fight.. I put the knife in my right hand and turned to my left wrist and slit that bitch..! I did it time and time again but I gave up and went to sleep.. And before I knew it, it was time to get up and eat.. I had cereal with milk then I walked to the bus stop and meet my friend Bill.. I got on the bus and people started to cuss I ignored it and walked down the line to my favorite sear of all time.. And that’s my story sir but really I’m fine.”
As he looked at her in surprise.. He said I can’t believe your still alive.. Why didn’t you tell someone about that.. If my parents found out I told you they’d beat me in an instant.. that’s why I’m not going back there..
Please don’t make me mister..! You’ll have to today but we’ll phone the police right away.. She walked out of school to her bus.. And all the kids looked at her and she begged please don’t cuss..! As she walked through her back door, her mother yelled come here once more.. She walked into the room and her mother started beating her with a broom..! She got up and ran to her room.. Her mom beated on the door once more.. She got her knife and slit her vain,, it was so much pain, but soon she’ll be done
Then early in the morning sun her mother opened her bedroom door and what she saw was nothing more then her daughter Pam lying dead on the floor..
Ellie Henley 



Walking on the way of Life,I wanted you to be my side;
with hand in hand there we go,to touch our dreams with the smoothest flow.
You walked away and every thing was changed,
I felt lonely and my eyes rained,
No one to touch no one to talk,
No one to mingle,around no one to walk.
And there came a big devil to hold my hand,
forced me,slaped me n promised me to be there till d end.
I pushed him out with my strong will powers,
hoping you'll be around in some hours.
you were not there and you didn't come,
but still I was waiting for you to turn.
and there came a sweet angel to hold my hand,
He kissed me loved me and wanted to be my friend,
But I said no with a humble voice
Hoping you'll be back and hold me till the end.
And now its my last day in this cruel world,
But I'll meet you once and take you at life's U turn.

“If Only, If Only”
Ashley T. Carlisle

“No, please No,”
The words are ripped from my lips
As your lifeblood drips onto the tiled floor.
If only I had seen the sniper . . . if only.
I crawl over to you, despite my shattered leg.
I don’t know how it happened, don’t care.
All that matters is you, my love.
If only you hadn’t thrown yourself in the way . . . if only.
“You can’t leave me,” I sob,” You promised me forever.”
You smile up at me, brilliant cobalt eyes dim.
“Forever and always, my angel,” you say as your eyes close.
“No!” I scream as darkness flows in.
If only you would have stayed,
I would not have put that gun to my head and pulled the trigger . . .
If only, my love, if only.

Morning Glory
Rachelle Arlin Credo

the sun breaks through the eastern sky 
peeping through the soft fleecy clouds    
it stifles a yawn and gently simpers       
then blows a kiss to the sleeping world

the somnolent mountains spring to life
like the dainty flowers in bloom 
little birds perched on tree branches
chirp in unison to greet the royal sun
the sweet scent of red rose blossoms
fill the morning air with heavenly perfume
while bees hum seductive tunes to the flowers
as they flap their wings with the butterflies
the sun gives a lazy wave of greeting
as i walk through the little heaven
anticipation consumes my senses
as nature unfolds its pristine masterpiece

The Drug

Doing these drugs to make me better
Turned me against
What I love
The right advantage turned to hate
Thinking I was better went all wrong..
This drug I took made me sicker.
I can't make it thought all the days...
24 hours is such a pain.
The pain I feel hurts to much.
Pain through drugs...
hurts more than being abused
from the ones you love.
All my advantages turned to hate
Against the world
of the midnight sky.
Nothing matters anymore.....
When I fell a final step everything had gone away...
Doing these drugs to make me better.


The Dark Shadow ponders upon
what I lost,
forever is gone
Empty souls, Running Water
The Dark shadow has an enemy
The light of hope coming after...
Looking for a place to be
The Dark Shadow
running by capturing the souls
of the lonely children
The Dark Shadow
lies beyond a bed of widows
The elegant ones.
Crystals and Diamonds..
Roses and hugs....
the very last crystal
smothered in blood.
The Dark Shadow
Smothering Blood...
The very last one.....

anuya ulpe

without a complaint
without a tear
i work day and night
and cry in pain
the monotony of life
surrounds me so
no matter how hard it gets
i get passed it.
inside, i've become a stone
learnt to stay strong
about my past
i never mourn.
taken for granted to satisfy expectations
i still abide by
the endless dispositions.
now that i reached my end
too soon to see.
been wasted,
left with no strength to defend
i drag myself to where i belong
with need of support to at least stand
i know my existence lays here
but not for long...


