February, 2006


All that’s left, is for yesterday,
It is to make us, make us stay.
It is for us, for us to know.
To know, we are ready to show,
It is for us, to make us bow,
If you’re fully ready to go,
I’m ready to fall, just with you…
My God, I don’t know what to do.

I don’t know how to climb the tree,
Without my legs to set us free.
I can’t free me, without a knife,
And escape from this prison life,   
God thinking about suicide.

Woe, I think I’m going insane,
My dear God, tame me with your shame,
And please shame me, with your tame.
I, open my eyes to my save,
Got to get out of my dark cave.

I am the life among the dead !
I lost my head, I am so sad.
Attached to chains, I carry my bag,
Afraid to grade, I apprehend,
I now search for the upper hand.

Hey, what the hell am I trying to say ?

                                         DORA KAPTAN

No Turning Back

Moments frozen in time
Steps once taken
can never be undone

I hide in a sea of guilt

Pleasant face
pockmarked soul
screams buried
in a silent throat
Dorian Gray's picture
hangs in my heart
absorbing every sin
held captive by an evil
I cling to
shrouded by sorrows
from which I cannot part



    We open our windows at dawn so we can see you
We close and lock them at dusk so you can't see through
       For the ones who killed Biggie and Tu Pac, we need not ask why
For they are not of us, riders only at night, filled with pride
       Their jealousy streak secretes from their envious veins
Their quest: to break every prayer, to cause despair, & the weak pain
      Let's know they aren't liken, but still one in the same, our ancestors fought them and back they came
They asked for the majority now we are few them many
    They asked for fear from us and the Lord said, give fear to those it is due, now what's their excuse
    Let's have a month to remember, a national non-violence month to pay what is long over due.
Whoever does violence gets triple punishments
    We will warn the Robin Hoods, tough guys, men who are these are but still very good.
That they need not abstain for fear of the consequence, for their courage has and is well understood
    But that they do it to honor The highest of power, whichever energy we may call it
For when it rains on a Christian, Jew, or Muslim we all feel it
    Then there will be no mistaking  those who despite our cause, can't fake it, just do evil for its own sake
I realize, well this may not come as a surprise, that I probably won't see it happen in my lifetime
    Yet wouldn't it be awesome if for one last time we showed them who's better between those who love sanity and goodness and those of evil and travesties
For one time before we're forced to anyways, before the revelation days we stopped the violent tendencies
    We would pray in whatever way that we wished, to help ourselves overcome it, and find God's way, then we this generation would be able to say to them, "we're more powerful" and we took sin off the shelves


From the eye of the storm, let the truth be told.
From the hounds of hell to the Kings of old.
I rise from the shadows to fall back down.
My anger is blinding and the only sound...
Is of lightning and fire, yet I feel so cold.
In my personal hell, I watch it unfold.
Driven to do and say these things.
By my personal demon and the darkness he brings.
Banished to edge of a demented mind.
My humanity is all but left behind.
And though it’s  strange, I’ve no time to weep.
For I’m slipping into a dreamless sleep.
And is this where my story ends?
At the edge of death is where it truly begins.
For whether I sleep a day or a year.
I will soon be awake, my time is near.
Steven Andrew


A Drop of Hope
By Elizabeth Armes 

Anticipation …lurking in the door of life – surprised
Pretense engulfed the failures
Affront the portals that lie beyond the realm of fantasy
Seemingly astute and reverent
Ambivalence radiate in stately mode

Passion with charisma~ resplendent
A rain of brilliant cluster of fondness
Dismissive of adulating proposal
With calming enthusiasm graced the panorama of dreams
Unrelenting… undaunted…

Subdued tapestry of thought
Unchained realities that was let go
Reminiscent of the journeys uncharted
Profound days conquered the minds restless memoirs
Tending to alter the mockery of destiny’s courtship~

The lips of liberty, I tasted
Sweet as the dripping sap of cherry
Splendid song of sparrow’s affirmations
In the tender palm of divine justice~ there is a glimpse of Hope
Here in the frontiers of the soul!

You Ask Me
by Lisa Platt

You ask me why i'm angry
but do you really care
to hear about a man
who was never really there
you think he's such a good man
who gives you tender love
you'll never really know
the nightmare he once was
The lies and all the heartache
the hurt and all the pain
all the crying and the suffering
which made me half insane
He cheated us out of happiness
He cheated us out of love
a home without a father
my mother never dreamed for us.
Now ask me why i'm angry
Do you still really care
to hear about a father
who was never ever there!

