February, 2006

Ethan Love

Caught up in the current's sweep
Getting far and hard to see
Baby dropped in purposely
Disappearing in a blink
Tell me baby I'm asleep
And that this is just a dream
People hooked to something sweet
Maybe smoke or maybe drink
Want to push the needle deep
Body sick but still they greed
Nothing realer than it seems
Baby tell me it's not me
And that this is just a dream
Baby tell me that you're real
And you give the love I feel
Baby tell me you wonít leave
Tell me baby your heart beats
And the love I give you keep
But something tells me I'm asleep
And that you are just my dream

The Fall Of Mesrour
Saime Higson

So silent was the lane
Where I did walk that winterís day.
No leaf was there to rustle,
No creature to bar my way.
Here from my seat,
I watch the sinking sun.
And relish the beauty-
Though hark what has begun?
Descending yonder hill,
A horse and rider full speed.
And as I linger- as they pass,
I witness the fall of that steed.
A fine rider I saw,
Wealthy and fair.
For involved in his task,
Of my presence- he was not aware.
My patience he shunned,
My assistance he declined.
Though unable to walk,
A courteous voice he must find.
Once remounted- he rides away,
And I think nothing of his name.
Though later I find heís my master,
And further that love was his aim.

                   "FIRST LOVE" BY: AARON NARIGON



Iím pretty sure Iím feeling real love
Because Iíve never felt this way before
When Iím by your side, I feel comfortable enough
If you change something in you, my love wouldnít switch off
Itís real love because I think awful lot of you
Without you Iím empty and not sure where to turn to
Iíve seen you laughing, shouting, smiling, crying, Iím not blind
I love you in the way you are, would stay with you a lifetime
Because of this love my diary only talks about you
It doesnít matter what you do, Iíll always forgive you
I care for you and your happiness is above my own
I wouldnít tire of looking at you sleeping until the dawn
You are the most important person in my life
If I have to die for you, I would, I wonít think twice
When I think of you, sometimes I cry
Thereís not reason for it, I exactly donít know why

Itís only must be
Because itís real love


I wanted 2 call u but I didn't have you digits and your friend kept on trippin i knew he must of liked me cause he looked at me with such passion all it took was was these words: "baby,baby i need a love so stop confrunting and give it up".when you answerd and told me you were with her it hurt me alot.
shorty m lover

love the strongest word
4 lettles can make some ones day or life complete
love come from nowhere it hits u with no woring
but the one word can full u of happiness
love is the one thing that every one wants
some get
others have
i love you


A thought, a poem, a prayer and a story
For me waiting for ďwhenĒ.
By Barbara Alyea

Can I just say ďI love youĒ?
Can I just say, just thatÖ.???
I feel so lost with you,,,
I lack any purposeÖ.
I need your smile and laughter,,,
I need your warm embraceÖ.
I am dying inside without you,,,
I am lost when I canít see your face.
I need your love and compassion,,,
Without it I know I will tripÖ
I need your hand in my hand,,,
Guiding my every stepÖ
Can I just say, ďI love you ď?
Can I just say,,, just that???
God send me a good husband,,,
And I will be quiet  at lastÖ


A Poem for My Lost Love
Angela Ayers

Today I find myself alone
Alone in this world

What is it that is so beyond forgiveness?
What foul offence in your eyes have I committed
That you alone judge me?

For all this time you have been beside me
Reassuring me
Comforting me
Pleasing me

How can you turn from me now?
Now when I need you most
Now when I realize
You are all I ever wanted
To Be

You are my strength
You remain so
to this day
And will be forever more


Umesh Ghoshdastider

She touched my hands, entered my heart:

And brought high waves there in the sea;

Like a storm exploding it.

Now there is silence as the heaven like before:

Would she come again to bring turmoil?

Or make it an unclothed tree.

You are the Jupiter, you never knew my heart

And ask so many questions like a child

I'm the star under the clouds since childhood

Which can't be seen but felt

I'm the yellow tree in the greens

Which is worthless in its charm.

Please keep smiling as before

To bring tryst of us in loneliness.


Night Fire
jen mcneil

In the dark of night
there comes the fire
the fire of the soul
all souls have fire
in the dark of night
In the night fire
all the souls come
to become part of each other



Do I love him or Do I not,
a little bit or a lot.
I don't know how to deal, with the feeling's I have for you.
I tell myself to shut my mouth,
but that only make's me blue.
Every time that you look at me, and give that cute little grin.
The way it make's my body feel,
It should definitely be a sin.
You have so much to give, but not the rite person to give it to.
I can't tell you who to love,
or which one's are wrong, or which one's are right.
You will know when you have found the one,
For you are very bright.
But until that day, I will be here for you.
to wipe away a tear, or maybe even two.
I wish you the best, in all that you do.
and I hope that our friendships, means just as much to you.

