December, 2006

After School Reading Program
Part I
-ed orfield
I should have been happy,
but instead,
I was already dead.
“It’s the kindest ache
that hurts my head.
Won’t my mind stop racing?
Won’t my feet stop pacing?”
Psychiatric therapy
is no place for the deaf.
I’ve been there,
came back and left.
All I had was
all I’d read.
The piece of tissue
that I was using
to mark my place
in your book
fluttered like feathers,
when I cracked the spine.
All I have and all that’s mine,
is a mouthful of dust
from the diamond mine.
Great creator of words,
“Dare I disturb the universe?
Dare I bemoan the sleep of trees
and frozen stones?
Sender of visions,
grant us interpretations
of whispering winds
and hissing snows.
Send us a sign,
say we’re not alone.
Some set out to stand
upon the rock and understand;.
to be reborn from dust again.
Wisdom is just a pebble
in the hand.
Let there be an end.
Freedom from lost tradition,
a last call for common sense.
Let us never  be blind by night again.
As pyramids sink into the sand;
the candle lights the sun
that sleeps inside you.
I have spent a winter in
this sleepy town of
half deserted streets
and polite public greetings
“Hello, how are you?”
(Do you care?)
Do I dare disturb this season,
with calls for  warmth,
and blazing screams for reason?
I'm open to the possibility of
you and me
I can see clear
without confusion
that this is no elusion
I've been bruised over the years
but my fears
have been removed
because of you
I do all I can
to make you understand
that my plans include you
I pray each day
that our hearts
may come together
and remain forever


Gabber Monty
Why we can not be together?
Why we can not go together?
may be we know why!
and we know that we can not fly!
but always we dream and dream.
and we love to build castles in air.
with the hope that it will come true
and we will pass together through
I wonder whether you are real 
or just a phantom that only live in my mind 
and will never come
Anyway I want to say one word
You are mine forever


your the one i want to be with.
your the one that made me realize that love does exist.
your the one that helped me when i was feeling down.
your the one that made me realize that i can love without it hurting others.
your the one i can share my heart with.
your the one that sees the real me inside.
you are not the one to realize how much i care about you!

alexis miller


For Catherine Ann  #3
Gerald D'Angelo
Do not let the thought of me
dissolve in your mind -----
For you should know
that i am always
thinking of you.
Thom Piddock
I wrote a haiku,
So what if it is rubbish.
Politeness prevails.
Ultimate Haiku 
- Ian MG Smith
Ultimate Haiku
Touch the sky
In me
The ocean
In you
Your eyes
Pain that lingers
Whispering strains
It's only the wind

The Peach Colored Overcoat
By: Ernesto J. Alaniz

We left the office together and walked along the busy street toward the parking lot. “I’ll keep your house clean.” I looked at you in your peach colored overcoat. Now, I sit at the table and watch you clean the dinner table and think of the peach colored overcoat.


~Found My Angel
              I`ve been searching 
               My entire life 
              Searching for the perfect guy
             Searching for something right.
           Every time I found someone 
          It somehow turned out bad
         The guy would always broke my heart
        And ruined all I had.
        But all that changed
The day I talked to you
I knew you was my true love
The one sent from above.
You’re the only guy
Who told me how much you care
Right when I needed it the most
You just happened to be there.
I`ve never cared so much in my life
I think about you day and night
Everywhere I go, everything I do
I`m always doing it just for you
I feel like you my angel
The one sent from above
You mean the world to me
I`ve found my perfect true love
This Kiss 
We stood in the doorway
His hands on my hips
The clock ticking loudly
Almost in a haste
He moved closer
His eyes locked in mine
I long for his kiss
For a matter of time
His lips meet mine
And I feel such a sensation
No longer must I wait
To give into sweet temptation 
My knees go weak
My palms become sweaty
I go to a place I’ve never been before 
The world disappears
All that’s left is me and him
As I pull away
I felt as if I can fly.


Karen Brooks

By Karen Marie Brooks I enjoy being with you and I like the way you touch me I like the way you smile at me that tells me you want me Your hands do magic and stir the fires within, a flame that burns in the passion filled night, then I look in your eyes and I know that its right Enjoy the differences in each other and a stronger friendship you will discover accept me as I am, naked and waiting under the cover The time of your life you will have a time like no other.


United as one
our faces we've seen
exposure is common
in this shared dream.

