November, 2006

she's my gift,
the one above everything,
I wish I could find a way,
to prove she loves me,
I can't say forever,
it's still too soon,
but not too early,
to say I belong to you

josh lanthier


I never met her
But I know I love her
I want to meet her
But I know I will never meet her
I want to kiss her
But I know I will never kiss her
I want to tell her
ďI love you more than she will ever knowĒ
But I know, I wonít be able to tell her.
I havenít met her
But I am trying to forger her
Because I know I love her.


somebody this is for you.....

I knew this will have to end i knew eventually i would go back calling you a friend it's killing me i know deep inside you had to leave me but it breaking my heart to walk away from you. I'm going to miss all though thing we been threw, threw good and bad I will always gonna remember all the things i said or wrote it's still hold true all of our memories we have it buried into a secret treasure, But for now in the distance i'll be loving you or maybe we can be back together if it was meant to be. I don't want you to stop loving me even though i aint still your girl. I STILL LOVE YOU!!


Savannah Houston


You are!
Amauri Carius Ferreira (Augusto de SÍnior)
Bread of every day that I want to devourer: you are!
Dictionary of doubts that I want to elucidate: you are!
The desert island,
more certain salvation,
of the solitude shipwreck that I am: you are!
To the end,
for three times I recorded a name in my heart...
In the present minute: you are!
In the previous one: you are! (You Would be!)
In the next one: you are!     (You Will be!)
Janet Denise Thurston
I am open
to the possibility of me and you
I can see clear
without confusion
that this is no elusion
I've been bruised over
the years
but my fears have been removed
because of you
I do all I can
to make you understand
that my plans include you
I pray each day
that our hearts
may come together
and remain forever.
Hello. My name is Caitlin McVicker, and I am 12 years old, soon to be 13.... 
In December. But anyways. Just now, I made my mother a poem. 
It is her birthday tomorrow, and I just thought of it from the top of my head. 
I am very proud of it, but want to know what others think of it:
Mom Ė On Your Birthday
Caitlin McVicker
Mom, you are truly the best.
The greatest woman on earth.
I canít help to think.
Itís been like this since birth.
Youíre ready to help us when weíre down.
If weíre feeling sick, youíll help us through.
Comforting us until weíre ready to go again.
Whenever Iím sad, Iíll just think of you.
Sure, we may have gotten into fights.
But how could I stay mad at somebody like you?
I love you forever and always.
It hurts us both so much while fighting, too.
Lucky for us, we get along like great pals.
Some kids arenít lucky enough to experience it, too.
I know weíll help each other through tough times.
Because thatís just what best friends do.
I shall wrap this up, with an ending verse.
But thereís just one thing, I must ask from you.
Please remember, mom, no matter what I say or do.
I will always and forever, love you.
                      dear heavenly father,
              bless this child as she goes through her day,  
              bring her gladness and beauty her way.
          watch over her as she walks with you in heaven,
         may she see the love and joy you have given her.
                 our time with her was short, 
            but our love for her will never change.
                 may we meet sometime again,
                 her world didn't ever begin.
                 she was only 3 months old, 
                   her story was untold.
                 the little girl was my niece.
           she reminded me of a bird not yet hatched,
            in loving memory of Victoria Lee Patch.
monica  hough  
Meghna Sonkar
There was a shady tree
with a labyrinth of shadows
And there was a bench
Where I sat
The sun was glaring down on my face
I turned my head
To find a sheet of paper
And a blue handkerchief
With no name on it
Only a verse of strange intricacy
Why are most things anonymous?
A beautiful face has not
The name of God written on it.
And often a beautiful mind
Belongs to people who know nothing of us And who we know nothing of.
Is not a pleasure.  

