This Pain
April Green 

Behind closed doors this happens to me
You donít know, you canít see
This life was not meant for me 
I donít know why I do this
But I have to cut; I have to bleed
This pain, it sets me free
This pain is all I know, all I feel
This pain is the release from my hell

But you will never see this pain I keep inside of me 
You will never know the reasons why
There is no hope for me in this life
This pain is all I know, all I feel 
This pain is the release from my hell
There is nothing more that you can do 
With this I have to go through 
I just want you to know that I love you
Iím sorry that I ever hurt you 
This pain is all I know, all I feel 
This pain is the release from my hell
So this is it, this is my goodbye
I beg you, for me please do not cry
This is what I chose to do
Just remember that I love you

by Amy Neal
Running my hands
through my hair
I hear voices
One more hit,
and I'll be through
One more hit,
or maybe two
With shaky hands
I strike a match
Who would have known
there would be a catch
These sullen eyes
and sunken cheeks
tell the world
I've been high
for weeks
Feel no pity for
the life I've wasted
It's my own fault
that I'm addicted
A cry for help
Kimberely Sweeney
I need an escape,
An escape from pain.
Over my temple, it over throws me,
from all angles it seeps through.
I'm crying out to be heard,
my words come out like smoke.
You want to see me, then take a good look at me, 
I'm dying with pain, want to break free, want happiness, want peace within me.
I need an escape,
An escape from these, these unfortunate things that devastate me.


I was born to be the head and not the tail born to multiply bread and never fail.

cos i can do all things through him who strengthens me

-nnamdi nwobu-


Passionate Introductions are not a mandatory scripture to an angel like element of the verbal skies

Seldom do you ever marinate in the element of truth, though you claim to be rightous ,absorbed with knowledge ,and glazed with wizdom ,topped with understanding

levitation is like fire and brimstone, riding on the devils backbone, breathing razor sharp words from liers, unfaithful characters, Murderers, and hitmen

Intruding on lifes master plan, you were born as a major mistake, catagorized as a being with no purpose, and similar to a reptilian, and a snake to some

I agree with the massives on nothing ,except what can be seen or heard, scar tissue is living proof of battles and slices of power being withdrawn from my attributes of existence

My aura shines on those that do not procrastinate or make excuses for their poweless personality and cultureless life stlye

I am culture, I am Power, I am Wizdom , I am That sistah that will make you see the meaning of a found women in a lost world ,full of discrace and envy

I am not from earth, Im from planet womb, I went to school in an element of a cypher where we continuousely builded on our surroundings, Schools with regular teachers did not teach me a thing that I have used yet in my life

I am a Women , a Mother and everything my soul expresses, to whom I choose.

Soooo When you think you Know, you really have NO IDEA....
 Poetess Nikkia

Can you Imagine a place
where you cannot
hear a single breath?
where you cant smell a scent?
where you cant see a soul?
What about a place,
Where the temperature drops
You hear the dripping of water
You smell the scent of death
And are in total darkness.
Would you like to go to that place?
Where your soul is locked trapped?
where you are in constant fear?
Where you feel so cold?
Just open your eyes......
......You are there.
Ocean View
Muna Virsida
Heart quickens with each step
Brushing by doorways
Wide eyed and sound asleep
Drowning out the birth of madness
Of ecstasy
Of endless conviction
Drumming inside
Urging me on
Pushing farther into me
Breaking my barriers
Crying in pain
I succumb to their will
Never ending spiral
Tears and twists
Throws me under its tracks
Rips and shreds and eats away hungrily
Its teeth at my flesh is the only peace
Ambivalence my true love
A treasure trove of remorse
Always full and pounding
Wanting to bleed me
Why do I let it stay?


The cool air grasps you and pulls you in closer to share a surprise. The fields lined, and beautiful, untouched, uncontrolled, lost in its wheat and marshmallow colored self. The wind blows, the birds sing little short songs that all mean something. Trillions of things are being stared at, but many hidden, hiding from the creature spying. The sky, putting shame on all that shows, with its different sides. The sun yelled at and hid in the darkness of its own shadows. Unexplored places stay unknown, unquestioned with much to be asked. Half the world sleeping amongst the hidden, hiding forever. All is still, though it is moving. The wind acts like your mind, so curios, so much discovered, which means more is unknown.