Nancy Castro





before the day begins
let me see you smile
like you did yesterday
the way you rest your hand on my shoulders the way you run your palms in my cheeks so gentle...
bury me in a mountain of roses
sweet as the dew fall on a Sunday morn'
lay your back on my friendly belly
and let go of those worries...
they are nothing but dust
that pollutes our sense of love
they are nothing but rack
determined to separate us.
by Euler Paul Yague Madamba


Without you I would be lost
Andrew Louis Field

trough summer and spring through fall and frost being with you makes life all worthwhile and even when you jump into leaves in a pile no one but you understands me the most I would sit alone with you watching the sun on the coast I cant believe that we have to depart but go off knowing that you'll be in my heart

There is a boy i fancy,
but he does not like me,
he is the cutest thing, and,
he sits in front of me.
His hair is brown and wavy,
his eyes deep pools of blue,
if he reads this i want to say,
i do i do love you.
Though sometimes you are serious,
but very funny too,
you are the air i breathe,
you stick in my mind like glue.
You're the sun shining in the sky,
you're the wind that flies my kite,
i think of you all through the day, and,
also through the night.
jasmine barker
He'll Never Know...
& He'll never know.. , He'll never know all the feelings I have for him..
& He'll never know.. that without him my world is very dim...
He'll Never know how every day it breaks my heart to see him with her..
& He'll never know.. how many times a day I think about him...
He'll never know he's the only reason I fake a smile each day hoping he'll fall for my smile like I fell for his ...
& He'll never know that he's my entire world He'll Never know ..he's the thing that drags me out of bed in the morning.. forces me to get on the bus & go to school & pulls me through all my classes day after day..
& He'll never know  I'd die without him..
He'll never know anything about this poem...
& I don't know if.. it's "He'll Never Know.." or... " He'll Never care.."
By... Rebecca Proctor 
You mean so much to me dear!!!!
Days without you are so dry and so dead
like the nothingness of a desert
and so bland just like
tea without sugar
flowers without fragrance
and a face without a smile...
----I love you---
scorpion dewdrops
will you ever love me back..
will my love be without its destiny..
like the sun loving the moon..
like a feather loving the wind..
like the darkness loving the light..
i will worship you as always..
like a priest in a temple without a deity...
My Love! A 'NullPointerException'!
Amit Balan

I sit in my bed wondering who am I you am I her how how what am I who am I. I am nothing but my self in my heart to you I am a kid and that should be enough for you so love me love her she doesn't have to be real to be loved!

by Nicola Jean.
Fifty dollars the bidding began
at ninety dollars I raised my hand
one hundred dollars was next bid in line will she be his, or, will she be mine.
Where do I start to tell of this tale
a lovely young filly I saw at the sale
standing alone there was no one she knew and stamped on her rump was a big number two.
As I stood and watched for a while
I thought to myself, this fillys got style 
her eyes were so bright her legs were so long her neck a
nd her back appeared to be strong.
Then I thought how her temper would be
Moody! some fillies are known to be
is this a fact or is this a tale
I hope that's not why she's here at this sale.
My hand it did rest up on the gate
the filly she did not hesitate
over to me she sniffed a hello
and home with you I would love to go.
Take me home and love me dear
I'll give you my best with each passing year 
as you can see I am starting to bloom 
I'll need lots of love, some feed, and a groom.
I Will Be Missing You
This poem is for my friend Nick Davila 1985-2005
You were so full of life,
Always smiling and carefree.
Life loved you being a part of it,
And I loved you being a part of me.
You could make anyone laugh,
If they were having a bad day.
No matter how sad I was,
You could take the hurt away.
Nothing could ever stop you,
Or even make you fall.
You were ready to take ont he world,
Ready to do it.
But God decided he needed you,
So from this world you life.
But you took a piece of all of us,
Our hearts are what you kept.
Your seat is now empty,
And it's hard not to see your face.
But please always know this,
No one will ever take your place.
You left without a warning,
Not even saying good-bye.
And I can't seem to stop
Asking the question why.
Nothing will ever be the same,
The halls are empty without your laughter.
But I know you're up in heaven,
Watching over us and looking after.
I didn't see this coming,
It hit me by surprise.
And when you left this world
A small part of us died.
I remember you swinging from the tree
When you were just a boy.
And the last time I ever saw you,
You were riding in your pride and joy.
Your smile could brighten anyone's day,
No matter what they were going though.
And I know for the rest of my life,
I will be missing you.

