March 1, 2001

Does Your Click Tell A Story? 

Who sends this trash? 
Why do we read it? 
Does the average person 
Really believe what they send? 
Our generation has yet to 
Realize the force that lies 
behind the icon. 
An icon with so much power is 
A subconscious reflection of whoever 
Clicks it, 
Index finger to mouse, click to the world. 
Does your ability to click tell a story about you? 
It should! 


The balancing of the scales

So you are the judge!
In your robes,
Your street clothes
The colour of youthful blood.
And I, the accused, committed without trial!
Permit me then to review my crime:
The charges read;
One of oppression, one of undue care,
One of being judgmental (the mantel you now wear!)

Is this the justice I have taught?
The final swing of Damacles's sword?
Let me one last question air
Was I really so uncaring, really so unfair?

All I speak now I plead in my defense
Love was my mitigating circumstance.
Circumspect love that became the gaoler of infancy
Judicious love never prudent in leniency
And can you not see how the guise already taints
Your innocence? and how the wrinkles of age
and wisdom furrows your brow
So now...
What point in life have we reached
When transposed we stand whilst you make your opening speech?


By Shannon B.

Me, as a child 
would like to go back in time
to see slaves run wild,
and not get beat for petty crimes.

Slaves had to be strong
if they wanted to live.
They had to know right from wrong,
and have something to give.

They were treated like dirt,
and used as maids.
They were beaten until they hurt,
and drug through useless raids.

What is the use of a slave,
when you can work for yourself?
They must have really been brave,
to give people such dedicated help 

Take their place
just for a while
think about their face
and see if you see a smile.

Blacks Of America
By Dora W. 

Blacks here, blacks there 
blacks every where. 
Some up high, some down low, 
some in the sky ,some down below.

Some with afros, some with cuts
some are bald, what's the fuss? 
Even some with attitudes 
some show gratitude. 

Some are pleasant
they'll probably get a present. 
Some ghetto, some rich, 
some have a nice song pitch.

Some have weapons 
to defend themselves,
but suppose to keep 
them on high shelves. 

Some die for one others, 
and some die for one another. 
I am black and I am proud
I could scream it out loud.

But I am here smiling now cause I am saved 
and I am free cause I am not a SLAVE.


Marquita M.

Take your time
to think about slaves
they were punished for crimes
and beaten everyday

They had so many scares
you couldn't even keep count.
They were beaten with bars,
and it was a large amount.

Slaves cried at night
praying for freedom,
wishin' their masters grow
out of sight because they don't need 'em.

Slaves were misused
and taken for granted.
They often got abused,
but never were slanted.

This is the present.
That was the past.
Being a slave wasn't pleasant,
and now we're free at last.


From Lincoln to King
By Todd B.

When Lincoln let us free, 
people said, "Could it be?"
Then people wanted to kill he
because he set the slaves free.

King wanted to stop the races,
but his message didn't get to all faces.
His message was strong , but some think he didn't belong.

They both went through a big storm,
and they didn't mean no harm.
Most people liked them,
but some wanted to fight them.

They both got killed for doing the right thing,
but not the Black or White Thing.
So, let's all come together,
and have peace forever.

Where is Black?
By Jamiah R.

Where is Black?
I don't know.
Have you seen him?
Where did he go?

Look up high
look down low
look in the grass
Where did he go?

It's getting dark
I am taking a walk in the park.
Just looking for Black
I think I saw his back.

His wife is at home all alone
waiting for black to come home.
And his kid are singing a song all night long 
while their poor old dad is long gone.

Where is Black?
Do you know?
Have you seen him?
Where did he go?

The Greatest Day
By Kenneth Lee Sands

I have often searched my soul
but not so like this day 
my love was stowed and tucked away
leaving me with want and lack
In life I fail to find respite
It seems as though I may
join my love asunder 
fall into darkness and say
"Tis now I choose to make
this pain and solitude fade
and allow myself the chance
to make this the greatest day."


Aaron Powell

When you love someone and you can't tell them you do,
It can only burn and eat away inside of you.
Living your loving them inside. 
Never expressing the emotions that you hide.
The love I feel for her I cannot deny. 
But I will have to live this way because I'm so shy.
One day I will overcome this shyness inside 
Then my Love I will no longer hide. 

