MAY, 2006

Peer Pressure Do you know who I am?
Kyle Warren

I am the reason kids do drugs, drink, and smoke, My best friend is low self-esteem, Some think of me like a drug, making people do stupid things, I cause people to fall.

Do you know who I am yet?

I feed on those who doubt themselves,

Victims catch me from their friends, teachers, and even relatives, People catch me because they want to be someone else, They want to be cool, popular or something else.

Do you still want to know who I am?

Mostly Iím bad but sometimes Iím good,

But yet under my influence people fail,

No one wants me, yet everyone gets me,

I hurt everyone I come in contact with in some way, Are you still there, or did you turn away in disgust?

I cause some to turn to bad things,

I donít make people cower I make them try, I always come back, I will never die, I have no true substance, like a heavenly hand, Youíll find out who I am soon!

People fight because of me,

They are uncomfortable always,

So Iím waiting for you,

Because I am


God made me pretty, 
By: Bridgette and Julie

Roses are red...

Violets are blue...

God made me pretty...

What happened to you!?


By: Brian Gietzen

Blue is the color of the morning sky

Blue is the color of blueberries, which are so sweet

Blue is cold and mysterious

Blue is the color of the ocean water that has claimed so many lives

Blue is the color of my jeans, which are cozy

Blue is the color the color of blood pumping through your body

Blue is the color of winter, which filled with joy

Blue of waterfalls that make the riverís flow


Aaron Wallway

Red is hot and bold it is the color of blood Red is awesome it is a big ball of fire Red is the shinning sunset in the evening sky Red is the whisper of the wind it speaks for it self Red is the color of passion it romances many people Red is the color of your heart it has itís own beat Red is a rock it is a solid color Red is a clown it stands out in a crowd Red is love it flows through the air Red is a strawberry it is juicy and sweet


Valuable and precious; everyone seeks it but few have it It makes people happy while it sparkles in the light It comforts you while you gaze into the shimmer of white It chills you to the bones with its sparkles It will light the room with its glimmer It brings happiness to all that own it

Jarred Bunker


Q Boulet

People like to categorize,

By colour of skin or colour of eyes,

How you dress,

If youíre a mess,

But I donít really give a fuck

Whether youíre a Beaver or a Duck,

You are you, thatís what you are,

If you pretend you can never go far,

If you imitate youíre not being you,

Now what to do?

Just Be



The Blackness of My Soul
By: Sara Schaffner

Black, how dark it is, how many things it hides.

Black, the darkness that lurks in everything, what makes all things go silent.

Black, the night that destroys all light, the death of day, the disguise of me.

Black, the colour of so many hearts, the hard shell of everyoneís spirit.

Black, the harsh cold, the feeling of nothing, the absence of the sun.

Black, always waiting to claim yet another victim, the evil that pours out on the world.

Black, what lurks beneath my thoughts, what poisons my tongue.

Black, what twists around my every word to its benefit, what deepens craphole in which I live in.

Black, the colour of the sorrow of those who are depressed, the fear in everyone.

Black, the burning anger, the growing intensity of the moment.

Black, the colour that hides all feeling, what makes you feel nothing.

Black, the colour that resides inside me, the disguise of my fear, the shade in which I hide



Shiny, bright, and twinkles, in all light, Lead all empires to there up most height, Broke down all trust and care, Broke it down until there was nothing there, Gold is great rich and pure, With the lust for gold there is no cure, Gold is rare, dark and bright, Gold is shinny, bright, and twinkles in all light


PuRpLe aNd mE
Fawzia Al-Buloushi

Thereís a unique bond that unites purple and me No one can really understand or explain what I mean I belong to purple and purple belongs to me Our feelings are so strong and we just seem to get along Purple is a person perhaps, with multi emotions that fill a fantasy song Purple takes me into another world, one that you donít know You just have to come along so you simply wonít get me wrong Purple fills my head with desires and glorious vivid emotions Though purple is sometimes afraid and may induce you to bottles of tears Itís just to cry away your worries and wash away your fears Purple will simply define between you and me Purple from time to time makes me insane but itís worth it to risk a vein Though it is always blamed and considered wicked, mean and heartless Evidence can never be found, because purple is simply harmless and extremely spotless Just look into my eyes, listen to my words and you will not despair Though I feel and think Iím crawling on thin air, but please try to be fair Purple may try to put you to sleep into a world of fantasy Just to carry your troubles and worries away Isnít that what you want? Maybe not you, but defiantly me Purple is full of passion, that tries to follow me But, I donít bend or run I just simply wait to meet me I belong to purple and purple belongs to me Now do you see the color purple when you look at me?