Kaida Satome

Have I done something wrong, have I failed you somehow?
You said you’d always love me, always protect me…
Now you barely notice as I smile at you
Touch of your flesh sends me spinning
Scent of your skin raising memories,
Both the good and the bad, intertwined
Creating the complex web known simply as ‘us’.
What happened to ‘us’, where has it gone?
Dies it only exist as a mere metaphysical feeling?
Or was it something more palpable, within the very air?
You say I’ve changed, and so have you.
Not now, you say, and I reluctantly agree.
But if not now, when, my love?
Without you, I an vulnerable, my knight in shining armor,
Without you I am weak, impervious to attack…
And attack they do, friends, family.
It seems as if I’m the only one on my side,
Fighting a never-ending losing battle.
Save me, my angel, protect me once more.
I know you care, I know you love…
Please, save me my angel, rescue me form myself
So that I may gaze upon the face of perfection
Once more before I am torn form this world
Under your unfaltering stare.

The Only Reason For The Season 
Bob Gotti 

The Lord and Savior, The Great I AM, came to earth as a gentle Lamb.
Born a tiny baby in a cattle stall, born to be King and The Savior of all.
Isaiah said He’d be born of a virgin, brought into the world with no sin.
God’s sinless Son came to earth, came to offer sinful man a New Birth.

This was God’s predetermined plan, sending Christ to earth as a man.
Christ came to offer every nation, Eternal Life through God’s Salvation.
For it was God’s Only Begotten Son; who was by God the chosen One.
Chosen to be God’s Only Way, to save sinful men who’ve gone astray.

The One, who was but a prophecy, was born that day for all men to see.
Many of the prophets from Israel, had their prophecies in Christ fulfilled.
But ultimately for both you and I, The Sinless Lamb would have to die.
That little baby born in a stall, would soon die a wicked death for us all.

The Sinless Lamb from heaven above, sent to us by The Father’s Love.
Micah prophesied that in Bethlehem, would come The Savior of all men.
The city of Bethlehem, it is said, is known by all as The House of Bread.
What a place for the birth of Christ, who my friend, is The Bread of Life.

This season let your heart pause, when you hear the name Santa Claus.
As the real gift for both you and me, was not under, but nailed on a tree.
And the True Giver is our Creator, and the Gift was our Lord and Savior.
So Jesus Christ is the only reason, why men even celebrate the season.

Lauren D. Sinkmen

Just another face in the crowd.
No one notices her as she walks by.
As she walks her head hangs down.
No one knows how she really feels inside.

She’ll listen to you for hours.
She’ll pretend that she truly cares.
She’ll do everything in her power,
To make you want to be her friend.

But when it comes to how she feels.
She’s all on her own.
No one cares or has time
Why is no one there to dry her tears.

She’s clingy and immature.
She has yet to believe in herself.
She’s deathly insecure.
She can’t just relax and be herself.

She won’t stand for anyone or anything
For fear of being shot down.
They think she’s so nice,
Because she’s never been in a real fight.

Anyone who doesn’t know her personally
Thinks she is just shy and unsocial.
They think she has few friends
And only talk to her out of pity.

She’s so beautiful.
But she never looks good in photos.
Her singing voice is unheard bliss.
Yet she only truly sings alone at night.

If she were to be herself,
Would it be any better,
Than who she pretends to be now?
Or is hiding herself the best thing she has ever done?

these visions running through my head have no intention of using these ideas in this fast express that we call life. On this heartless road when we get knocked down its easy to realize that we cant do it.....



Diluted memories of a bitter past
watching him hurt you
we were so helpless
I dream of saving you now
hard to believe 20 years have passed
I can see the anger still raging in you
and how I dream of saving you
kneeling at the foot of the stairs
I can still hear the footsteps
running circles in my mind
cant sleep tonight even though Im dreaming
tugging at the sheets
fighting a demon that was once real
We'll win this time
we'll escape our childhood
even if only while we sleep...
Mark Allegra


I'm a crazy little girl.
In this small ass world.
I can't be pleased.
By any of these,
people around me.
They look at me like i'm the enemy,
but really they don't know nuthin about me.
I wish i could change how i feel,
even though i know i'm real
Things i see.
Things i do.
People wanna follow me through.
They wanna know what i do.
How i act due to you.
They wanna be there by my side.
Until the day that i die!
Stacey Locke