Mandy Pandarose

Skye Parker

This one marks her insecurity
That one marks her promiscuity
This one marks her envy
That one marks her wrath
This one marks her pretension
That one marks her gluttony
Another appears for every demeaning word to pass her lips For every sip she takes For every substance she ingests For every woman she villifies For every word to spill from her pompous pen For every time she spreads her legs
Freckles cluster on her repellent face
Litter the landscape of her afflicted body
She is hamartia on two legs



Kentucky Lover. She is nice and funny. She has a big beak. Every time she opens her mouth it goes squeak squeak


Pitter-patter of the rain on the Roof a crack of lightning in the sky the noise of birds chirping just of fright out of nowhere it went silent and the sky went darker than dark a more mysterious then night the whisper in the wind said it was the end of light.



the accident
Marla DiGiacomo
beneath the light
of the waning moon
a gathering
in celebration
of friendship
turns dark
the instant
you crumble
to the ground
mouths agape
eclipsed by fear
I rushed to you
lying there
the stillness
of the moment
bites of the reality
life is forever changed
for you and me
february 12, 2007
Poison Touch
Ana Karen Encarnacion
I feel your poison touch
Your hands are carving my body slowly
Leaving behind scars
That reflect on my pain
To live in sorrow and anger
Leaving me forever insane
Turning a sensual beautiful passionate
Art of bodies
And molding it into an act of crime
Leaving me scared and sorry
For the person I was
To take pity on who I would be
All the rage and tears
That will fall upon me
Time after time
Day after day
With the memory that haunts me
To convince me I'll only be free in a grave 
Away from the haunting memories of your touch, 
the blades of your hands 
Away from my my bitter sweet scars 
Away from those who won't understand 
Because they don't know 
That I can still feel all of you on my body 
I can still hear my disguised screams 
And with every memory of your poison touch
I build more scars, and contently bleed     
Moments hover -
like hailed (far and wide) 
great conquering clouds (cool and ice ash and frost a hint of blue 
whispering - sighing - lain in bits of color immersed in a mosaic sky) 
hanging . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 
longing . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 
hung . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
piles of summer sunset colored leaves
sweep through the land,
they huddle together,
as sorrow hidden behind hazel eyes,
or in the silent screaming between each spoken work, beneath a sindless October sky.  

Katherine Waechter


The Misanthrope
by Daniel Shaffer
Endless thoughts derived from nothing
A mind uncertain and derailed
A train of thought no longer traveled
Apathy will soon prevail 
Answers to questions no longer asked
Buried deep within caverns of the mind
A faint vision once held now embraced by darkness 
What is it that I'd hoped to find 
Beyond imagination lies true reality
One we may not see or hear
Alone and withdrawn lies the one who dares 
To look beyond what is safe and near 
An endless search for what I seek
To give up and to fail is one in the same 
Fear of a life so placid and meek 
Accepting defeat in shrouds of shame 
Alive though lifeless
Asleep but awake
No home in this world
Full of that which is fake


"faith during pain"
John Hoge
Deeper I go to release the pain,
yet all I do is done in vain.
Wretched I feel deep in my soul,
but my heart has but one goal.
Ease the pain, oh God I feel.
Please God, I just want to heal.
That, that is what I yearn.
Oh God, Please Please don't let me burn.