At first every one told me to just pretend that I dint care
 I wonder what it was that I couldnt let go, was it her smile? Her beauty? or maybe it was the way she did her hair
or maybe it was the stylish clothes she use to wear,
I donít know but what ever it was it captivated me
and nothing in the world could over come the feeling she brought over me,
and now I want her back so bad and I know she donít want me
theres nothing else I cant do so I guess I have to try to be happy
but im not, I never been so sad or down
and the despreate things that I did to get her back made me look worse than a dam clown
and now Iíve been hearin this and that
that she wants to get whit some other man
and it brakes my heart to let her go
but I just cant take this pain no moí
and after all this that has happend I just feel so low
I gave up my dignity and all my self respect
and now im a fucken wreck
I bought expensive clothes just to impress her but her standards Iíve never met
I did everything for her, her wish was my command
and she knows I was her number one fan
now I aint gona say she did me wrong cuz I am man enough to admit it was my fault
and I made it clear that I regret it but she is just so dam cold
I hate seein her cuz all the feelings come back and I just wish she was mine
and I wish I could hold her and kiss her but I guess we have  met the finish line
itz time to move on and get on whit my life
I cant belive I actually though of hurtin my self whit that dam knife
but theres something I wish some one will give me the answer to, why cant I move on?
Ohhhh I know; maybe its because I wanted her to have my son
yeah! Maybe thats it
maybe thats why im not ready to let go yet
what ever the reason is I have to let go
because all she does it hurt me and nothin moí
but I just keep on ling to my self and and sain no
this is not happin, she still loves me deep inside and I need to stop ling to my self
and start respectin my self
fuck all I know is I want her back more than anything
I miss the kissing the loving the huggin
but shes not comin back and I need to keep my distance from her
if I donít wana get hurt
I love you baby and thank you for those wonderful things we did together
but im pretty sure you have forgotten aout them if not now you will sooner or later
but I will never because I love you and my feelings for you are stronger than ever

jose neri


You Hurt Me
maggie r.

We were in love,
thats what I thought.

But it never would work,
and we always fought.

That day you said good bye,
It was so hard to believe.

I didn't even cry,
All I did was breathe.

I never told you this,
Hoped you would never see.

Though its you that I still miss.
But,still, you hurt me.

Chidozie N. Ihebereme

If my heart thumps like a horseís run,
know then a beauteous woman,
filled with fruited love, her eyes
like the sun in an oceanís horizon,
passed by. To try to decipher
her loveliness is like to decipher
the infinite digits of pi.

Oh sheís here; sheís here
like the soft-feathered
wind, like the tempest of
Godís gladdened cry.
If Iím blessed, today that I am,
for sheíll embrace me,
fill my eyes with warm
tropical rain much sheíll stay.

Then forgive me, my lovely one,
for Iíve thought vileó
I have thought of a ride in flowers,
a swim in grasses
and a swing in the rain.
These thoughts I have again and
again, and you have been, my dear,
all that I think of; till I know you tomorrow.


Sitting there with a smile on my face
no one can take the place
the place that you have filled
im looking back on the fun times we've had
man am i glad
glad to have a friend like you
glad you go the things you do
you got my back and i got you
we've been through so much in the past
i dont remember when the last
the last time we've talked
oh yeah that's when we got caught
caught sneaking people out
all i heard is the sound of your moms shout
then you start to cry
im thinking why why why
why she hits you like that
why does she yell
there's no need to do all that
next thing i hear is smack!
i start to cry
you telling me to dry my eyes
that its okay your use to it
all your life you went through it
i sit on your bed and hold you tight
like a spy through the night
you look at me with such fright
my friend and i


"baby im sorry"

i just want to say..
im sorry for the hurtz i caused you..
so innocent brought to pain..
never would have done such cruelness..
guilt within drowning mind..
regret now is too late..
you know i love you from the very first sight..
those hugs and kisses are only for you,
with such passion, i felt you...
you are me and i am you..
if only i could show my care..
if only i could see you grow..
we could spend endless times together..
against all odds, i dont care..
loving each other no one could bother..
but i made it end and all i can say is im sorry..
i made this stupid decision, i regretted for sure..
you'll be with me my lifetime, in my heart and in my
you'll always be my baby.. my sweet thing.. my love..

To My Dear Love
Nina Gadzo

Separated by the streets
So now my life seems incomplete
I've never cared this much for you
A person I hardly knew.

I sit in my room
Thinking of you
Wishing you were here
So I could feel one last touch.

To my dear love I hardly knew
I didn't think I would ever love you.
You helped me through the good and bad
Just to see me smile and laugh.

I had a dream about you
That we would forever be together
We had a big house and even kids too
One looked like his mother,
The other like her father.

To my dear love I hardly knew
I didn't think I would ever love you.
You helped me through the good and bad
Just to see me smile and laugh.