"Always Rose Petals"
Ashton Fries

Sitting in a sea of red flowers
Stark white in the pale moon’s glow
A radiance fills the withering night
And I lose myself to the lifting of wings
Red is all around me as I lay
My hands cover me as it becomes dark
I can see almost nothing, but can hear everything
It’s cold as the winter breeze
And I am trapped beneath it in a hole
I am sprinkled in red rose petals
And through the diminishing cracks
I can see the distant sparkle of a man on the moon
His face, emotionless, looking down on me
Leaving a slight sliver of pale light down my body
I try to lift my arms, and the red petals don’t drop
The red petals bleed and run and stain
I whisper because I know it
A hope that was a sliver of pale flesh is gone
My last anticipations are spent
I can smell and hear and touch everything
The red petals smell of metal
A sharp smell so defined that I can’t begin to process
I can hear the pounding in my ears
And in my petal covered naked chest so tight
The walls of this box are secretive
I can touch every nook and I sense another
More people have been covered and left
A relentless siege of darkness
No slivers of pale, white light can hide the impending dark
No shining face can cover the rose petals to be spilt
My cooled chest loosens and I stop
No more red petals or blank staring faces
Just knowledge that everyone will not feel the petals drip
It will be too quick for them to be where I was
But now I am not and never shall be
I am standing, arms skywards, reaching
I surround myself in white lilies
Not too cover how open and naked I truly am
But to show that there is a white light
I lower my arms slowly
Gently I courage my eyes to see the purity
My breath catches my throat in sudden desperation
There, in the clarity that is not our impure world
Is one blood red rose

Blood's dripping... Can you hear it drip?
It drips along her arm
And on his chin, he took a sip
Although he meant no harm.

He loved her... he loved her to death
And after, he still loved her...
He loved her with his every breath
And he just had to have her.

So now she's dead in his embrace
He's looking at her fondly,
That silver glow of her sweet face...
And he's no longer lonely.

He'll bring her back because he can,
He will succeed in this endeavor.
And now she is his biggest fan:
Because of him, she'll live forever...

                                                    By: Jana

At the end of my life when all said and done have I been a good father to my sons? Did I teach them to share, did I teach them to care, did I teach them how to be fair? Did I show them compassion and fill them with love, and let them know how special it all was? Did I give them the tools to stand up for what they believe and never back down, run or leave? Did I give them the power to become their own man; did I give them the wisdom for their own life plan? Did I show them how to love their wife by treating their mother with respect and a wonderful life? Did I show them that it’s okay to shed tears and even to have fears? Did I instill believes that family is forever, we love, trust and help protect one another? Did I give them the strength to never give up, to always carry their head held up? Did I give them everything they’ll ever need and the wisdom to get what I couldn’t conceive? Did I give them all of me everything I had so when they look back they can say what a wonderful Dad? He tried his best to give us a good life and to show us wrong and right. He loved us all and gave us his best, and now as men he can finally rest. We are his sons, his pride and joy and for always his precious little boys
donny borisoff  


My Short Biography
Jude Adebosoye Ogunade

My fears are here written
My tears in my heart hidden
My faith lies with the heavens
Come, make my earth a worthy haven

My past is littered with cares
Cares uncared for lingered still
My present harbors nothing but fears
Fears that have turned me into steel

Still I am, am I unloved?
Still I am, am I pursued?
Still I am, am I assailed?
Still I am, am I a vagabond?

Born was I in a home, legitimate
By mates who were legal mates
But five months afterwards
Fearsome strife was their reward

Mother left and never turned back
Law and society gave her the sack
Whilst I was left to cater for myself
From sixteen was street my friend itself

Nevertheless was I always counted
Among the best of whatever I acted
In works and studies I never lagged
Yet, all resources I lacked

Every time I knelt to pray Amen
Birds will fly over my head with Omen
Why is it that these assail
Not minding my feeble frail

Stepmum derived joy in whipping my hands
Battering my body even in her dance
No where was I given a chance
Whilst I endured uncountable bangs

I struggled and I entered the university
Only for an uncle to kill my brother in the city?
Living me to become an object of pity
For no one was ready to give me a cedi

I struggled and I got to the final year
Only for the brotherhood to give me tears
For they think they got my destiny in their hands
Alas, we are all on earth by chance