Feelin Down And Out
Jeremy Mason

love is gained and love is lost end the end we all pay the cost.theres a saying that if u truly love something u have 2 set it free but i feel when i do i lose a part of me.i kinda feel like an emo cuz im finally letting my emotions not gonna cut im not gonna cry all i do is let sleeping dogs lie.i just keep everything bottled inside but finally i feel i have nothing to hide.i've lost the one i truly love i felt that i was a pair of hands and she was my gloves.i feel destroyed on the inside i feel i've lost everything including my pride.i wish i could just dissapear cuz noone would see or hear.ifeel little and insignificant but maybe its cuz im beligerant i kinda enjoyed it even though i feel that all my love was spent.i wish i knew what i did if i could turn back time i would see wat i hid.i dont care who reads this as long as it makes u think of the ones u truly love and miss

why tear me apart
B* 22.10.06
No more will you hurt me
i wont let you break my heart
if you really loved me
why tear me apart....
You left me feeling empty
when you told your lies
treat me like im no one
and you'll make me cry
No more will you hurt me
I wont let you break my heart
if you really loved me
why tear me apart...
You changed me into someone
you longed for me to be
i changed so much for you
i've forgotten the real me....
No more will you hurt me
i wont let you break my heart
if you really loved me
why tear me apart....
So watch me as i walk away
from the girl you've made
watch me forget all the words... 
all the words you'd say...
No more will you hurt me
i wont let you break my heart
if you really loved me
why tear me apart....
What would I give to live where you are?
What would I pay to stay here beside you?
What would I do to see you smiling at me?
Where would we walk?
Where would we run?
If we could stay all day in the sun?
Just you and me and I could be
Part of your world
I don't know when I don't know how
But I know something's starting right now 
Watch and you'll see some day I'll be 
Part of your world
Thinking about was said the other day
This notion was in my head to stay
The thought of being alone
Sickens me in a very unusual way
Being unaccompanied is not something I had in mind 
It hurts so much, and I get at scared at times 
Our days are numbered, and if they truly are 
Want “You” please send me love from afar
I never chose this life, why me
I’m in desperate need of a little company 
This world isn’t fit to be in solitude 
All I am asking is someone of my magnitude
There’s someone for everyone, so they speak 
Well if so, it is a companion in which I seek 
I don’t ask for much, and I never complain 
Just send me someone, please give me his name
My loneliness seems unbroken
My words have become unspoken
All I have is an infinite faith
That’s how I know I’ll find my soulmate 
shernice g
if i could create the perfect world
all the ground we walk upon
would be as soft as your touch
each cloud
traveling across the sky
would have your smile
it would be your eyes
that made the stars sparkle above
the waves of the ocean
would carry your sweet smell
and the songs of the birds
would be filled with your name
yes in my world you are
everywhere and everything
that makes life worth living
lynn north 
Born to It…
© pjm 7.4.05
In all the sleepless wonders
high up where stars live
and grow to fiery sparks inside
the veil of night…
Up there where God sits waiting
always awake and watchful
moving among his mighty doctrines
seeking scripture and the occasional miracle, soft words from eternal tombs…
Sitting on the edge of a dream,
falling into the old ways,
the childhood catastrophe of innocence,
so vital, so lost,
almighty parents making every colour 
grey and wishes wasted with wondrous abandon.
I can be anything I like,
see every pathway, walk down every single road, 
but for every revelation, for every hint of redemption, 
I still see tombstones weary in the rain, 
and words written that no one will ever read…

a time of problem
we need to keep our mind
optimist becuse if we lost
you'll be a loser someday;
as we know, were not alone
as the promises of god,
we are in a safe,and out of sin
as we forgive,we feel god's love;
as like we sing for him;
we know he always here for us,
many people lost there faith
they lost there mind;
they forgot that god is the
only one, the precious glory;
in a grace, we thank with him;
in the holy spirit.
our father in heaven;
in his kingdom we are happy
his worth we are safety;
as he loved, all of us.
i hope you'll understand my poem
i make this because i want
ev'ry one to know;

Blood red glimpse through a sadistic eye Want for a meaning not meant to want Rendolence of fear that makes me high Ache for your happiness not to be flaunt Piquancy for reprisal on your role Galled amusement at your seeping anguish Harkening pleas start to weaken my soul Presence of tears stops short my jubilation Your last caress renders me fractured refuse

Gretchen McGregor 

Nina Al Esmerelda
I am free to do whatever I want
I am free to think whatever I want
I am free to be whoever I want
I am like this because you are close to me 
I am like this because I know you are there 
I am like this because I believe in your existence
You have made me stronger
You have helped me up from my endless falls 
You have kept me from the harm I am capable of
You are the only one who can get me through the hell of fire 
And I know, With you near me I can be whatever I want


One day my pain and suffering will day this will all be pretend. These tears are rolling like rain so lonely and cold, thunder shakes me and makes the story told...My story doesn't have a happy ever after ending...but it would be a lie if it did. lightning flashes and makes things clear.. i cant get there when im so close and who is the one reaching there hand out for me...the bitter cold darkness makes it hard to see...where is the lightning that flashes in front of me.

Ryan Finnegan 



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