Naive Willa May's eyes were cast to the floor,
As Johnny went past and out the door. 
"Oh Johnny, I love you! Isn't he fine!
Do you think he will EVER be my darling Valentine"?
She looked to her friend in hopes of approval. 
"Silly Willa May, he's the cutest kid in the class. 
He'll pick you up and break you like glass!"
Willa Mays face began to mope 
But deep down inside she was filled with hope.
"My Johnny, sweet John, do not dismay,
For I sent you a special gift to day."
Willa May's cheeks blushed like roses,
As Johnny found his bouquet of daffodils and poses.
Shy Willa May ran into a corner
hoping that Johnny would then soon join her.
And join her he did.
"Willa May, will you be my Valentine?"
"But Johnny, you're great, your simply divine,
why me?"
"I like you and you like me. 
Attraction is strange, Willa May,
And strange things happen on Valentine's Day."

Colleen Rose


Time is passing every second of every minute of every hour
The first day till the last and each in between
A Lifetime of Memories
These are the memories we hold in our hearts
Memories of pep rallies, homecoming, and prom
Memories of sports, faculty, and friends
Are just a few links to the threads in our mind retained 
Let’s not forget these events passed
Let’s look towards the future and what it has to hold ,
The only things we have left are these memories 
The first day of life was at the bottom of the totem pole,
The last day of life was proudly at the top 
We repeat this sequence throughout our mortality, As this is the lesson existence teaches
Hold fast these memories in which life was young, Grownups soon we will be
Responsibility shall soon become our number one friend, College and jobs will consume our life 
Is reality just an illusion?
A game or matrix being controlled by another?
Life is an eternal lesson, In the end life teaches that memories are precious
Things that cannot be bought by the almighty dollar, Things that are lived, loved, and learned
These are memories.

Kiger Sigh


As the bell rings
We slowly walk out
Some crying
Some laughing

As we look back
On all the memories we had
We were always smiling and laughing
At the silly things

We'll never forget
Our favorite teachers
That we always sucked up to
And the ones we never cared for

As we go on to High School
We'll always remember each other
And as we move on
We will all go our separate ways

As the bell rings
We slowly walk out
Some crying
Some laughing

As we walk away
We know
We won't be 
Coming back



A Small Child
Tabatha Simmons 

As I sit here and watch the rain fall down,
I daze and then look around.
I feel alone, but a little girl stands besides me and smile, she makes me strong.
The love of a small child that holds on to me, makes me happy like I should always be.
She says she loves me with a twinkle in her eye, even when I yell at her and make her cry.
So small with such a big heart, so small and always thinking smart, so small to know what she know, so small to show love like she show.
A small child with such big dreams, a small child that dreams many dreams. Bigger than most but so small, I'll never let her down cause she has love for all.

Dedicated to Alexus Aykes, a 4 year old wishing to be 14. Wait until it's your time baby girl. Good things come to those who wait and hold strong.

The heart 
Is an ever-changing burden
It beats for itself
For life
For lust
Just to one day
Beat for another 
Tom Gallagher 


 Chuck Lukens

Images tap through my head
like so many high-heeled shoes
making a connection with a 
lacquered floor.
Pictures click by 
as if they're part of 
slide show being controlled by
a gerbil on speed.
And I wonder if it was 
such a good idea to put
so many candles
on one little thin mint.
Well, hell, it's our sixth anniversary.
You're in Texas.
I'm in DuBois.
And I already at the Ho-Hos.
Needed to make my wish 
with some kind of 
flaming sugar.


"Broken Dream"

Slowly I'm picking up the pieces of a shattered mirror's broken glass,
Realizing finally that all things are in my past.
Now I stand with love's true form, 
Inside of me someone new is born
All that remains is a broken dream, 
And me letting go of the final seams. 


This Is The Point
Ken Reetz

Trade your pursuit of temporal ease for craving to change the world,
No prize on earth will match the worth of a single passion unfurled.
At the end of your days you will stand alone with only the work of your hands;
Don’t stand there empty with nothing to show, a foundation built from the sands.

Whatever you do may not be enough to win yourself renown,
A worthy quest doesn’t make you the best, but erases an anxious frown.
Rhythm and contentment will flow through your veins and beat within your heart-
This is the point, right here and now, where everything next will start.


