January, 2006


     When I fell down and no one reached a hand for me,
     you were there,
     When my heart has gone numb and could no longer beat,
     you were there,
     In my deepest darkest hour,
     you were there,
     When joy had filled me inside out,
     you were there,
     When happiness was all around
     you were there
     When one special moment felt like eternity,
     you were there.

     In happiness and in sadness
     you were there,
     Thank you my friend,
     for making my everyday...
Rocio Contreras 

(original in spanish)

PodrŪa ser una mirada con chispas
Un sueno sin un final completo
 O un baile solidario sin mķsica
De esto me preguntoÖ
AsŪ es el amor,  Sin nada que hacer?
No se mira ni se toca con los dedos
No hace ruido para despertarme y guardarlos en tus labios
Invisible es el amor, que el corazůn es lo ķnico que siente
PodrŪa ser un jabla de oro cristalina como el agua
Un pise sin carretera
O un reposo jolgorio sin descanso
Te esto me doy cuenta queÖ
Amor es intocable.


Rocio Contreras 

It could be a look surrounded by sparks
A dream without a complete end
Or a solitary dance without music
Of this I askÖ
Thus is love, nothing to be done?
Do not see, nor do not feel it with your fingers
Doesnít rumpus to awake me and save them in your lips
Invisible is love that the heart is the only thing that encounters
It could be a cave of gold crystalline like water
A city without a highway
Or a rest boisterous without relaxation
Of this Iíve realized thatÖ
Love is untouchable.


You say that you love me
But I don't know if its true
You say that you never lie
But I don't know if its true
You say that you wouldn't cheat
But I don't know if its true
I think that I just don't trust a man
Or if its you
You say that you feel different with me
But I don't know if its a lie
You always make me mad
You know that hurts me
You always make me sad
But I guess you just don't know that
I'm just wondering about all these things
Just to know if its true
And stop worrying about you


Para Valeska, Mi Amor
By James S DeBroeck

Never, have I felt so in love
That I had to write a poem
But here I am. A foolish boy
With eyes and soul wide open

Trying hard to say the words
To explain my heartís explosion
Some say love, some say amour
Still, they donít know this devotion

I was never meant to be a poet
But I was meant to be with you
I was never sure of where Iím going
Until I found this love, so new

No matter where we are together
Iím at home inside your eyes
I promise never to leave you crying
And to never leave your side

I guess this poem is more of a list
Things I feel and think and wish

But none the less they donít explain
This new emotion that puts love to shame


Lyn McSweeney

Show my love
For all to see
Itís my love
That sets them free
How can they know
Who I am
If you donít
Show my love
To every man
Show my love
Show them for me
Itís my love that lasts
For eternity
Itís love that shows them
That I am real
Itís love that touches
Itís love that heals
Itís love that wins
Lost souls for me
It was love that caused
The whole world to be
Show my love
For all to see
Itís my love
That sets them free

Kristen Kay Johnson  

I do
Love you!
I see something-
what is it?
It wasn't in the
it was in my
goes High!

By Elise Christian

Every time youíre sad,
Scared or in a muddle,
I will always be here,
Just reach out for a cuddle.

I know Iím just a toy,
I canít talk or move,
But I dry up those tears,
So worthy I prove.

Just squeeze me and squeeze me,
And no damage youíll do,
Because Iím just a teddy bear,
Made simply for you.


Dedicated to my Grandmother who past away when I was young
Catherine Broussard

She went on a trip the other day
To a place very far away
She wasn't sure where
All she knew was that it wasn't scary there

She packed her things
Teddy bear and all
Said her goodbyes
And there she lay taking here journey to the sky

When she didn't come back
We knew it was true
She went away to the sky
So blue

                        sweet love

your skin glows like a strawberry, blossoms sweet as a rose in the purest hope of  spring. my heart follows your loving voice and leaps like a frog, at the whisper of your name. i am comforted by your love that i carry into the twilight of the day. i am filled with hope that you will be my sweet love one day. i listen carefully for you for as the day goes by. 

Grace Mensah

Jane Ferlin

I loved love more than I loved you
My stay was short, as was foretold;
The chance to see and hope for light
Was but a lure wherein we sank
Praying too long, too deep - so late!