Broken dreams

I had dreams when i was young
at christmas plays
i always sung
as i grew older i become quite shy
less confident in fact
then the years passed by
i've always wanted to be the girl on top of the pops
i wanted to be that girl
i tried to pull out all the stops
but now i am older
my dreams are broken
And now i have spoken


Withdraw to me is a pain sometimes hmmmm Keeping me thinking. Unbearable yet at times it weeps just the same, withdraw sees a lie's blind eye  this sense of withdraw leaves room for each light in my life to change hmmm leaving me think did this taste of withdraw. Dosen't life have you to dream strange? Me with or without a disability So What i am sure my life's stories would still read the same
Branden Franks

You don't know me
You don't like me
That's why I shaved my head
You don't know me
You don't like me
You'd rather me be dead

And every time you say you love me
I see straight through your eyes
Every time you say you love me
All I here is lies

That's why I lay here on my bed
Thinking of all those thimgs you said
You don't know me
You don't like me
You'd rather me be dead

Jt Barnes


Brooke DeRoche

Rain trickles,
down the unbroken glass.
My face moves closer,
Farther from my fear.
Losing grip on reality and you.

I whisper a prayer deep inside,
Hoping someday I will be by your side.
To hold and cuddle and show my love.
To whisper sweet nothings and thank God above.

But reality has set in,
And I am still on my way.
Down this steaming highway.
Wishing for those dreams to be my reality.

To show I love you once again.
To no longer be the broken glass.

I am a liar

I am liar
My heart lied while beating
My tears lied while crying
My breath lied while breathing
My love lied while loving

I am a liar my love said while leaving

My blood lied while bleeding
My eyes lied while dreaming
My life lied while living
My hopes lied while hoping

I am a liar my soul said to me

My expectations lied while expecting
My goodbye lied while saying
My emotions lied while expressing
My soul lied while dying

But I was not a liar

Manohar D.Joshi

But at times,even Man does not wait for TIME
Did Great Tanaji,General of Shivaji Maharaj
wait for Time?
When conquering Fort of Kondana,for his
son's marriage to be over?
Netaji,Azad,Bhagasingh and many others
Did they wait for TIME while throwing their lives for freeing nation?
And all these times,THE GREAT TIME DID WAIT.
Kalpana you and William, Anderson, David,
Laurel,Rick,Ramon Got very Respectful
HOMAGE from Great TIME
And Ever remembered BY ALL.
sky.YOU have become immortal and to be
seen by Generations. MY HUMBLE HOMAGE TO ALL.


i think these days we put life to shame
its not an adventure but more of a game
i used to find happiness in a simple pleasure
too bad that's something that i didn't treasure
i'm only tranquil now when i smoke pot
for that to some i deserve to get shot
to escape my life i used to drink beer
but that makes it worse and now it is clear
i cant find a job
so i look like a slob
i dress all in black
maybe they think ill attack
maybe they'll leave me alone
so i can just make it home
to hide in my room
and wait for my doom
too bad i'm so shy
and i don't really cry
because of this its hard to confide
so instead of repining, itching or whining
i'm down in my room were the sun isn't shining
i spark up a joint
and get to the point
that life is a game that i cant seem to win
what's more of a shame is i'm living in sin
(i know it sucks but i don't give a f*ck)

A creamy warm sensation though it´s quiet cool. I think Dove when I
see it. The sensation of Paradice itself. Makes me warm, calm, I
really want to feel these things. But there´s something disturbing.
The taste is awfull! I do wonder if it´s supposed to be eaten! I took
one bite and now I know that there won´t be a second. Let me take an
injection instead.. Blam!! Liquid cream spurt up my nerves, expanding
them quick and terrible fast. It´s insanely delightfull- I´m quick and
slow, eat your brain! I´m curois...really.
Really?? OHH! What a world, what a world! I love that shit, shitty
shit. I´llrrrh slay you down in anabomination. Your futile defense
hold no more, I´m laughing at your stupidity.... and major damage....
report of the wicked mind! ....I feel dizzy, ow!...must laugh, must
puke, puke and laugh! Sick in the, in da head-Yeahhman! Feel free
tooo.... .... .... d´oo yourr desire! That freakin Dove. Hate it, hate
you all. Dead corpses and splashing down. Oh hail splash damage!
Haail-lll... Zzzzzzzzzz
kasper rubin-


 the end

destroying are the fears
i feel all the time
cold are the tears
falling from your eyes

but as i am lying down to sleep
ihave no soul for you to keep
and if i do not die before i wake
i pray to you my soul to take

take my breath i don't need it
the cruelty i've known iv'e seen it
i can't seem to cmprhend it all
where is the end to this frightening fall

depper i go into this crazy new world
it's all so scary all so cruel
i ccannot seem to  get away
that is why i pray to die today

i can't get it right now that your gone
can't seem to get it right always wrong

the end is coming the end is near
why won't i t just come and get here?

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