Do you see the color purple through me?
Just remember purple is me


The Wolf
Patrick Bruton

I saw him running down the hill
What a sight:
It was like I was him
I could feel the freezing cold snow on my feet My legs had a mind of there own running after the kill I heard the others howl for me They could all see the hunger in my eyes And when I caught it I felt like the wolf den leader



I am ready, I am pumped, I am excited

but nervous.

There are funny feelings in my stomach,

and mental voices saying "I can do this."

Suddenly the ref calls you... there is a pause then the match starts.

Instantly a huge collision is made, I try but i fall, Instantly I get back up with a sting in my back.

time is flying by after collision.

Its over, who won... I lost.

But i am proud for trying and even more proud for supporting the team.


Tia Jones   
            CHIRP, CHIRP little      yellow bird On my window 
             sill How  green the   lands become A polka dot 
              here and there A flower yet to come A smooth 
               little petal A playful fluffy fox Yes chirp
                   CHIRP,  little yellow bird spring is 
                     soon to come The earth has now 
                       awaken And given its cheer
                          -ful color back Yes 
                             CHIRP, CHIRP 
                        Spring is soon to come


Rondell Williams
Today is your day
So go and win that game
Have the focus of a champion
Not the walk of shame
Play great defense on your opponent
And keep him from scoring
Make the game exciting
Make your opponent boring
Get your teammates involved
Make sure they have pride
So whenever you score
The fans will be on your side
So when you hear the 4th quarter buzzer
The team can scream and shout
Now you have the heart of a champion
That's what the game is all about
In a young childís mind
Dreams run wild like buffalo and caribou Some are big and some are small But the biggest game Will be the worthiest.
The economy prospers because big dreams
And hard work.
Many people live today because of doctors Or lawyers.
But it all started with one big dream
Dreams fuel society and are the reasons
Why the Earth is as wonderful
And amazing as it is today.
So dream big
And good things will happen.



I had a fish

she lived in a dish

her name Sam

She loves ham


Sam was Gold

I thought she had mold

her friends name is Fred

he slept in a bed


Fred started to stink

so he slept in the sink

Sam had a shoe

and Fred did too


Sam turned green

because i fed her a bean

That made Fred mad

he also got sad


now they are gone

its been kinda long

my fishies didn't say bye

they decided to die


Writing History.
Anton Rebbe 

In the madmanís dirty skin

Where the dream saluted wrath

Where the crippled comfort brewed

We dying scribbled down a path

Leading far and whispering of the anointed Some yet to follow, some way too callow But followed nonetheless And in the depths of our sweetest efforts Beneath the wailing marks, rotting on that lunaticís flesh Almost too funny, but rough enough to choke They found--


The Hunger of a Dreamer
Jennifer R. Kaltenback

 Beckoning to me,like a dream,in a distant past,  I wake so slowly to make it last,  It even feels more real to me,than He is,  lying beside me.
 I feel his warm chest,I give my best,
 but still , I am more close to the dream.
 It burnes in me like a flame,driving out Darkness,  then I wake again.
 I feel my hunger,and then the pain,for you,  are not as real as you could be.
 I wish so desperately not to fear!
 If only I could sleep again,and take you with me to my dream!
 I would feel you with me,
 and I would be complete!

"Light Echo"
Katherine Strong

There was darkness on my lips

A pale kiss bid me goodbye

I watched you float out of my sky

Until I could no longer see.......

The taste of moonlight dancing in my mouth While amidst my hallowed rest you seethed In and out of my dreams Leaving light on your fingertips Your stars settling on my hips Celestial sweetness slithering up my spine Turning an idea of your extacy over in my mind Subconscious seeming to be My own delicious galaxy Falling out of your fathomless light The unexplained seduction of night

Wearing dirt, i walk out into the black night...
Snake-like, the road curls before me, as i smile at the pale moon,
                                            the foggy moon.....
I walk up, run through, butt in, the night...
Windy delights, the touch of a warm hand...denied....
The flame of a lame fire, the muddled blanket, the shivery night...
The dark night...
The cars whoosh past me, cuddled delights Orange lights float through foggy moonlight..
Dances, couples, food, warmth, love, sex, wine, boozed minds...
Salted peanuts and roasted meat....their nights...
I lie on the footpath...cold, hungry, shivering...
It's my winter christmas poor night...


Elinor Keech
He prowls on silent, through he night,
His great yellow eyes are burning bright.
He spots his prey and then will leap,
Strike with claw then land on feet.
Men have now come to kill,
They spot each other then stop still.
The big cat that strikes fear into the heart, The ruler, warrior of his part.
Men turn to flee, but do not run,
For they remember their weapon - the gun.
Itís his choice to kill or flee,
To be in danger or to be free.
Look on through the dead and dark,
Try to find his gentle heart.
As he attacks, itís to the men,
They will not live to see him again.