To my dear love
I'll never let you go
God sent you to help me through
To help me be strong and to help you too.
To my dear love
I will never let you go.

dwayne zander 

Why o why must you go
And leave me now, nothing showed?
You left so fast, in a flash
Itís torn my heart, l want you back
This isnít fair, itís very hard,
I canít believe, you have gone so far
I love you dad, I hope you see
The way you left, your youngest son, me

10/1/2006 may you rest in peace

by Guy Haughwout
I love you bigger than heaven, my only son would say,
To his daddy, his best friend, during a rest from play.
I love you bigger than heaven, not knowing what it is,
These words I hear from the heart, I know are only his.
Tell me how big is heaven? Is what they say all true?
If you go to heaven, Daddy, can I go with you?
A father's love to a son, feelings I've never shared,
Until the day you came to be, that day I knew I cared.
A son's love for his dad, feelings just as denied,
With wisdom greater than your age, you taught me not to hide.
Tell me how big is heaven? Is what they say all true?
If you go before me, son, may there be room enough for two.



The end is near I shed a tear, the fear that wakes tomorrow is here today
Hope fights but fades as distant days are nothing more the memories
Hope that gives a band-aid to a gaping mortal wound
as death draws near none adhere to loves internal order
Love it dies in young men's' eyes, to him there is no answer
When all his heart was not enough, why even a tear should he shed
Fear is no more, when the reaper has come and gone for sure
What was dying is dead, the voucher fed, her head required more than his heart could pour, this love is dead for sure

BY:Conor Brodie

It's never hard to remember,
How it felt before,
It's not really a miracle,
That after all this time and obstacles-
We're still cool,
You might be right that we have changed,
And maybe even right that we're still the same,
There's nothing cool about missing,
Your face as you barely wake,
What happens when I don't see your smile,
Light up our lives again,
What happens then.

The devastation of letting one go,
The joy of one's return,
Even if only one day late,
Now she will leave again,
To the coast of somewhere beautiful,
What's cool about that??????????????
Tell me-what's cool about that????????


Sharmon Lussier-Vargo

You will feel my love
through earth below and air above
Over the dark waters of the night
My love shall bring you light
It will appear as a mist upon the sea
you will then know, that it is me...
Close your eyes and open your heart
Feel the distance between us depart
Closer in heart and soul, you will find
I am yours and you are mine.
Bound by the magick between you and I,
As it reaches it's hands into the sky
From heaven to water earth and fire
We are each others desire.
The distance between us in the night
Shall be not For I have taken flight
To breech the waters of the sea
I am with you and you with me.
The earth of my touch, the fire of your hand
will fuse us together and will forever stand
against the wrongs that plague us this life
Our hearts will not bleed against the knife.
It will stand as a pillar of solid gold,
Glistening in sunlight, never to grow old
Outlasting the ticks of earths clock ~
Soon your ship will come to dock.
Until then have no fear,
For I am close to you, my dear
As darkness falls upon the night
My heart will then take flight.
To breech the distance between you and I,
Take a deep breath and look to the sky.
For you I will take shape and form,
As the stars in the sky,
As the thunder in a storm.
As the mist on the sea,
Nothing will keep you from me.

Heather Faulkenberry

once upon a time,
it was you that made me glow,
now my life seems empty,
such a horrible mess,
there use to be laughter and joy,
even a tender caress,
but now I have fallen,
fallen to the ground,
you have let me fall,
and yet worse,
you have left me down,
you missed your chance to catch me,
crying as i fell,
when I hit the ground,
it became a living hell,
I wondered where you were,
you were no where to be found,
as I lay here waiting,
bound to this cold damp ground,
will you come and save me,
help me up to fly,
or will you leave me here,
and slowly let me die?


while i fight away my fear
always wishing you were here
next to me holding me close
doing the things we love the most
your the only one i desire
the one that sets my heart on fire
your scent, your taste, your touch
all the things I'd value so much
as i imagine your deep embrace
you are here in your rightful place
your my angel beneath the sky
and I'll be with you until you die ...
My feelings for you i swear will never fade ,
take a look around at the world we have made
I'll be there to hold you when your depressed,
to stroke your head when you rest
I'll still love you when your not near
I'll be there to fight your greatest fear
i swear I'll never let you down
for you and your tots I'll be around
one day they'll see things in a different light
together we can take our final flight.


If I liked you, I would say so.
If I liked you, I would tell you.
If I liked you, I would scream it to the world.

If you liked me, you would say so.
If you liked me, you would tell me.
If you liked me, you would scream it to the world.

You should stop prying, stop trying to get it out of me.
You don't need all the answers
If you did, there would be no reason to talk.

I should stop dropping hints and trying to make you ask.
I need the excitement, but if i only have excitement, there is no real pleasure
Just a fantasy.