While I depart leaving ahead
The space too empty to fulfil
Past shall reborn a vow, a kiss
To feed dead leaf of once, a heart.

Your blood, your tear too, are mine
And at your wish, I shall be there:
Fragile to grasp, easy to throw -
Into the darkness of good-bye. 


 I'm Sure You Are An Angel....
michelle wood

I'm sure you are an angel sent from high above,
I'm sure you are an angel sent down to show me love..
I'm sure you are an angel i see it deep inside your eyes,
I'm sure you are an angel with heavenly spiritual ties..
I'm sure you are an angel when we kiss the heavens sing,
I'm sure you are an angel i'm sure i glimpsed your angels wing..
I'm sure you are an angel i hear it in all that you say,
I'm sure you are an angel to love that special way..
I'm sure you are an angel i've felt it from the start,
Inside i felt your angels wings flying round my heart...


Poem from a broken heart
Christopher Rosenfelt

No matter what I try to do,
All I think about is you,
I ruined it because I had no trust,
Our future has fallen to dust,
And now suffer,
I must,
I canít get you out of my heart or brain,
In which your memories bring me so much pain,
And now all I have left,
Are illusions that went down the drain,
You claim that I let you go,
But thatís just what my pride tries to show,
Inside I really feel so low,
Cause itís hard for me to let you go,
Maybe we were just too shy,
Having trouble saying hi and bye,
And now here I lie,
Feeling like I want to die,
You know I have a confidence problem,
It has to do with my acne,
And as you could see,
I couldnít help feeling that you were too good for me,
I know that it is now too late,
I wish we could go back and date,
But time is something I canít manipulate,
And now all I have left is to follow fate,
Our bond has come to an end,
And itís something we canít bend,
Our happy moments are gone at last,
They will now remain in our past,
There is nothing now that I can do,
There will never be another me and you,
It has all fallen apart,
But youíll always have a special place inside my heart,
With this poem I donít have any intentions,
Except releasing pain and sadness,
We wonít have to worry about outside interventions,
Hopefully someday ill regain happiness.


"My life for Ours"
Lundin Matthews

The first time we met
I didn't know your name
The first time we talked
I didn't know what to say
The first time we hugged
I didn't want to let go
The first time we kissed
I didn't want to stop
The first time we went out
I knew it was to be
The first time we said "I love you"
I didn't know if you meant it
The first time you broke my heart
I knew you didn't mean it
The last time I saw you was the first time I knew you really meant "I love you" but now your dead laying in bed with no one to see you but the angel over your head
it would of been nice
it could of been nice
it should of been nice
now I am looking for some one to fill the place that you left in my heart
I am looking for someone to give me that joy the joy that made me smile every time I saw your face
that is the life I live,
I know all things will come to an end but
not like this
it pulled my heart out and struck me down
if i could only have a second chance I would make it all right in my head
some where before loving and laying in bed
just to have it over again I would give my life
I could give my life
I should give my life
I will give my life
He gave his life for the one he loved so that they could be together just one more time


* You walked away*

All my life I've dreamt of loving someone like you, it was true but never had i once thought that you'd leave me on the spot. i looked in your eyes, and when you looked away, i knew you weren't here to stay. you said it was a one time thing, just a little fling. i loved you more than i could ever say...but all you did was walk away. i'd have given you all my love i could give. even my life to let you live. i still love you deep inside my heart. but when you walked away............ my whole world and life fell apart like that..............then you walked away and i never saw you again.


I Like You More
Michael Scourey

I didn't really know who you were,
I didn't pay attention to the clothes you wore,
This is all sorta a big blur,
You started liking me and things soared,
Things just started to concur,
That was the only time, you like me more.

We never went out that year,
But I asked you out the next in early Sept.
And I saw a beautiful smile suddenly appear,
And that smile is something Iíll always remember,
6 months later she said she had to talk to me and that I feared,
So as it came out, we ended up just an ember,
That year, I liked you more.

After that things were a little awkward,
I tried to move on, but never could,
But my life just seemed so bored,
I just wish that I understood,
In Sept. you like me again and I thank the lord,
So I ask you out, and three days later, you left me where I stood,
Thereís some hurt I really couldnít afford,
Again that time, I liked you more.