Sam Obaloker
Sulking in dilemma of incestous minds;
Minds populated with investouos pictursque,
And dreams beyond the embryonic infinte of time
heaven may count on the stars,
And earth, the sordid realms in the distance
Like a true chasm of creation,
Self destruction is an emblemic purpose; .
In an existence yearned into tomorrow 
yet never touched by the creepy shadow of dilemma itself,
Existence, then, represents the infinite movement within cyclic negation
Of Purpose,
Of reality, and,
Of illusions

Over the silent bridge of hands raised in prayer,
No gods or devils prevail,
Beyond dilemma or infinite subjectivism to notions of the mind;
And deep down the convergence zone or zenith of altruististic multiplicity of desirous awe,
Longing in fear brandishes the hybrid microchosm of lavish thoughts and affluent dreams,
Into a firm grip of exertion and perseverance
So that Purpose,
Or illusions,
Are but the unitary flaw of the normal mind,
Yet plagued with dilemma.
 My Birthday Was My Dying Day
Debra J. Flamish 
I died on the day I was born
75, while the snow stormed
All the days that passed between
Were what my life was meant to see
Some of the years where happy and good
Some went on, wondering why they should
God gave me many lessons to learn
Learned from some, others I turned
I asked for God's Amazing Grace
To put me in my resting place
The Light of His Love so bright to look
Forced my head to bow, He took.....
Me up to be with those I love
To sail The heavens with wings of a dove To never fear the darkness again For everyday was spent with friends
No strangers were among us,
We were there We were choosen
YOu know if you are, or not
Inside your heart, there is no doubt


Why do people say a rose represents something, if it always dies, they say that it does represent love but those are all lies.

A rose can be different colors, to represent different things, that's why you have a bouquet of red roses to represent love on your wedding, as you exchange rings.

A white rose represents innocence of someone, well that's not true, they will go sin once the delivery of the rose is done.

A yellow rose represents friendship, and joy, well that's not true because if a boy and a girl have a yellow rose of friendship, that girl will go and kiss that boy.

A pink rose represents appreciation and someone to thank, but that's not true because you will go up to that person and pull a nasty prank.

Don't believe roses and their meanings, they are not always true, especially when they die and dont represent that meaning anymore because they are not fresh and new...

I hate this thing you call life!
I hate people telling me im fat
or dumb, or ugly!
looking at me in a weird way
telling me i have no friends
family picking on me
and brother and sister
who don't care!
i hate the world for many reasons
but what i hate most is this thing called life!
By Tatiana Hamilton
She sits alone in the back of the room
Away from all the volume
She thinks about the friend she lost
To get him back she'd pay the cost
She's pretty, nice and smart
So why are people so tart?
He was killed in a car crash
It was like he was thrown in the trash
She wishes she was with him in heaven
Oh, her dear Devon
An invincible feeling
Darcy Madigan
Love; a feeling so great
One that you can hate
But can you touch it?
Can you feel the chill of a first kiss?
Broken hearts and empty rooms
Lost souls and despite 
But in the end, itís all worth it to hear that voice
"Who Care's"
Why do I care?
Why do I care?
Because you were never there.
The only time I see you.
The only time I see you.
I think about how I don't want to be you.
I want miss you.
I want miss you.
No matter what you say and do.
You will always be there.
You will always be there.
And frankly I don't really care.
...I don't really care.

gone,so gone.
Robin. Larimore

my mind is gone,my heart is gone ,my soulmate has left me cause i went to far.There's no one to hold on too,no one to love at all,but i guess i was wrong. love takes you places you never been before i thought he was trying to force me to change,but that wasn't it at he gone,so gone.

my world has fell apart it seem's there's no meaning to life without out him ny my side,i wonder to myself should i stay around and fight or should i give up on it all .i'm so gone,so gone.

I hurt him so much i deserve to be left in the dark with no love at all i guess i want to far and now he shows no love at all .i wish he would change his mind and come back and love me once more. but now he's gone,so gone i can't seem to move on i loved him so deeply my mind is completely gone,so gone.

Laura Alford 
She spat out the words with vengeance
splattering her reflection with her dried up words
bitter twisted  and dried up with nothing worthwhile
to say,
She spat out the words that caught in the air
disintegrating quietly away
world against me
i live in a world against me,
at times i wish the Lord will snap me away 
yet though i know its not time 
though the wind push me,
so hard i can fall, i stand on my tiptoes 
the waves shakes me so vigoursly but i surf on them
everyday is a challenge but i stand fast,
i ll keep pushing n holding on until its all over
 Destiny LaGarce

   Reasons to live,
   Reasons to die,
   All the reasons,
   I love by.