Ashley. J. Thomas 

Sometime has passed 
since I cried for her
And that time has taught me
maybe I was crying for the depression inside of myself
And her release from me was mine

Maybe I tricked myself into seeing love
and that companion was just a guest
A guest of fondness
but not desire
A guest of hope
but not fate

'And maybe just maybe'
I might fall in love again


The Green Escape

Ignite the fire
slow paper burn
sweet smelling cloud
hovers above Chinese eyes
and chuckles
Deep imaginations are created
and minds expand over
odd conversation 
with every pass of
the green escape
making the music clearer
and the pizza tastier
relaxation sets in
and bodies become numb
to the flow of the music
knowing that another one
will be burnt soon


By Susanna Vogt

My body is a weapon
With it I will make you suffer
Just as you have made me suffer
I will strip you of your rights
And turn your blood lifeless and cold
I will feel no remorse
For you have driven upon yourself-
To bleed
To feel the pain of a victim 
Ridiculed and raped
The fantasy of the depth of what you could feel
Will be your reality
Now and forever
Your karma has set in

Bitter Sweet Agony
Tony De Vito 

I fear the night upon my soul
For its the time I think of you
And yet my pillow does not hold
The imprint of your face to see

A breath escapes my hungry heart
Full of sorrow and of pain
Will I ever hold you in my arms? 
Or feel your fingers touching me?

I sense as if I am not whole
Each minute of each day I live
Without you here to soothe my soul
I am half the man that I should be

My heart is full of love for you
And yet my arms embrace the empty air
How can I have you know?
That I would give my life for thee

I pray to God with all my strength
For the patience I should find
Or that he put me on sweet hold
Until the time that you are free


A Nightly Ritual
originally for my wife who has kindly given my permission to place this on the web

I gaze at a setting sun welcoming in the night,
Yet as day i see your beauty shine its light.
Scent of your sweet perfume dances on the wind,
Your smile I think I will remember beyond times end.
At thought of your gentle touch, soft smile I weep,
Tears of joy cascade my face, satisfied yet exhausted I sleep.


Who and when, and how and why
Tell me, could I, did I, make you cry
The one I love the one I trust
Ill end it all with one swift thrust
Forgive me please, only you I see
Its obvious now, you are me
Together at last, Forever just us
Love for love and try we must.
Tom Martino 


A Perfect Bloom
-JuanJose C Olmos

The texture of her body, so unique
Extravagant, the color of her radiation
Lost in deep thought, decrepit I am

Perfection is indescribable,
Beauty is so sweet
An aura so unimaginable, turns I so meek

The yearning of her fatal touch
Her passionate feel and contingency, I await

Petal by splendid petal, her radiance exposed
Foreseen glamour, her precious taste, I know

Miraculous endearment, so gentle, I adore
The love she unleashes, her mind, I explore

Eternity, so capable, beauty so frail
Perfection is indescribable,
The bloom, never fail


Dreaming of you on the hill 
Jason Brandenburg

This fantasy lies
Beneath a crack in the street
I am slumbering

In the meadows grass
with a dream inside
I am whispering

In your ear, so soft
the thought that makes you giggle
then quick, embrace me

with a fevered grasp
and alternating pressures
we kiss hard and soft

you're cheating, you minx
your eyes are open and I,
I wake and go home.

Sorcha Mashikia Conway

Precious memories like jewels that glisten under silver water,
not fashioned jewels, but gems of smiles and joy , held
for a moment in time. The remembering of a word, a look
or a gesture that gave us a connection like the pearl
that has grown within a dark shell, only to burst forth into lightness
and shimmer with the inner beauty that is truth. Not clasped
in gold, shackled and polished, but lying there exposed
to be seen and to be held with care. Remembering the moment
of discovery, my memories fill with me hope for more
underneath the trickle of glistening water, washing clean
and revealing the gems of my life. I will wear them,
not as an adornment. They are my talismans, they are
my truth, they are my past, present and future.
I wear my memories with pride and they lay soft against my skin.


As I stare up at the midnight sky,
I search for my wishing star,
The moon's glow smiles brightly towards me,
And I make a wish for eternity,
To be full of adventures and surprises,
My head lays upon feathers so soft,
The moon's glow keeps me warm,
As I project to the moon,
Where my prince waits for me,
It seems that I've been waiting for all eternity,
For this dream to come to me,
I've been wishing every night to see him again,
And now my wish has finally come true,
Let's make this dream last for all eternity

The need for companionship consumes me.
Like the flame of fire, you are hot to the touch,
and even though others are envious and would
like to touch. I can't help but sit and marvel at
such a beautiful and wonder, "how is it she
knows so many men' and yet doesn't belong
to a single brother. Could it be that her soul
ascension state of being is well pass that of
needing a man, or is it that of a woman.
So I approach her with some attention
and we conversed about our soul ascension.
This women that has captured my being is
spiritually made. When i asked her name,
she said her name is "Jade".
 David Rodriguez


I Will Always Be There
Julie Gilbert 

Walls could always crumble,
Fortresses could always fall,
Nothing seems too strong
But friendships live through it all.

I wish friendships could talk;
They'd tell memories long forgotten-
Elegant teas, renaissance fairs, hoe-downs,
And really bad songs about cotton.