Well I guess you mustíve made a mistake,
Because once again you liked me and I was sure,
But this was the last chance I would take,
Our first kiss was ever so pure,
It was something that I didnít think you could fake,
I thought that we were insured,
I guess I just canít catch a break,
Once again, and forever, Iíll like you more.

I was only listening to you
I don't know what I have told you
I don't know what you have told me
After a long time I heard your voice
It was like to give the panacea to a dying person
I know we have become two sides of a river
I have no hope to meet you any day
But still you are the rain drop to me
I have a question for God
Why he has made my life without you
I am really upset from the way life has moved
I have told you one day that nobody die without someone
But without someone SPECIAL, life become lifeless also
And I am living the life like that
I don't expect that you should come to me again
I don't want that you should know anything about me
But still I am living with your memories
I am living with your talks, Your love( You have given me)
I am living with you, without you
And I will remain same till death

                      - Amit( For Anindita)


You make every other girl that I have ever met, meaningless. I want it to be us forever... your eyes so blue, your hair so brown.. You make me love you when I wear a frown.... From the day we met, you were there for me.. I would never hurt you .. And you me... when you fall down.. I will bring you up.. When I fall.. You will help me walk... when I hear your voice .. Its like angels have lifted me past reality and into my fantasies.. I love everything about you.. The way you look at me when you need a joke.. .you make me melt like an ice cube under the sun.. my heart beats faster every time I imagine your smile and lips on top mine... I want to spend eternity with you... I want you to be by my side at every last point of my life .. You are my first .. And one love.. Your smile lightens my day.. I can never have a bad day as long as im with you... I love you more than any one person can love..... I LOVE YOU..

Tom Speer


I will always be your friend
No matter where you go
I will always be your friend
And that youíll always know
Kelsey Hatch


My sweet little girl if you only knew,
How hard I fell when I found out about you.
I was filled with fear and yet so much love,
For I knew that you must have been sent from above.

My sweet little girl if you only knew,
How many sleepless nights I had worrying about you.
Right before you Me and Daddy got married,
Then found out we were pregnant and soon miscarried.

My sweet little girl if you only knew,
On how my heart melted when I first saw you.
In the ultrasound you were so small and and yet strong,
I then realized god knew what he was doing all along.

My sweet little girl if you only knew,
How blessed I was when they handed me you.
I held you  tight and so close to my heart,
For god knows that nothing will break us apart.

My sweet little girl if you only knew,
How you brighten my life with just a smile or coo.
I find myself looking back at what is our past,
I want you to know that this love will last.
No matter what life brings us I will be by your side,
So please don't leave me out you have nothing to hide.

My sweet little girl I guess you do know,
On how I much you mean to me and I love you so.
So close your eyes for now and get some sleep,
For my heart is yours always to hold and to keep.



To everybody that says that they are in love, maybe your right, maybe youíre wrong. The only way to find that out is not by asking the person, but by noticing that person...
Love is not every thing but if you want my word here it is...
Love is sometimes like a game, you either win or you lose no big deal right?
Love is stronger, you lose, you lose and it hurts. You love some one that you donít trust but tend to love them anyway. You love them even through you know they are in love with someone else. You keep on doing it until you stop. Your love is deep just like real oceans. Your heart is pure just like an angel, you know this but instead you are pushed away like an animal. You know you have to stop loving in order to get real true faithful love, but you donít. Your heart gets sick everyday and you donít know what to do. Your soul is cold. Your mind is dead. Your love is gone...
So you tell me is there really such thing as True Love? NO. Not unless you make it.
Simone Windom



I close my eyes and clear my mind. The first thing i see is your eyes. Then your smile comes into view. Slowly but surely i can see all of you. I try harder and harder but i can't get you out of my head. Must've been something you done or said. Since that night, that night we kissed. I've craved your body, the touch of your lips. I can't be without you for nothing more i care. But i can't have you, your not here


For Shawnda

I was to damaged for your love
You where to beautiful for me

I never got the chance to tell you
that you made the right decision

If I could go back and make it better I would
but all i can do is say that I am so sorry