I suffered pains, anguish and hunger
Yet, I forgave all and rescind anger
Now, I achieve Nirvana
Buddha here I come: a brother

Blood Stained Sheets

Shivering in the darkness left all alone
stranded here waiting for your face not yet shown
Life is such a thing that I do not know
sitting here and feeling nothing but woe
Murdered and stabbed in front of my eyes
only not to see because of your disguise
Show yourself coward I call you out
show yourself or I’ll begin shout
Another knife in my hands
Another stain that never comes off
my blood filled sheets only to see you get beat
touched by angels, though I fall out of grace
I did it all to not see your face
Violent and strong psycho all round
its you I hear making me confound
I’ll give to you I say a shot to the head
its you I say that soon shall be dead
I can feel you within the barrier of my skin
I feel you every where
but yet
I am blind to your existence
I have nothing left I’m simply dead
its me who was wrapped in those blood stained sheets
Its enough to make yourself slit your wrists
but I’m innocent I plead to the end
Never to believe me they think I’m only out to deceive
I am not the killer I am the one to grieve 





" BackStab"
hilary abrahamson

From the Depth of my Soul,From the Wounds of my Heart
I shall walk around with this Pain that is Tearing me Apart.
I will not let them hear me scream,that's just what their waiting for ..
I will close my eyes and dream of a World where I can smile more......
My wrists hurt now, I guess the cuts have set in ..
I'm not strong enough to fight this war. I know I can't win ..
I will lay down my Mask now,I dont need to wear it anymore
I will not win this battle,I already know the Final score..
My Veins are just about Empty, I'm starting to Stumble...
My voice is unheard-  I still try to mumble.....
I will fall to the ground now. I'm gettin' a little tired..
I wish I had more time ..But my time has expired..
I stood there for years, Steadfast and Silent
Just lookin' for some compassion
In a world  that is so violent..........
I guess sometimes it was better to just be alone ..
But.. Before I go, Take this Knife outta my back and Put it in your own ..
The damage has already been Done, I lost, You won ..........
I can now drop the Knife that cuts so deep..
I will open my eyes now and (for a change) Finally watch you Weep....

I always seem to fall
Without a trace
In the darkness of all
I lose my space

How can I get back up
If I can't deal with what I feel
I just wanna give it up
'Cause I don't think it'll heal

How did I get myself into this
It's always hurting me
Out of nowhere goes my bliss
There's nothing else to feel
But the hate that's left inside
It's so unreal
It made me lose my pride

This is why today
I hide
Because I can't find a way
To go on inside...



-Love For Death

Some respect it,
Others don't,
It's the ones that can't understand,
No understanding for being cold,
Or no feeling,
Many say death is hell,
But how would they know,
For hell does not exist in ones mind without death,
Learn from others mortality,
Think of your mortality when walking near a grave,
When an accident takes a life,
You think of it as a coincidence,
I think of it as fate,
The difference is great,
It's better to run towards death,
Than away from it,
Don't avoid the unavoidable,
For fate is a time bomb,
Set to where there is no going back.



Why weren't you there, why do i still feel like you don't care, it's not far. You see me as a steel wall my heart cannot be broken,no i have no emotions at all. Yes you've seen me cry but not like this, if you could see from my eyes your heart would be in peices. I have to put on this fake smile and say everything is alright when I KNOW i cry myself to sleep EVERY night. You, YOU did this dad, yes your the reason i'm SO sad,YES your the reason i carry so much pain, your the reason i feel i'm going insane. I hate all you fathers who've ever left you daughter.Why were you able to love every one elses kid, what was two was it something i did. No you were just a fool in LOVE. I think back many times and i think of all the SHIT i've seen you do, all the thing that seem crazy but it's true. i've seen you stand right infront of me and tell my mom, "i'm not hanging out with them unless you come." i've seen you tell my mom you won't help pay the rent, what it isn't enough i didn't have a dad there you go making mom sad. you see her you see her cry all she wants is for me to have a good life but instead of helping her you run off and get a new wife.I remeber the day you kicked us out into the street, with no money no car and nothing to eat. Then when mom started dating, you wanted her back like all that things you had you were just playing. She had to get a low paying job,and you didn't care she had to beg you to help pay for day care. You FINALLY YOU got what you wanted two boys, clean, playing with baby toys. Now you've got it ALL together, hip hip huray wait i stil don't feel better,  Because now you want to spend time with me, nigga please you better get down on those knees. Dad i wil always love you, but i just can't live with you.  