Through projects, teachers, and broken hearts,
Friends will always stand strong.
They'll never let you fight alone,
Whether your decisions are right or wrong.

Time ticks by too quickly though,
And friends journey away.
But they leave us with memories,
That will forever stay.

For years our past journey paralleled,
And now we go our separate ways,
But you'll be in my thoughts and prayers,
Until the end of days.


If my love for you is measured with the sands of time.... then may the days turn into weeks, the weeks into months, months to years, and years into eternity!


Growing Old
Jenna Willms

An eternal bonding of two kindred spirits
Intertwining an explosion of love that bursts to immortality
Tears of joy speak out in silence
Two hands gripping the feelings as they rush through their veins
Silk lips meet, unleashing the scent of their souls
Waves calmly beat on
Stars blaze across the dark ceiling of the world
Outnumbering the grains of sand beneath cold feet
Time pauses to grasp the memory of a dream coming true
What lies ahead is a lifetime of intense love
A single path traveled by two
An end is non-existent
Growing old together is the goal
Achieving this is the journey.


Stray Cats 12/15/98
Charlie Clouse

Ha! Ha! Ha!
Sometimes you just have to 
let go and enjoy the moment.
We are all drifters.
Stray cats and road dogs.
we can make cars stop with our thumb.


This, My Motivation
Samantha G Kennedy 

The sunrises, blaze inflated clouds levitate, propelling this virgin day
My weary arms seek solace in white linen shrouds of comfort, whilst my mind, encourages red velvet passion,
I've been labouring my finger's to the bone, fatigued, let's toss aside prettiness and youth's distant reflection
While my steam filled mug, offers only warmth, to my throat.

Goose bumps rise like a million reminder's I'm frozen
Coasting on slender ice, aiming to be the willowy swan , yet so tired,
Shadows linger above the window from where I view heaven
Desolate, my sanity is anaesthetized from idle mind and physical exertion.

Eyes blinking hot stinging tears, where is the life I pictured as an infant?
I could crawl into hibernation, and arise the high priestess, couldn't I?
Sweat for a living, no time for luxurious moments, nor peaceful bliss
Or being held in an embrace, called beautiful with a kiss.......

Where is my influence? abandoning me, it voyages to the abyss of sleep
My head emerges laden with tomorrow's plans, and yesterdays mistakes, yet......
Here I spy a child that breathes a smile because of me, loves me for prevailing 
This is where I uncover my motivation.

Michael C. 2001

I once composed an emotion
___Waltzing Matilda
But it vanished,
Without ever being devoted
To my inner most feelings
Still, it lasts forever,
Hung as a memory
On Heaven’s silvery lining
And each time
I reflect upon her lovely face
I am reminded of what I have lost
One day
I shall recall my thoughts,
Just as I recall
The beauty of her smile
And I shall scrawl them
Once again,
On the canvas of my heart
There I shall never lose her 
___Waltzing Matilda,
To the rhythm of magical harps,
Strummed by the tenderness
Of celestial harmony


Consider winter food,
Peace housed in evening faces.
Repeat sounds: chill eyes.

Selene Shortis


Life is just One Big Bottle of Alcohol
Minda Whiteley

Life is just one big bottle of alcohol
And were born with alcoholic designer genes.
Corny? Yes, but it says it all.
you know, the metaphor I've been looking for.

At first we're innocent victims,
Born into it. Thrown into it.
Peer Pressure,
Constantly chanted beliefs.
Taken in, all of it.
Everyone else is.
We follow to the point of no return,
And beyond, covered in smog.
Without even a glance
Stumble pass, 
By the time it all gets clear we're trapped
A rat!
~How many comparisons is that?~
Everything has to be chosen
Don't Know exactly were to go,
and needing patches for our soul.
In the interim,
while we make our decision,
Time turns into a prison.
Not one of bars
One built with fog.
The best kind.
We can't deny,
Faded vision of the outside.
Doubts to destroy our pride.
The more we live 
the less life.
The alcoholics morning routine,
The same for you and I.
Homely some ones there to hold your hair back.
"Should have drunken more water"
Or not drinking at all.
Foggy, light blinds.
It's maximum security
solitary confinement.
What does that remind you of?
That's just how life goes.

In fear of the unknown,
Hating what you see.
They can make you do anything

Become the villain.
As generations before.
Figured out
Right from wrong.
Should've got it long ago.
Hand on the shotgun,
God Grant me the serenity.....
Courage in the trigger finger,
Wisdom in the blood.

Recovery at last,
And you can't relapse.
Sober for eternity.
How many chips is that?


