The taste of a summer's night
crispy, like your hamburger.
Addicting, there your drug.
Crunch, crunch, they go away,
never to see them again.



Fonger Boontjes
Standing on top of the wind
I can see clouds on the other side
Like Bell Beakers
Celts and Romans
Angles Saxons and Dragons
before me
Like Elves and Fairies
Picts and William
Mary and Patrick
once upon a time
Augustine embarks on a draughty coast
while Boniface goes ashore
They tell each other the same good news
Words that are lost in eternal mist
and come out when time is drawing near


scribbles on a paper
blotted out a name
nobody knows
scribbles on a paper
who could it be
scribbled on a paper
but written on my heart
scribbles on a paper
please keep it safe
please don't go showing
everybody my heart
scribbles on a paper
nobody knows but you and me

Breanna G.


Mind Boggling Emotions
zianda kupa
Abundant emotions of nostalgia heathing in and out of hearts aching infinitely.
Aggravating words of so-called wisdom thrusting through the essence of naïve minds.
Abominable is the mind of he who judges the lives of I and I.
Calculating calamities like an accountant with carcasses cloning cells of conniving souls.
Daggers of demons digging dainty dungeons, damaging the horizons of my destiny, my destination, these delusional dimensions.
What word in this vocab could express, excite or just explain my emotions?
As I lay on blue billabongs beside the river of a lion, heeding the sounds of the bongo drums, blazing the bongo pipes,producing blueprints of the anonymous minds.
Eloquently eluding this emblem of illegal significance, emerging the life of I and I.
Eliminating this regurgitated life, embarking Rastafari.


- Anthony Day
i reached to grasp thy hand before you fell,
stealing one back from this wretch'd night,
for fear of failure and lack of design,
i stand back and watch thee fall so bright.
i lack compassion like i do dearth a heart,
no constant, steady beat to make life flow on,
casted away long ago, so tired of ones mistakes,
now worn so proud, these scars as proof life goes on....
do not cry for an ending so soon yet one does cometh,
do not fear the light that one cannot see past,
do not sing the call of sweet sorrow and torment,
endure this moment for now and know this will not last...
on knees so blistered and torn, i bow before thee,
this humble night of gratitude and lust,
save thee innocent victim from themselves,
lead them from this pain and suffering you must ...
 What my eyes can see!
Cristel Peffers
What can my eyes see? They can see you and they can see me. What else can I see? I can see any thing I want to see! I can see boy's and tv. But it all depends on what I want to see. If I close my eyes I can see nothing  but blackness, But if I put my mind to it I can have a dream. If its good I will sleep right through it but if its bad I will wake right up. It just depends on "WHAT MY EYES CAN SEE."

Why am I here?
Where do I come from?
Who am I serving?
Who is God?
What makes me?
Where am I going?
Why am I going?
With whom am I going?
What is my propose?
Am I dreaming the impossible dream?
How will I end mentally?
Will I die for it?
How will I end physically?
Why is good my priority?
Who reaps the benefits of good?
Where am I?
Why do I need Him?
What is the catch?
What does He want?
How do I get to know Him?
Where is He?
Does He know about me?
Where will I end physically?
Does He care?
Where will I end mentally?
How will I end spiritually?
Will I go to Heaven?
What do I need to attain to get In?
What is true freedom?
Will there ever be peace?
Will I have fulfilled my purpose?
Will I grow from my mistakes?
Why do I want to do good?
Where will I end spiritually?
Is it a basic trade: deeds for rewards?
What is the ultimate motivation?
Why do I know so little?
What is the answer to life?
1,000,000 Questions. 1 Answer.


There Is No Question
Intelligence and tolerance characterize open-minded societies,
while envious sadism is typical of emotionally blocked communities?



Something new is happening in the world today
You can feel it throbbing in the air
Not even a climate change can break our will
'Cause we've seen the writing on the wall.
It's time, they're chanting. for a new age of hope
'Cause we've all learned how to trust.
You can even touch it with your out-stretched hand -
A new world is rising from the dust.
But then I awoke from my nightly dream
I was trying so hard not to scream.
The world was not at all as I would have it seem.
We're all learning to trust the brotherhood of man
You can feel it throbbing in the air
Not even terror-bombs can kill our new-found joy
'Cause this is the time for a brave world new.
An earthquake breaks the old order all apart
'Cause it's all decay and full of rust.
People no more crying 'cause they're sad or poor -
A new world is rising from the dust.
But then I awoke from my nightly dream
I was trying so hard not to scream.
The world was not at all as I would have it seem.
We're all stretching out a kind neighbourly hand
You can feel it throbbing in the air
Not even a tidal wave can break our bond of love
'Cause we've seen the writing on the wall.
Hurricanes blow the old beliefs all apart
We know for sure we're never gonna bust.
People no more crying now they're rich and free -
A new world is rising from the dust.
And then I awoke from my nightly dream
I was trying so hard not to scream.
The world was not at all as I would have it seem.