       ...I'll be a man...
I wake to see the sun is shinning
My wrist still bleeding from the night of dying
The devil again has bled from my body
Today I just want to be noticed by somebody
Another night is soon to come
The knife will enter the sins I've done
No one knows whats happening inside
Perhaps my death will let me hide
The scars live on another day
My heart will beat again today
I've tried pills and tried cutting
My ex just told me to die and try something
I think its time for something bigger
I'll be a man and pull the trigger...
                  -Albin Dec.30th 2005-


"That eternal soul”
-Barenya  Nayak

        Hollow has the world become today
        The dim sunlight rests on those leaves
        That once danced hither and thither in gay.
        The withering blossoms hang down
        From those lifeless branches above.
        And the soil beneath, dry and parched
        Awaits the arrival of a homeless dove.

       Where are those smiles and laughter of late?
       Where lost is that bright and warm nature?
       In the dim rays of this dull, sullen existence,
       Her soul awaits a cold, grave and silent future.
       A bit of eternity rests in her desperate heart,
       For long forgotten is that little keen face-
       That keen face of her still and lifeless body
       That now rests in peace in her own grave.

       Millions arrive and millions depart daily
       On the face of this vanishing queer earth
       Yet none seem to miss these souls at all!
       But why…Why does my heart grieve today
       And pain over the departure of  this stranger
       Whom I had never thought of or cared to recall??


someone else's dream
christian jacobs

as i sit here wondering this question
and let my depression be my obsession
wondering if God is trying to teach me a lesson
why was i left here to die, no body knows
it's like an open book that shall never close

now i feel broken and bruised
lost and confused
abused and used
my life is all diffused

as they were fighting with force
showing no remorse
while going threw a divorce
as i look in the mirror
and the image is much more clearer

i look out there into the air
wondering why life isn't fair
as my life starts to tear, i swear, i'm aware, i wish i was elsewhere

as i lie alone
cold as a stone
and dry as a bone
thinking i can do this on my own

running out of things to give
i'm just fed up with this life i live


Keith Robson

Blood stained wood and broken souls
blistered skin on burning coals,
blinding sunshine in your face
and no-one sang Amazing Grace.

Shadow of the cross that falls
upon your crumbling holy walls,
casts only darkness in your eye
for you can never answer why.

In righteousness you seek to be
the magistrate of all you see,
but who will judge the magistrate
who stands before his golden gate?

Scourged with mercy, joyous pain
lets you be yourself again,
screaming at the smiling crowd
casting dice to win your shroud.

Your perfect peace is agonized
and flawless faith is just disguised,
to keep your word with all you said
your unheard promise to the dead.


Death Hobble
John Dolan                           

O what a sorrowful sight it must have been,
two stiff, crooked legs, a tattered shoe,
upper torso submerged in the chill water of an ancient spring

A cold stare on that bloated face,
Was there horror in those eyes? anguish? fear? or peace?

A pair of crutches strewn 'gainst a grassy ditch, mark the last hobble to death. 


What does it matter?
While both of us were lost in the catacombs of the mind now yours is open to the light
While I spit out despair like acid you now rejoice the life you've been given back
And I, the jealous snake am left behind still
What does it matter?
While we once held nothing but love there is nothing for us now but fear
I still walk the twisted tunnels, searching for my beacon of clarity
What does it matter?
Why I can't grab on to the safe floating dreams for more than a day
Why nothing I felt is real and I detach from the smiles and laughter
That they will always have, always I will watch, and choke
And I wish you all happiness, hope yours is real
What does it matter?