Try to Find Hope
Terry Boulter

eyes of fire watch over me
through bars of freezing steel
i wonder what those eyes do see
and if what i see is real

lost here in mind and soul
i don't know what to do
falling blindly in a hole
till there is nothing for me to prove

so can someone send me a life line
i need to smell the air
i am running out of time
so will you take me there?

"Thanks For The Advice"

My parents told me what to do and what to say
They always told the way
I always remember those word they said 
"Mom Dad thanks for the advice"


Danielle Madigan

Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder, my friend.
The vision of loveliness has no end.

Beauty is seen; beauty is sought.
Beauty is skin deep, and can not be bought.

Beauty has many colors and shapes.
No make up or cosmetic surgery can take its place.

Far beneath the outer layer,
Holds the mystery that can not be seen in a mirror.

In the heart of all mankind,
Holds a secret of eternal youth.

Attempt to change what Mother Nature intended,
Than you shall deny, mystic beauties hidden truth:

-A tribute to Jim Morrison

Upstairs lives a man,
a man who writes poems all day,
the poems are filled with death,
the dark side of life,
the wolves fill his poems,
the poem mans mind is bleak,
gloom and doom fill his words and haunt his mind,
his hair fits his face like a dark wavy frame,
his eyes show no mercy,
they are dark and fear nothing,
not even death its self ,
for life hurts more then death, and after 


 “My Sweetest Erin”
My sister is goin to France for 7 months and I wanted to write something to her before she left because I am gonna miss her horribly.
Abbe C.

I don’t know how to start this..
I don’t know how to let you know…could I ever find the words?
It starts with memories…could they say enough?
When I look back at my childhood…the one thing clearest is you.
You were taller than me…I had to stand on tiptoes..
You were gone to your friend’s house a lot…I had to stay home. 
I was too little to go out.
I lived for that smile you gave me though,
When you walked back through the front door.
My friend had come home, 
I wasn’t alone anymore.
We spent the day making up stories and telling each other dreams we never had, attached at the hip..
I remember your hair…the way it rested on your cheeks..
What it looked like when you laughed at something I said.
I remember wishing I had hair like that.
At night we would keep each other awake, playing childish games and laughing…
Then Mom would come in and yell at us for being too loud.
I realize now it was one of the best times I ever.
As long as you were there.

Our lives changed as we got older,
We started going through tough times together…
We began to argue, not seeing things in the same light.
You changed…I did too…no more kids, no more childish games that we could play.
You went off to better your life…I needed to grow more..
We started to see each other less and less.
I started to get scared.
I didn’t want to lose you.
Time passed…when one day, we bumped into each other again…
Just like that…
I realized I couldn’t bear my life without you.
Your voice had been my comfort for so many years,
I couldn’t lose it now.
I don’t think I would survive.
I know that you cant be here forever, 
and that you will move on with your life one day…
that you will have to leave me,
and I will have to let you go..
Before that time comes….there is something I need for you to know…
The childhood memories that we shared together…
They will always be apart of me. They make me who I am.
YOU make me who I am.
I am so happy I was chosen to be your sister.
I wouldn’t of had it any other way..
You gave me your light…
And the time you let me in it.
When I was in your light….
I felt what it was to be beautiful.
I want to thank you for what you have done for me,
Everything you shared with me, I keep.
I want to thank you Erin, my beautiful sister…
thank you for allowing me into your light.
No matter where the roads lead us,
No matter what turn they take…if one day we separated….
and I never see you again…if I lose you for the rest of my life….
you always be in my heart.
No matter what…you will always be my Erin.
My sweetest Erin.

Christopher CAudle

You are my Sea.
You are the Sea; that sparkles in the sunlight.

You are my Sea; the Sea that reflects the stars mystery at night.

You are the Sea; the water that is life.

You are The.
The origin of all life.

You are thy Sea!

Josh Blight 

Wandering aimlessly,
I search for a star.
One to base a story on,
one from afar.
A glorious being,
who stands so still.
An angel of light,
no darkness can kill.
I tread the path,
no purpose, no direction.
I continue to wander,
until I find true affection.
Could it be with you?


Rachel Page

I walk in a shadow,
I walk in a haze,
of someone else,
someone else's ways,
I know you see her,
when you look at me,
you don't care that I'm hurt,
as long as you have what you need,
it hurts me so much,
more than I can say,
you always want me,
to do things her way,
I'm not her,
I'll never be,
but this is something,
you just can't see,
I wish you could love me,
for who I am,
not who you want me to be.


one day

one day we shall go for tea,
to that mall by the sea.
the day will be bright
for my love will be right
next to me having tea.