The star shines very bright
The star had truly shown its might
The star shines through night
For The Audience
by Bill Albright
Did you engage clowns, my dear
There must be comedy to enjoy
Don't bother the elections are near.
Laughters or lies divert all fears
Create an elaborate feint and ploy
Did you engage clowns, my dear
Await an anthem, flags, roaring cheers
To greet the performance of a human toy
Don't bother the elections are near
Spectators crowd up front from the rear
For a better view, no place to be coy
Did you engage clowns, my dear
Emboldened by truths unclear
A rabbled herd of fleshed alloy
Don't bother the elections are near
Lustful, shedding not a lamentable tear
Victors repel with promised ploys
Did you engage clowns, my dear
Don't bother their elections are near.


  The  dribbling  days  hoodwink 
  our  suspect  one-man  defence;
   Words  shadow-box  with  figures
  on  the  computer - screen,
  Graphic  colours  skim  by .....
  These  are  the  humdrum  horrors
  of  a  hijacked  day 
  in  search  of  bread,
 when  our  brains  bubble  with  bits----
  Does  the  mind  remain  in  the  arm-pits? 


Sweat running down my forehead
Hands shaking 
The piercing feel of millions of eyes peering out to me
Wanting me to just mess up
Whispers coming out the four corners of the room
Stuttering over words that seemed to not come out
Ever thing around me goes silent
The only thing I can hear now is the clock
Ticking behind me
At last my speech is over
Hannah Lopez


Glow Stick
mark myers
never had a glow stick
cant see in the dark
found butane lighter
but it wouldnt spark
broken candles , flashlights dead
too dark for solar power
waiting for the break of day
minutes , seconds, hours
missed a thousand sunsets
while I wandered in a dream
calling for a glow stick
with a silent scream


No Place To Call Home
By: Keith (Donyel)
I wear the mask of my forefathers given to them by their slave masters. Whose bodies were broken and beaten chained and sold. Black chains against black skin, blistering on the outside as well as within. Names lost like leaves thrown into the wind, given false identities by wicked men. Trained to be  something unknown, Kings amid kings pulled down from their thrones. Treated like children even though they were grown, many carted away over two-thousand miles away from Sierra Leone. Deep within my spirit I can still hear the moans; and the pain of not knowing from whence I came won't leave me alone. The content of my character tainted by the color of my skin, as over two-hundred years of slavery took away my kin. I try to hear their voices being carried in the wind, but ignorance of their language does not allow me to comprehend. I search for a pride that has been stripped aweigh, stuck with a pitchfork and tossed away. The misery that my ancestors would have had to endure, should strip me of my arrogance and make me pure. But I am lost to their plight and unable to think right, ready to blame somebody but unwilling to fight. Many of those who suffered gasp for their last breaths, struggling to stay alive until their was none left. Beat with the cattails to make them turn into place, knowing not where they were going with a look of horror on their face. Naked, stuffed in the ships belly all cramped and smelly, throwing up from the stench. Killing each other for more space, the strongest created my race, and that is why today you see my face and yet I still feel quite displaced. The most combative slaves had their arms cut away to fix the minds of those who sought to rebel. A life lived in hell, for  a body prepared for sale, a coffin without a nail, a prison without the cell, a story with no one to tell. Who am I? Son of Percy begat by Jimmy, and after that my ancestors cannot hear me!! I cry to be known and to know where is my true home. I do not wish to claim the entire continent, to damn broad of a placement.


   i cant belive                            i cant belive u anymore i thought i could but i cannot for u hav broken this heart 2 many times 2 count god how long hav i waited 4 u 2 b gone but it is 2 late 4 u 2 b gone 4 u hav already broken this heart 



Abishek Pruisken
Millions, starving
Thousands crying
All of the globe, suffering,
Don’t worry just smile