   Again and again,
   I hear them talking.
   Saying please let it end.
   When worse comes to worse,
   And push comes to shove,
   Everything Cries,
   Everything Lives,
   Everything Dies.
I see her in front of me,
Strangely distant but near
A smile grows across my face
I anticipate holding her, I reach out
Then the smile leaves me with a dull realization, She is gone from me.
I wake
I can feel her warmth on me,
I remember her face, alight and smiling, 
Her eyes look over me with love and understanding, 
Her cascading hair, golden like sunset 
Iím warmed inside by her smile, 
But she is gone from me, 
I wake
Awake I feel cold, empty and alone
My mistakes have cost me dear
I will never know her again
Her eyes wonít love me again
I am forlorn, like a child lost and overwhelmed 
My mistakes have cost me all I want to dream again
I tell myself, you must be unfeeling
You must not cry, you must be a man
She has made me a man; she has made me this man 
This man feels pain beyond the physical 
This man has loved infinitely, but this man has lost 
I feel nothing without her Nothing except cold, empty and alone  
My mistakes have lost me all
My memories are all I have left
I think of her and smile
I think of my mistakes and weep
Am I really alone? Have really I lost all of value to me? 
My mistakes, my mistakes have taken everything
The fountain of love within me has gone, 
Winter has come to me, cold and ruthless 
Nothing flows from my heart 
It is just ice that surrounds it or so I tell myself.
My mistakes, my mistakes 
Still Waters
Austyn Njoku
What am I supposed to
say to you
when you draw down
pain flushing my brain
down through to my toes
in this desert
of shifting emotions
sliding like sandstorms
forming dunes soft and
brittle like biscuit bones;
what can I say to you
across these vast plains
of landmines laced with
twisted tongues of twerps
seeking to seal the sun
to banish regeneration
of this desert of fragile feelings -
what more can I say to you
to build back the bridges
blown down the beds of still waters?
When I Die
billy thomas
When I die
no-one will cry
they will laugh and drink beers
whilst i'm giving off my tears
then I think back to my life
remembering when I used the knife
do you remember you and me
the only time we ever felt free
Thinking back to the day I died
lookin back to all the hate inside
With your help I would have survived
but now its to late i've already died
The Winds Of The Seasons
Daniel P O'Neil 
The winds blows a gentle breeze,
The days seem much cooler now,
The leaves are falling, with many colors they bring, 
And on the wind,I hear a faded song you sing.
The snows are falling mixed with raindrops by our creek, 
They hide together the teardrops from my cheek, 
This is the longest season I know, 
And on the wind I hear your words"I Love You So".
The flowers you planted are sprouting out again, 
I touched a red rose in your garden, 
The peddles they fell to the ground, 
And on the wind I heard you softly say, "I will never be around."
The sun shines brighter now, the lake is blue, 
The ducks with their babies are waddling through, 
Our names on the wooden table are still there, 
And the gentle winds blow" 
Love Lost Is So Hard To Bare."
Dambar Raj Paudel
 I am set
May be I am upset
 May be I am rude to myself.
I wonder all days long
And think what I am floating on.
Is it a surface?
Or is it a go down.
May be it's down the earth
Where I life in the earth
No pores for my air to let go
And no hanky to clean my eyes.
Even I can't smell
And my chemicals just don't let
 My heart to breathe
Even my finger tips arrested
And I can't write my name.
May be one day will come
And someone will open my coffin
And hide their eyes
Where my flesh detach from my bone
And my bad smell comes to air.

Mother and Daughter 
Magen Heyes

the mother i never had the daughter that you will never know the mother that was never there the daughter that was always there the mother who did not care the daughter who tryed to everything to get her to care the mother that never tried the daughter who never gave up


Robin Child

Perhaps it is the memory of quiet spaces and stardust yet an inability to recall that comfort that haunts each generation when the moon is dark and the stars call as joyfully as snowflakes on a Christmas Eve.

At that moment,
united by heartbeat and single of breath, we diffuse into eternity, snowflakes on the lip of Divinity.



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