Daniel J. Moore

To break the peace
From her, and all pretense I flee
She came to me

Like the last few days
I've spent here without you
What I have to do
To be loved

And in many ways
I've bent tides towards you
'Til I never see
I was loved 

To break the peace
From her, and all the rest I flee
She came to me

From her, and all her love - 
She came to me...


If I were a poet
If I only had the soul
To pour the love and hate of mine 
In sound and mindful form
Two poems I’d write for morning air
One of hate and one of love
Both of life would be.
But I would keep the hateful slip
To read at night and try to loose that grip
And though a sadness terminal seem
The force of love and force of need
Should bring a day in darkened soul
And strength to live and love and grow.
When next time listing hate of me
The mind will new perspectives see
My eyes will find a nicer sight
And soul in different state of mind 
Will through my eyes be by the text surprised.
Oskar Fabian


Pain of Love
Sharyn Scott 

So many times I've fallen in love.
Too many times I've been broken by love.
Every time it was the same,
heartbreak and lot's of pain.
I was built up by you, 
only to be shot down by you.
I wished I could say I wasn't in love, 
but deep down inside I truly knew I was.


my last wish
judith richel nazario

Kiss the rain for me;
for i do not know;
when can i see it again,

Embrace the race of the sun;
just for me;
for i know; 
time is approaching to darkness,

When darkness come;
kiss me gently;
for i am gone forever.

Like a candle in the dark
You like this fantastic spark
Deep down in my heart
That will burn forevermore
As our love and friendship grows
Ann'D Michalek


I can speak of promises untold
And swear to make them work,
I could talk volumes on love
Could drive you crazy with my words
As I kissed you goodnight
I could ask you to dream of me
But never against your will
Could I make you fall in love with me
So if on a special day like this
I was granted a wish to come true
I'd wish for the magic of my love
To gently unfurl upon you.

As naturally as the mornings
Gradually give way to the night
My love might pave the way for me
If only you let me tried
Long before I knew
You'd conquered my love galore
And when I did realize this
I could only love you more
So if on a special day like this
I was granted a wish to come true
I'd wish for the magic of my love 
To gently unfurl upon you.



" Why...."

Why do i see him in all the boys i meet,
Why do i cry at night, 
And why do i long for him when i wake?

Could it be that i am in love with him?
But, how could that be when we have 
never met? 

What's Going On
 Paul Jason Lavier

Thinking about waking up?
does your wrist hurt?
how many others are eating pancakes right know?
should I call home?
Is my computer fast enough?
do bombs hurt people?
is her ass really that big?
how much TV. is too much?
Is there anything I can't do?
is there anything I can do?
is it what you know or who?
money can buy me happiness, but who cares?


BIO 200

Bursting breasts
and soft hair
red blue and grey
Abercrombie sweaters
this is my sophomore biology 200 class
a tangled mess of egos
and insecurities
a ball of wet eyes
where to start unknotting?


*sara mae

the air i breathe
trying to conceive 
what demons we believe
in our eyes 
the souls that we deceive
only trying to relieve 
the tension that surrounds you 
as you walk to the bedroom door
as i sink to its carpeted floor 
as the pains i endure 
linger on evermore
as the tears i embrace 
stream down my unwashed face
as the words screamed out in bewilder haste
as the air around us gives off a bad taste
as the hurt that i swallow 
somehow leaves me hollow

Kymeicko Williams

My life feels turbulent, like it was destined to end
I always feel like I’m at rock bottom
Never to rise up again
It pains me to think of tomorrow,
It’s got to be worse than today
These feelings I try to keep quiet,
Keep the pain to only me.
I try to hide my feelings
Keep them out of others reach
Some try to overstep boundaries
So friendships I cannot keep
I’ll never let anyone into the deepest corners of my mind
Because those who know are my enemies, and will contribute to my demise.


Over Us
-T. Victor

You're my prayer
and like a frozen wind
exalting blinded carrion,
my hands clasp and form a shell
on the infinite sands
of the beads of starlight
where dried blood 
is thick like thread around a needle
around a compass
around your anonymous silence,

Wm. A. Santana

How long I shall love you.
I shall love you for as long as it takes to count all the grains of sand on all the shores of the world. 
I shall love you for as long as it takes to empty all the oceans with a teaspoon.
I shall love you for as long as it takes to count all the stars in the heavens above.