Maybe I should just say it
But it is not what you are expecting.
You are expecting the sweet and innocent.
This is not innocent
This could be a mess.

Oh, what the hell,
I don't like you.
I never have liked you.

The reason for this is....
I love you.

Mystery Girl


My Kaitlyn
Robert A. Morrice

The days were passing by, as the stars were so high,
I capture you at a party and you say ďhiĒ
My eyes open with joy and happiness
I donít know what it is but there is something about you that I can not describe in words just the feeling I get in my nerves,

Kaitlyn you are so sweet and kind to me all the time,
This is a poem that will describe this journey, from then till now.
I know this does not rhyme, or flow together all the time, but just give it some time.
I donít know if it will it is to early to tell, but I donít care I told you I would write you a poem, so now I shall get started by saying I care for you more and more every day that passes up by , you are feeling the same and you can not deny.
This is the truth that I speak to you now; you and I are a fantasy that has not yet started to bloom, there is a pause, ----there is a problem, youíre in Canada, and I am here.

This will not be a problem to solve; there is a little wait until this will be solved, but it will be worth it all

I donít know if you will like this at all, but this is who I am speaking it all. We have had lots of fun and drinking, only to find you were puking, this is nothing to be shamed upon, or even think I thought of you different, it made me happy knowing you were safe with me, and no one else.

We did not talk for a little while there was some other important things going on at the time, that were more important  until this day had ended
We have talked a lot more as the days go by, and the night sleeps, then morning comes, I turn and awake,
 You are not to be seen, with the dream that I had I thought it was true your soft skin, and your smell, was so real and made me think   if you are the one for me and I can not lie with you but YES I do think so ,
it can be true weíll have to wait and see what happens next, but I think it will be good for the both of us, finding the right path to meet again, as this goes on that will not end.

           This is weird but I like the feeling for you to
know this , that   Kaitlyn you said you liked me from the very start, and I must say that it has hit me this past few weekends that have pasted, youíre making me feel like were meant to be, I donít want to jump to conclusions, but this surly could be.

We talk late at night, even though I must work, I donít care about that my mind goes numb and all I think about is you when you see me smile for no reason at all, you now know it is something good about you.

At that party that we met, when we both went to sleep, it is funny now that I think
I did not want to sleep, the Flintstone or dinosaurs bed, you with your soft and lovely voice said you can sleep with me and Julie will sleep in that bed . While you where sleeping you turned and hit me with your hand, I just smiled and left you alone, most guys would try and do something to you, but I am not like that as you know with understanding, because I am different. Every time youíre sad or depressed you can think of me, I know it will make you smile and let your mind go free.
Free from things that put you down and make you cry, I will promise you now, I will never make you cry or hurt you in anyway, your smile, make me smile every day !

Canít wait till I am there so we can start something new and existing, which will be fun, but for now, letís just go where ever our hearts shall take up...

This is not really a poem, but I am different and I bet you have had no one else do this for you, and if you have I would like to meet this person because he would have to be a clone of me for you to find a guy like me.

You have called me LOVER, that mad I feelÖvery good inside I canít wait till that day comes when me and you are side by side, with your new lover.

Lily of White #2

where are you now, beautiful flower,
Why have you lost your petals?
what have you done, oh Lily of White,
replacing living skin with metals?

was it my fault, flower of morning,
was it me that drove you to him?
is that what I feel, this bite of mourning,
knowing that your love is a dream?

such dreams as they were, queen of the world,
lie now shattered at our feet.
where to now, Lily of the light,
will life be over before we could meet?

Erica C.

He: " I'll kiss the moon with my hand & stir the stars together
      I'll drink them in & - vanquish your dread."

She: "We'll dance in the fountain, moonbeams will seem like your eyes.
     My thoughts for once will be spoken with all the dreams in my mind."

He: " You'll be my sole delight."

Both: " We'll wag our fingers at the world for none are as in love
                              as we.
              None are so happy, in such ecstasy."

Not Just Because
Leopoldo Pajantoy

I looked for you...
Not because I've lost you in the dark before
Not because you're hiding in your closed door
Not because there's a prize to be won
It's because I need a shoulder to lean on

I found you...
Not because you came to me one day
Not because you're near- not far away
Not because you're my friend I've known for so long
It's because there's a place in you where I belong

I like you...
Not because you have the face of a saint
Not because you're a superb masterpiece to paint
Not because you have the most beautiful smile of all
It's because you have the arms that catch me when I fall

I need you...
Not because I'm always weak to carry my burden
Not because I want you to understand what I'm feelin'
Not because you're a provider who can give me security
It's because you make me feel that you also need me

I love you...
Not just because you reciprocate the love I gave
Not just because you teach me how to dream and believe
Not just because you're kind to me and always true
It's because I love the way you love me too


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