Brittany Cox

She stands alone on a lonely cliff

Her hair slowly twirling in the October breeze She grasps her heart on a golden chain A captured memory of him She stood on that lonely cliff Waiting, forever waiting for him The human, the man, the warmth, the love But the passion had left him years ago Leaving nothing but a memory And a lonely girl on a lonely cliff Left to clutch her broken heart forever more


reach for the sky when you cant reach any more reach far reach where you eyes cant see, put out your hand and you will reach your dream. i put out my hand and unexpectly i found yours reaching back, i reched for my dream and my dream was you. now we walk hand in hand never apart. i need a hand, i need help, i needed you, and no one else. moments go by when i needed you the most but i reached and sometimes your hand wasnt there. I told myself this is the last time, i will put out my hand, so i put out my hand and yours met mind, and from that moment i never have let go, because i was afrain to lose you again, so my hand never let yours go and never will, even when we go, i will still be hanging on to your hand.

Kimberly N.
She Caught Him His Darkest Mood.
Terry Collett
She caught him his darkest mood
And paved the way for sightless rage. 
She knew him like a turning hand, 
But felt his anger
Like a swollen eye
And gave no quarter in the nightly fights. 
She knew his fists; his blackest fits,
His, ďoh-Iím-sorryĒ words, too well. 
She buried all in black and blue 
And kissed her way to sad forget,
Until the day when all undid
And Katy drowned his drunken head,
Until the silence, long forgot,
Came softly like the tiptoed dead.
None of us has ever visited Cairo
Yet we had our first date there.
Sort of a cruise
They said on the dark Blue Nile
And the lights blinked
When you felt like kissing me.
Everything went round
 like the whirlpool
As I sniffed for the statutes
Cleopatra and the Sphinx.
Not, that you are Caesar
Or ever cared to be Anthony
Yet my body hissed
Like the river serpentine.
And was happy to drown you
Inflicting the pain
The river
And the pain
My hair untied all over.
One bright day
In this dear life
I hope oh my
You'll stick right by me
Through thick and thin
And all of that
Take me through a miracle
Oh biased critic
Because its there
Where I'll see
For once in my life
It was you meant ah for me
To be a part of my life
And to be my wife, oh
Believe in me I got something to prove
Believe in me I got nothing to loose
Mm ah Mm Mm Mm ah Mm ah Ta Da
Today I feel my senses so real
Tomorrow I'm a call her one time
Jeremy Rimkus 
-Seshendra Sharma
In our garden many shining kites
in the branches of trees, waltzing with romantic waves of breeze
When sunrays jolt on their bodies
they turn into orbs of moon
one such moon from a distant branch showers all its silver rays on me only- 
My heart melts in those enchanting rays-
Alas! In that vast green enchanting garden 
is flying in melancholy mood a butterfly, a lonely creature-
By Nina o'Grongle

The black flag is flying
Inside an I am dyin
piano piano.
Let me touch your ivory depths and make a wish keyboard words are the snare of my destiny.
Too much subjunctive, not enough thrust and get on and go.
resignation is such a smooth cool reassuring sound.
The moments we've shared,
the joy, the tears
the passion, the laughter.
every kiss, just seeing you, touching you, is proving to me that you are real not just a dream i would have fanatised about.
You are the one thing that makes me feel free, you are the soul in my heart, and without that soul i would be nothing.
Your the light that guides me to you in the dark, My shield that protects me from all evil.
"Love" it self wouldn't have meaning to me without you in it.

Twinkle luminosity was being catch sight of afar 
I am able to sense its affection always 
I can bear its weep for a time I covet to shorten our distance 
Intended for myself to disembark in sight To spot what is it 
What its look like And what I will accomplish with it.
Isnít a tumbling star?
I hope it is not
For the earth to be secured
Or might be an angel
Who wishes to enlighten forewarning to the world?
I just hope so.
I omitted a gold I have not perceived yet 
I revolutionize the world that advocate me 
to subsist in I snub the suitable answer for proof 
I missed the only hope I have
I was miserable about the worldís nature 
To consist of sadness instead of joyfulness itself 
Then again I commit to memory the world subsist countless years 
now I supposed not the only one who heartbreaking 
There were others before And many would come
But why me, have I committed a felony
I should ask my Lord
For Him shall answer my sorrow
I worship our Lord
He keep whispering my ears
Even in moment of sins
What is the best hope of this life anyway?
Is it the prosperity? 
No, Itís living in the Heaven with Him
I wonder how happy that place will be
It believed that there would be no shed tears, depression with only HAPPY.
The Lord is the Leader
He gave us the solution for all the problems, 
grief and sadness God assist me; 
facilitate me understand your Will Exploit me.