By Richard Killip

The image of Bradford's not envied by some
It's pictured as useless, run-down and glum
They think it's all poverty; Council houses and flats
Inside of which are infested by rats

But the fact of the matter is that's not the case
So open your eyes, put a smile on your face
'Cos behind this fascia what is there there?
A city of culture, history and flair

The town hall stands proud and so it should be
So just take a look and for yourself you shall see
For the people of Bradford are one of a kind
Or one in 104, to be more precise

Bradford's a city I'm proud to be from
You should be too, Jack Jill and Tom
The town is still standing so look not with a frown
It'll take more than a knock from Bryson to bring this city down


22 minutes from Bloomington
Brian Nierman

We drive to that place
And you forgot to see

Depths of frozen field wraps
The horizon deep;

Leaking patches of
Untrespassed grass

Numbs and dulls your
Weary sleep.


Stephanie Michaels

There is this hunger;
This loneliness inside of me;
And it knows that your are a Stranger;
As I slowly lie down;
I make myself translucent;
To let you in.

I feel your breath;
As it glides across my skin;
My passion for you;
Is so deep and runs within.

This is truly an obsession;
As my guilt runs all through;
The very action of Sin;
As this Stranger knows it to.


bit of this, bit of that...

have you ever looked at the sky at night
moon all hidden stars so bright
and the air your lungs inhale is cold
arctic front so you've been told
you drag it in so fresh and clean
now think about the things you've seen
new snow that fell on days just past
blanket the world make you wish it would last
you forget your troubles and release your cares
this night is yours and nobody shares
pristine and untouched such a beautiful view
till spring comes along and starts things anew
but no not just yet spring's a long way away
enjoy this time you have here today
inhale that feeling drink the cold air
more than you and your problems out there
now thank your god for letting you see
there is more to this world than me
so the next time that the sky is clear
enjoy that sight
hold it dear
and don't be afraid of the cold...


 by Zoey Bills

Love is a wonder full feeling especially when you care but some times you wonder if your love is really there.
Love can be spectacular bring you happiness hope and joy. between u and your lover you now want a baby boy.
But love isn't always that happy it can a bit of a bore. some people get hit in the mouth some people get ignored.
Just you remember to choose the right one and then my love you will be a happy one.



i walk up to you turning my heart into a blackhole
wanting you to want me
i walk by wanting to hit you, not to uncover
what i really want to say
i slashed you with the hard words
you turned them into a gift
that only God can give
and what can i give just the cutting hand of criticism

not to be uncovered to be revealed from this undercover love that i fallen for you

hello is what is said 
to be nice to you is more than i can do
i ignore you as if you are a mirage nonexsistant
just walk in shame 
don't have the nerve to say this is a cover

to tape my mouth which is crying out to uncover this guise too ashamed to admit the masquerade that i have fallen into the canyon which is you

long yearning for the day that i have removed that tape to
tell you of the rose that i know which is you

to tell you have been fed by constant taunts you have vomited up rejecting it
but for some mystical unknown that you started to swallow everything that is tossed in the narrow direction
of your mind 

to break away from the illusion that i can not reveal the love that only to realize that i have fallen and you are the only one that can pick me 
up torn between two minds 

can not unclose the undercover love that i have covered by the guise, a coward disguise. my undercover love, you my undercover love


Jennie Watkins

Some may say i'm confused about how i feel about you,
You say you love me and i love you with all my heart
When I say i want to spend the rest of my life with you I 
mean every word,
For me to be with someone else my family would have preferred,
You have my mind, soul, and my heart,
So i will let no one break us apart,
It breaks my heart when you say you don't trust me,
But your the only one who has the right an holds the
No one else i wouldn't pass a glance,
If I was to die right here, right now i would die happy
because last time I was in your arms it was heaven
on earth,
Take all this for what it's worth...


I'll fly with you
Jeffrey Reeves 

I'll fly with you
on silent wings
To runaway
From our broken dreams
Tomorrow, Together
We'll start anew
On our second endeavor
Our love will be true
I'll fly with you
away from all of this
on our second try
we'll recapture bliss
We'll love each other
as if for the first time
My heart will be yours
And your heart will be mine


On The Lawn
Jasminka Nadaskic Diordievic

looking at the sky
dandelions with haircuts
oh, that wind, that wind


© by Mohammad Badri 



The blizzard invokes thinking
softly muted energy

Our world viewed panoramically
a collage of instinct and spirit
a genealogy of wars and migrations,
disastrous births and celebrated deaths.

I have an angel
I love how she spreads her wings
She is my angel

The man takes to drinking again.
no explanations, just excuses,
explanations in themselves.
The drinking helps his thinking when his thinking is circling.

The world takes to war and spirit again
no justifications, just reactions
justifications in themselves.
The warring and the spirit help the world as it circles near the sun.