 When My Life
 nakiaya wright

When my life goes through ups and downs I never ask why. I know that God has his reason for making it that way .No matter bad or good ,good or bad I can‘t control my emotions, so sometimes Im happy then  the next Im sad.  I never really asked God why because too  many. I'm blessed but no one knows that Im stressed.  They cant see my unhappiness . But  to me its all a test. When I want to give up on faith I know I have to stay in this race.  I cant give up on faith for God has blessed me with his grace. Life is just a risk that I have to take. I mean yes my body gets weak and I said once before that I get tired . But God knows how much I can bare so I don’t ask him questions because the answer always appear in my face out of the air.  The stuff that I have been through BOY OH BOY , Im young but its still a lot to share for no weapon formed against me has prospered and ever will.  To the devil this little girls body is what he want but taking is not apart of God’s will. No, I haven’t met God but he’s still my friend. I talk to him a lot and on him I depend.  When there’s no one there to listen I don’t have to tell God he sees it all and some one whisper in my ear ‘‘keep your head up and stand tall’’ for I know that God loves us all even if there are many against him and many for him.He loves me and I know he do and I adore him. Yes I mess up just as much as the next person would. But I keep my head up and stand tall just like God did. I mean in many peoples eyes I am a kid but my mind is stronger than most folks, but I never ask God questions because I know that things happen for a reason and the answer to all my questions is the change in the seasons.

     They talked as if it didn't bother them, no pain, no feeling of their heart stopping.  But it kills me, I start sweating, I hear no shound except for the voice in my head repeating the word over and over again.  Why can't I stop thinking about the world of evolution dying, and me falling with it.  The thought of being buried in a small little coffin under the soil of our earth makes me want to vomit up all my thoughts that are burning into my head.  As they keep talking I keep sinking lower and lower as if I was in a coffin getting closer and closer to the dry brown powder.  Soon the sun will die out and all the world as we know it will be gone.  The feeling or dying is something I never felt before.  The pain is so real, so sharp, it feels as if I was really dead.  They talk on and on about the earth and the sun, our evolution almost dead.  And as they talk on, I slip, slowly sip away from this life I have barely lived...If this is what lies ahead in my life, I regret ever being born.



When I slip and fall
I hurt myself
I’m scared and bruised

But I know someone
Who can take me by the hand
And pick me up and walk with me

Day by day
I feel the bruise
It’s so painful, and I can’t it

But I know someone
Who can heal me totally
So I can feel the joy inside my heart
So no more scars or bruises

When I worry about my daily things
I feel like crying on someone’s shoulder

But I know someone
Who can wipe my tears
And comfort me instead.

And all along I knew that
That someone was God
Who is watching from above
Priscilla Kulendran


Talking To Walls
Paul Demster

No longer feeling the smiles upon me,
Desperate screams fill every empty space,
I can no longer touch the voice of thee,
Hands covering my repugnant face.

Hate bleeds from my desperate eyes,
Rolling down the shame covered soul,
Abandonment before birth disguised,
A life of being murdered has taken it's toll.

Bathed in sin and dried upon deceit,
Listening to voices with sardonic calls,
Lying here in darkness, withered and beat,
Talking to walls...talking to walls...talking to walls...


When the moon rises up on sky,
And the wind breathes strong again.
You watch a werewolf at night,
While he is giving people pain.

He tastes your blood; he smells your fear,
He tears to pieces your thin skin.
You run away, but he is near.
Takes pleasure of hearing you scream.

You are afraid, you try to fight,
But werewolf is strong.
And in this tragic night
You won’t live too long.

He bites your hand; he bites your neck,
He bites your lifeless head.
He eats your meat, he eats your leg.
You are already dead.

But then he stops; the voice is near.
He throws your corpse away.
He wants more blood, he wants more fear,
He wants your life again.

Nikita Smirnov


What miracle
Marla DiGiacomo

What miracle
Does heal a heart
Once broken
In a thousand

The goddess’s powers do

What gift?
A love
Once torn
Afloat a sea
Of a million blues

The angel’s wishes do

What lucky soul
Has gifts bestowed
That brightens life
A new

It is I, my love
I do! I do!

Lyn McSweeney

Let people hear
Your voice in the wind
Let them repent
Repent of their sins
Let people hear
Your voice in the storm
Let them repent
And be reborn
Let people hear
Your voice in the fire
Let them repent
Your ways their desire
Let people hear
Your voice in the waves
Let them repent
Let them all be saved
Let people hear
Your voice calling them
Let them repent
Repent of their sins

Infested with deceit
Innocence - A state of mind hidden will behind ignorance
Sour, Angry, Sad.. the taste of defeat

Nightmares visit at night
The heart is corrupt the mind is weak
No more chances to win this fight

Sin rots your flesh
If you got here alone you will die alone
The demons shiny teeth flash.. a hungry mouth

Stage five - Acceptance but not by choice
Its easier to close my eyes
Final words are heard but not by my voice

No need to fear just embrace
Not worthy of your sacred tears
Death closes my eyes as it steals my face

Daniel Villalobos




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