space in time

spaces in time only get bigger...what once was seems to fade in the night....ones heart feels empty,not a cause in the world...a mind so comfused..nothin in sight time passes by.i cant seem to catch upyou feel of my arms..i tryed too hold wasent enough...ones heart could turn dark..a mind could turn never feels any different...its always the same...whats one too do when your world turns sour?..not a care in the world...nothin in sight nothin to feel for...everyday is a new dayeveryday we get old everyday we mature...everyday we catch on to the world and see whats inside...everydays a new story......spaces in does one live with this cold heart?? does one live with this troubled mind?...

- the sad truth....


I have got an aura that breeds jealousy, I have come to realise through my life's odyssey, that people hate what 
They don't understand and fear what they can't conquer.

Someone once said i've got my head way up in the cloud, So i kept a low profile so that i don't appear proud, 
However, people like us will always appear loud.

For now i guess its just me against the world.

nnamdi nwobu
A Gasp for REALITY

Feeling a sense for exploration
not wanting the person who is expected in routine, 
she is pressured to act in that certain way 
but now she must rebel against the madness that drives her crazy everyday.
She passes someone by and looks them straight in the eye, 
not having to say hello first.
She wants to be peaceful expand her mind, and only speak what is really meaningful.
She wants to go places 
instead of just wasting her time for those that wont be worth it in the future.
Let her BE, let her soul shine through in that world, 
where followers run and only few leaders stand.
She no longer cares, the picture uncovered.
She can finally breath.
By Natacha C.Marville
As the day rises, 
it's time to get up and work. 
Dreams can sometimes come to reality, 
Desire and determination often brings. 
Our choices will often result in where we will be .
To be wise doesn't mean to know everything but rather to understand. 
True understanding is accepting all reality.
Freedom lies within the mind, it's truth and enforcing it. 
An enslaved mind is caged, 
Freedom is not too far away to touch, 
the love it drags along can be seen. 
love is not defined by emotions but mostly by what it does for others 
and what it refrains from doing. Words don't express love. 
meaning is knowing and feeling then giving. 
Joel C.
With outstretched arms love is measured.
With broken skin love proves itself.
A steady gaze is upon my beautiful disaster.
Where doest thou lead my heart my love?
My soul is wooed in infinite directions.
That familiar voice is blaring in my brain.
Do you hear loves siren song scream our names?
Study my mechanics and donít turn your face.
I need you in the midst of my reckless pace.
Forsake me not in my hour of reckoning.
Abide with me now and eternally.   
You are the hunter that silently seeks me out. 
You are the predator and I your prey. 
With outstretched arms love is measured.
With broken skin love proves itself.
Every word is captured and attains your attention.
Every thought measured beneath your gaze. 
What is life?

Is human life a memorable book
Containing events astonishing as well as that made us shook 
Have different number of beautiful pages 
With memories of our joy and rages 
This is a question that I always explore 
If you find out, let me know more
Is human life a surging ocean
which we have to swim across with spirit and caution 
Having salty water all along its way 
But giving beautiful pearl some day 
This is a question that I always explore 
If you find out, let me know more
Is human life a complex road
Sometimes smooth and sometimes potholed
Sometimes having boulders so huge
Sometimes without hindrances, how could you gauge 
This is a question that I always explore 
If you find out, let me know more
New York 
Subways and taxis move blindly 
Walking, I see the city


Across the sky I see many Stars looking upon me Of sliver and blue Around the stars I see the moon waiting At midnight I say good bye to the stars Until the next night Between the sun and earth lives the stars Behind the stars lives a galaxy beyond imagination


Angelica Ward

Is our love true or just a faze i feel like im going through a maze mixed emotions all over the place.

Until the turn of time our love last i just hope our love will not crash.

Take my love don't abuse it just use it with care an respect that all we need to succeed.


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