The morning arrives with a rainbow...
stretching its omen across the sky,
an armistice so to speak.



religion is a funny thing
it makes some cry, it makes some sing
religion's one goal is to make others join
but there are so many, shouldn't we just flip a coin?
you take a chance, no matter what you choose
they can't all be right, someone has to lose
so instead, you might want to try
being nice to people as your life goes by
then when you die, at least you can say
"I lived a good life anyway" 


There is so much Love in your Heart my Father
Lyn McSweeney

There is so much love in your heart my Father
There is so much love for man
There is so much love in your heart my father
You’re our creator the great I AM
Your message is simple but polluted by men
Your heart is broken again and again
You want us to worship before your throne
To worship in Spirit to cry and to groan
But we cant see and we cant hear
That your Kingdom is coming it’s so very near
We must fall on our faces and seek you glory
To tell to others the old old story
That Jesus is spirit of truth and of grace
That nothing or no one can take his place
He is the Saviour of men, kingdoms and kings
Oh for your presence my heart just sings
So now my Lord my Saviour God’s son
Let your presence fall and your Kingdom come


Life's Clock
Darlene Quarles

Life's clock is wound but once,
and no man hath the power
to know where the hands will stop
at late or early hour.

To lose one's wealth is sad indeed,
To lose one's health is more,
To lose one's soul is such a loss
that no man can restore.

Today only is our own,
so live, love and toil with a will.
Place no faith in tomorrow
for the clock may soon be still.



I Will
Jessi Sue 

I will pray to you Lord Jesus
And mean each word I say.
I want you in my heart 
And I want to start today.
I want peace for the world,
But peace must start with me.
I will serve the needy.
I’ll help the blind hearted see.
I will go to church each weekend
And I’ll pray to you each night.
People will come to me for advice
And I’ll show them wrong from right.
This may seem like a lot,
But not as much as you do.
I couldn’t do these things
If it weren’t for the help of you.


I prayed God would send me a way
To open up this wounded heart.
Instead He sent me His angel
from the skies to do His part.

Were you my heavenly angel?
Sent to me from far above?
To hold me when no other 
Could make me believe in love?

You held my hand and made me smile
When hope seemed so far and few.
My true love and closest friend, 
My heaven was found with you

Then ice turned into water
Your heart melted away with the rise in the moon.
For so long now I have wondered
Why were you taken away so soon?

My angel, Go back to heaven.
Go back to your hiding place.
But watch me, 'cause I'll be waiting
With a tear and open embrace
For A. G. I love you more than words can express from now until Eternity. Love always, Your butterfly 
Raquel Kouns


The Golden Gate
Pamela Bussey

You walk alone within these walls,
There are no doors, there are no halls.
This is a place of death and doom and of the brave,
Where shadows lie upon your grave. 
You drown yourself in self-pity and doubt,
You can't help but sit and stare and linger about.
You can't help but feel anger and hate,
For there is no way out of the big Golden Gate.
The gate that has stopped you from day one,
There's no place to hide no place to run
You do not enter this place at free will,
It is in the mind of the mentally ill. 


Beautiful As You
James Tyrone Davis 

As my eyes lay directly into yours,
Forever I stare at something so beautiful.
Your shape, your height, your weight that I can see,
Hoping your smile is a sign of a good personality.
Caressing and licking that beautiful brown skin,
Massaging your toes on up to your chin.
Never under estimating what a woman can do,
Especially one ad "Beautiful as you".



It has been two years, three weeks, and three days ago,
you went away you left me here all alone.
Wondering how that could be.
Still wishing you were here with me. 
Some happy days went away, 
When you chose not to stay.


The crescent moon, 
Is like half a balloon 
Floating in the sky,
I wonder why, 
It's up there so high?
What did it get there by?





Life lived
Jeri Haubiel

Dusty family photos
on a tired mantelpiece;
bread crumbs
and coffee rings
on a worn kitchen counter--
they must wait.
There is life to be lived,
and to the fullest
before it slips away,
becoming nothing more
than a dusty photo
on a tired mantelpiece.


poems can take you to
 Victoria Walsh

Poems can take you to a jungle - with fears
Poems can take you to an ocean - with worries
Poems can take you to a desert - with doubts
Poems can take you to the sky - with gladness
Poems can take you to the stars - with excitement
Poems can take you to the sun - with coolness
Poems can take you to a galaxy - with cheers
But my Poem can take you to other Poems so you will read them!


My Left Shoe
Kevin Parrish

Roses are red
Violets are blue
I'm a schizophrenic
And I am too

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