The Day
Numbness greets me every day
Then invites loneliness and sadness for a stay And they make my feelings decay 
I'm blank and worn
And my soul stays stillborn
With it now just stinging like a thorn
That aches in me to be reborn 
But it remains in tight, iron chains
That will not break no matter how I strain How could they when what they release Is thought to be of me an inferior piece? 
Self-discrimination runs through my veins With the ugly red stains Trailing down my scar terrains Of past failures and pains That are from the outside world only refrained By the fear of the fear that domains 
To fit in when I'm unseen
And be a normal teen
Are lost hopes and dreams
That will make no difference now it seems And out from the hole in me, reality streams 
I've forgotten I'm even alive
And how to survive
When defeat and hurt thrive 
And what's left? 
When you disappear and become deft
To the music of what's worth living for? 
Nothing but the silent encore
Of ending the inside war


                by Angele Biesenthal 
Love is great, something you can feel
It is meant to forgive and heal.
Can it be too good to be true?
Love was surely meant to be real
Love can be old or very new.
It can fit you just like a shoe!
Love can be great when multiplied
Yes it was meant for me and you.
I need love to be by my side,
Sometimes I wonder why it hides.
Descending like a lovely dove,
Between two people it collides.
I feel God is truly Love.
It comes to us from up above.
Itís nice that it fits like a glove.
Thatís why I am in love with love.
cream for my coffee asked da queen
the envy makes the duchess turn green
do you want me to cream you asked da butler cos bigbri dun empty my bag 
instead of goin to poetry class da queen got real angry 
and started chewin on sum nicateen



ahem.Oh Slimey Snail,

Why do you leave such a sparkly trail?

is it because your so joyful you can't contain yourself?

or is it because you really wish you were a race horse and your tears sparkle as they freeze with time?

or is because you're sparklingly fine?

if so, i reckon a small pair a shades would be just the job.

all you need do is give me the nod.

oh slimey snail, why do you leave such a sparkly trail?

RůisŪn Walsh 


Elevator gone
Hole in wall staring back
Hope still around
Dilip Amin
You are the Rhythm of the Universe
 by: Robyn White
You are the rhythm of the Universe,
The soul of the sun,
Now all of this has just begun,
You are the ruler of the moon,
And all of this will be coming out really soon,
You are the king of the stars,
When you look out you look out far,
Know who you are,
You are the rhythm of the Universe
Marla DiGiacomo
rain crashing down
impossible to see
drenched to dripping
I walk on
in a breath it stops
the sun breaks free
oh brilliant
double rainbow
a feast my eyes do see
splashed across an
iridescent sky
so blue
Goddess Motherís blessing
the gift of me
and you


She is my strength, the chink in my armor Cherished are the moments, I am with her and not Worship her I do, abhor her I will With her I want to be, without her I will be Snub me she will do, admire she does Paradoxical it has to be, my life and my times Life was what I wanted, when I wished for death Live I have to, because die I will

Ronald Chaney 

You ainít nothing but a joke, a fake, a sorry excuse for a man. 
A real man would never leave his woman to take care of 3 kids all by herself.
A real man would get to know a lady instead of trying to get in her pants.
A real man would never try to have sex with every girl that he sees. 
There is more to a lady than how big her chest is and how big her butt is. 
A real man would not beat on a lady because he canít control his temper. 
God did not design women for any of the above. 
He designed them so that they could be loved by real men. 
Youíre probably saying because Iím just a kid I donít know what itís like to be a man. 
But Iím more man than you. 
See your fallin into your own trap.
You have sex with every girl you meet. 
Then theyíll call you up and tell you two years later saying ďBaby you have HIV.
Youíre gonna die in less than two weeks.Ē 
Then youíll figure out that you should have been a real man.
Take heed to my words.
Stop looking for the sexiest girl
And look at what kind of girl she is.
So donít just hit it and quite it
If you think any of this makes you a man You need a reality check. 
I stare out the window...
The beauty of nature catches my eyes and steals them away...
My eyes are wide open...
I do not blink...
A blur...
Visions of purple and blue and red...
Where am I?
The green grass is no more,
the blue sky gone,
just floating colors...
the colors lift me high and I start to soar...
a warm icy feeling crawls up my spine...
I feel my body no more...
I close my eyes,
and open them again,
my feet touch the ground...
and I stare out the window.