You deserved better then what i could bring
and the sting of time now faded
I am strong enough now to ask for your forgivness

You where to beautiful for me

I only wanted you to know that i am so sorry

Love defined by me.
 Lee Cervantes

Love is a word. Four letters, two vowels, two consanants one syllable.
It doesn't mean much unless you feel it.
You can say it, you can spell it. You can write it you can tell it.
You may look for it and never find it.... or you pay for it, but never have it.
It can feed you, and it can bleed you, but wait... wait thing you must know about love...
once you feel it, once you spell it, once you write it and you tell it... once it bleeds you and it feeds you...
Once you hurt it and it needs you...
It will call out and demand you, always hear and understand you.



Abyss of Fears

I hope one day you ask yourself why
You let me down, you made me cry
All because you became scared
Of all the emotions you know we both shared
Your lost in the abyss of all fears
I sit here crying silent tears
All the things you said to me
Everythings clear now, I can see
You sweet talked me until I believed
But it's too late now, I've been deceived
All the things I thought we'd be
You fucking lied, you disappoint me

My so called Life without You!
John Sims

I am sorry I made you cry, I am sorry I made you sad!
I was just trying to share some of the pain I had!
But I guess I got too carried away and let too much go!
I just want you to know my Dasha that was not meÖ.
I love you so!
That was just the little child in me wanting too let go
Wanting tooÖ. let go of everything in this so called life
But I canít because I am a man and you are my Wife
you are everything that I could ever need in this so called life
You comfort my fears and you comfort my strife
you are the strength in which I find my might
those precious loving eyes
when they look at me I melt like ice
that Beautiful smile that could light up darkest space
That smile that stole my heart
That smile that was telling me
I found my perfect precious place
I just want you to know my Dasha you are my precious Wife
You can confide in me and I in you
But sometimes it is just too big of a shoe
No matter what we say or what we argue
Just know that I LOVE YOU!
Things will come and things will go just like they always do
But through the ages our love will stand true
So my Dasha donít be so blue
Just know thatÖya tebe kAHHIIIIIIYOOOOUUU!!!!(I love you)
Donít worry my love just be strong
And I will too
And we will take these challenges without much ado!
We will take these obstacles in this so called life,
and conquer them without strife
Just know that I love you my sweet precious wife
And When I get home forever
that will just end another chapter in our so called Life!

 Have you ever wondered
Why things are the way they are
What the world would be like
Without everyone's tears

Can you be scared of everything
And nothing at the same time
The fear of loosing your life
Little by little fading away

The one person you love
Never coming back
While you remain here
Slowly fading into the distance

In the dark corner
Where you don't want to be

Slowly you are coming to it
And you want the feeling of heart pain
And sorrow to disappear.

It will never disappear
As long as you love that person
Pain, sorrow, agony will never go away

Don't fade into the darkness
Don't fade away
Things will fade but maybe
You won't fade away

Or am I dreaming
I open my eyes to see
And your not there
You'll never be

Ta Rissa Miller 

Him and I

The bad memories seem to haunt me
It makes me want to despise thee
The days when I have tremulous moments
The times I think I'm full of hate

But when I think about the times
The wonderful, affable, perfect rhymes
It makes me forgive and forget,
All the things you have done.

I wish times were interminable
And things may be inevitable,
But I will never want to break apart
Because, you will always be in my heart


                           Brittany Korzekwa

     Every bit of information I'm letting you hear, causes every bit of every tear. What I tell you is what you know, what you know is what I don't like to show. Every poem I write gives you all of the insight that the heart beats and bleeds inside. Day and Night is when I write, when I write is how I fight. Just telling you this right now, is giving you a piece, a piece you keep like the ground you stand and walk on. Don't ever expect me to follow along cause I can make it on my own. I don't need anything bringing me down, it's like the only time that happens, your always around. So much anger and hate built up along with frustrate you make me wanna break. You can keep this piece like the ground you stand and walk on, but tomorrow's another day for me to let you know this is a poem not a song, and your what this was called upon. Love me, hate me I don't care cause I'm fair, and while your still here I'll be gone over there, and hate and frustrate will no longer exist and the only thing to remind you of what you've done is this. 