My life poem
Larry anthony
Im sitting in class just wanting to know,
Why is life so bad i guess ill never know,
but there is things to make you feel great,
like seeing your girlfriend or stepping up to the plate,
maybe people dont see it,theres this sensitive side,
i dont really show it i keep it buried deep inside,
if you love her let it go it might just come back,
ive heard that one before love is what i lack,
tossing and turning it dosent make sence,
if she only knew, things would just fit,
my life like a poem trying to fit in,
but i crumble it up and write it again,
life is repeated over and over,
i know there is somthing that will make me less sober,
its called drugs people use them to hide,
but what they dont know is it worth it all to die,
ive tried to escape and  run from it all,
you get to this point where u reach this wall,
you try to concor it but you just slip and fall,
your hearts not strong enough all you can do is crawl,
your hoping for happiness and somthing called love,
theres only one place for that just look up above

High School
Krysta Taylor
It's almost time to go
and leave Junior High
we were pretty low at sometimes
but it's still hard saying good-bye
we must leave
and go to high school
because we'll always keep
our memories and thinking we're cool

we have memories to treasure
but they're not all over
we still have a lot more of the future
and don't forget we have each other
when we're down
we need a friend to talk to
I know you'll be right there next to me
making me a lot better
telling me jokes
to have those tears brushed
and tell me a story
about a boy named Russ
I miss the past
we're in Jr. High
we had a class
but now, all we're saying is bye
high school is fun
it's a blast
more than one ton
I just miss the past


a wish upon a summers night
angela rochelle derscha

summer.. it begins at the 21st of june. ijust can't wait! until that faithful date.because in summer the sun rises high into the sky. and at night iget to see the fire flies. ialso get to hang out with my friend. because.. when we're together the summer days never seem to end. those memories made on that summer day.. weren't the best but iwouldn't throw them away. every summer inever spend them alone because i'm at the beach and not at home! no homework no reading no math! now that school is over nothing is in my path! ihope forever and ever it stays in this weather. ihave a thousand ideas for summer fun! and when it's over my summer will be done.


by:brandy Moody
                 Poetry is peaceful
                 Poetry is kind
                 It helps you express
                 Whats on your mind
                 You can make someone
                Feel worm inside you
                Don't need to hide
                When your happy or blue
                Remember verb it's what
                        You do!!


Unified Field Theory
Kristen Kay Johnson

You think?
The Water is flowing to
a spout-
near the Rocks!
An arrow is pointing to a Black
where does it go?
Would a shipwreck occur?
The lizard is peeking into
a treasure chest-
the Water might just
be sprinkling way
out there-
in some


Playing cacophonies in the head
         We leave Zeus birthing Athena-Nike
Cracking open wires,
revealing statues dead.

And the American way prevails, it’s said
         As the “gangstas”, speedballing,
                                    Knife me—
Playing cacophonies in the head

Like a church, we break the bread,
         Open up the psyche,
Cracking open wires,
         Revealing statues dead.

So many mouths, so many fed,
         In time of our
                  Great victory:
Playing cacophonies in the head.

And the smartest amongst us are
                           Sniffing led
Waters chopped up,
         Waters dicey,
Cracking open wires revealing statues:

All along the shoreline,
         Basking IRS regurgitation
                  At the Club Med—
The new Aryan’s of America,
         Heritage simple Viking
(On holy-day)
         Playing cacophonies
                           In the head
(such a dirty ship)
         Cracking open the wires,
Revealing statues, dead.

Elizabeth Steele 


Andrew Ashmore
I was brought to you as a child,
Enchanted by your energy.
You watched me each day, careful not to lead me to harm.
Take me now... come into me.
Forge me into iron, and let me sink.
Embrace me as one of your own.
Let me move within your controlled heartbeat.
Free-Flowing and alive..
Back and forth, high and low.
Watching the moon for signs of our change.
Merciful tides take me with you
Let me fold into your depths.


Amy Kriozere
If I could know that happiness
was always mine to keep
and that father time stood still
on these shores that run to deep,
I'd pocket all the sunshine
within the drops of rain
that make a pitter-patter sound
on shutters and window panes.
Then breath the dancing mist in
from droplets flying free
and hear the tin roof singing
above the big oak tree.
I 'm sure that I know God here
in this place that brings me rest
for peace loans time sweet memories
grinding sad ones into dust.
Though I may travel far away
and to distant lands I'll roam,
my heart will always lead me back
to this place which I call home.



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