By: Beverley Anne Moscovitch

I've gone out to dance with the sound of nature, sway with the falling leaves,touch the moments in time, smell the freshness of today's menu.

I've gone to paint the canvas of my mind with colorful thoughts.

I've gone to cloth my canvas with the warmth & the nourishment it so desires.

I've gone to touch, retouch, be touched and get in touch with whatever crosses my path.

I've gone to listen to my silences and put new sounds into motion.

I've gone to dream, to live on the edge and dare to dare.

I've gone to open doors. I've gone to develop my pictures.

I've come to move, remove and to be moved by the winds of change.

I've come to catch the flying winds and attach upon their backs useless thoughts and aching feelings.

What has gone has been replaced with, what I have come to become...captured in a moment of present movement of time.

I've come to correct, redirect the loving connection of sensibility of my heart.

I've come to feel my soul emerge with new eye sight.

I have come wearing words to clothe my feelings and change my garments of thought.

I have I am....Movement!


Jeremy Meeks  
           A rotating sphere,
           Like a ball in a mirror.
           Millions of features,
           And billions of creatures.
           land covered with tons of motions.
           Rainforest's swarmed with animals,
           more than half of those are mammals.
           Mountains,rivers,streams,and lakes.
           In the fall you'll need your rakes.
           rainstorms,snow,rain and sleet.
           cold,freezing,and a lot of heat.
           Third planet from the sun.
           Earth is alot of fun.
           Humans' roam the Earth,
           nothing's as great as the Earth's birth.


What Now?
Tim Firmston-Williams
His red heart turns upon him,
And demands reason from a shattered mind.
But the mind in falsehood excelling,
Lies to it's friend, for the sake of them both.
Hurried excuse brings comfort, but forces bad deed.
Now, together, they have committed a most terrible crime, The murder of dying dreams, The assassination of an innocent man.
They take the dagger, and together deal the fatal strike.
As he lies dying, with his closest enemies held tight in his embrace, He removes the stained dagger, which has left a hole deeper than any other.
He holds it in front of him, and brings it closer, to join his final embrace, And carved upon the handle, he sees the name of the one he loved so dear.
With a silent cry he releases the dagger and beckons to his killers.
All of them are free.

Aleta L Smith April 22 2006

Feelings are what we express. Because we want to be the best.

The warm thoughts that cross our minds. Sometimes will let us unwind. Your touch expresses and emotion. Or allows us to use lotion. Sensing all our thoughts. Makes me think maybe we ought not. Feeling deep inside. Never let it hide. The person you are inside


Efadul Huq
Each one of us did betrayand have been dishonest, Each one of us did lie and have been pessimist.
Each did make others cry,
Each did act sometimes sly.
Each one of us did want to win,
But often was out very clean.
Each did fall in the hands of despair,
Each did make mistake beyond repair.
Each one of us did bear envy,
And did have others as prey.
Each did hurt those whom they loved,
And hurt those who loved them.
But victor is he,
Who has the hope to be-
Better than he is.


Geyora Joseph 
Words bring love, They can hurt.
Showing the feelings, Power and hate.
Words can build, They can destroy.
Marking the end, For start they call.
Words can revive, They can be the downfall.
Support and encourage, Criticizing us all. 
Words can express, They can block.
With them we are buying, And everything is sold.
Words can open, They can close.
Making us laugh, Cry they cause.
In words there is beauty, Ugliness some time shows.
Words are everything, Words reflects to us all.


Quench  my  thirst
Dale Sahlberg
I bitterly wept
tears of sorrow
Down my face
my tears dripped
into a large golden goblet
filling it to the brim.
I wept
until I could no more
then I was thirsty.
With a smile
the world offered me a drink
from the same golden goblet
filled to the brim.
Fake hardened heart
Cracked and oozing pain
Distractionís purpose
Highlights shattered shards
Shredded bleeding feet
Trusting smile welcomes
Forbidden Epic love
Big mistakeÖor not.
Precious dreams erased
To honour her demise
Pleasure and pain.


Jimmy Stillion
School oh school I go everyday,
Its mean and its boring in almost every single way.
The teachers are mean and hate all the kids, They blame us for stuff that we never did.
They give us homework to slave overnight, Just staying awake is half the fight!
The lunch is so nasty, it reeks and it smells, This place is a dump, shouldnít that ring bells?
When I get home I tell my mom,
She doesnít believe me, she says to stay calm.
The balls all suck, theyíre black and theyíre flat, Teachers are so mean, theyíll take your hat!
We stay there all day, they suck all the fun, Us kids can fight back if we join as one.
So throw your papers all over the floor, Because were not going to school anymore!


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