Its so hard when you have two loves and they both were meant for you.

I really don't know what to do with them to tell you the truth.

Ones so sweet but the other ones way sweeter

Ones here for me but the other always comes when i need him.

I'm so torn between these two loves dat were sent from above and i still don't know what to do when push comes to shove.

Man, why did God have to put me in this kind of situation....I keep prayin and waiting and anticipating...on what i need to do.
Torn....there really isn't another word for it.
All can do is the love I have with Both of them and adore it.
One that's close but the others closer...
Lord, i cant choose one from the other.
I wish that i could have them both made into one guy...
But that will be the day when pigs fly in the sky.

They would both give me the world and give me no less....
but thinkin about them both is making me so stressed.
Torn is what will stay until one messes up, looses my trust, and can't come up.
It might take a while, because right now, I have all my life to think because i am just a child.



Everlasting love

The key to eternity is me,
And love shall find if ask for me.
So reach thy hands defying fear,
And I will shed for you a tear.

A whisper in the night I hear,
The sorrow of thy soul I feel,
I cry with bloody tears my dear
And with thy love you make me kneel.

Is this a nightmare or a dream?
Although my heart is full of grim,
An empty shell your eyes will see
If our love will never be.

By Ashleigh Archbell

She's always there when i'm mad
She's always there when i'm sad
She's always there when I need someone
She's always there when I feel I cant go on

I love her more than life its self
No one could replace her
She means more than anyone to me
Friends always come first

She's the bestest friend i've ever had
and even when things get bad
we sort them out and everything's good
she always makes me smile, she always could

f r i e n d s  t i l l  t h e  e n d


For N------

I don't know what to say
I am not standing here
I'm not saying much
I don't want to
I find it easy
It's not worth mentioning
how easy it is to ignore
my emotions
Whenever I feel sad
and it's cold and rainy outside
and I'm home alone
and there's no one on the street
the house is empty
there's nothing on television
and nothing to do
I can just sit around and drift
these are life's most depressing moments
and I try to hold on to them and
embrace them but they make me so sad
it is hard to give them their deserved
On these days I wish three hundred thousand friends
would come and visit me and we'd sit around and cuss the world
but no noe comes but my mom from work
maybe I'll go walk around the streets
and drift yet again
but by your house and the windows look dead and empty
and you probably have a few pals over
and I'm sure it wouldn't be a big dead if I knocked on your window
but I take the alley and ignore the cars that graze by
until I am back home and inside and the dogs are greeting me
and soon my mom will be home
and she'll cook dinner and ask me about my day
and maybe I'll steal money from her
and buy a bag of refer
and smoke it in the basement and cuss the world
maybe after I get off the school bus
I'll smoke some with you
and ask you about your plans
and maybe we'll hang out until we're both wasted
but no one ever really cusses the world with me
so I forget about it for a while
but I do occasionally drift back to you and how beautiful you are and
how much and how easy you can hurt me is beautiful
like stealing candy from a baby
and I swoon for you and you make me a poet and I lose myself
for half hours at a time
and drifting in a world I gave to you and want so bad
that I can only borrow it back for short periods of time
and never share with anyone
but you'll have to take my word for it how much I love you
because I can never articulate it
or make it clear and simple and as beautiful
as you are
because I am ugly on the inside
and you are too but you can be my dream
and in you I will pour
gallons and gallons of make-believe
and the purest love I can give you already have
even if you don't know
and you'll have it forever

Ethan Love, 16

Love Obsession
(dedicated to Justin)

You've filled my dreams,
You've taken over my mind,
My heart has been stolen,
By my only true love,
I don't want it back,
I have stolen yours too,
I have quite a obsession,
And it is over you,
I guess I just want to say,
That I love you.                   

Disguised as lust
Elya Thorn

Disguised as insanity,
You sculpt my body
With cold caresses...

Disguised as lust,
You taste the wine
That runs through my veins...

Oh, angel with thorns,
You tear me all apart!

Canít you see you ruin me,
With every touch, I get more untamed,
With every whisper, my fever rises,
Itís all too overwhelming...

Disguised as love,
You came to me tonight,
Ran your wishes through my sighs,
And promised to hold me... forever!



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