JULY, 2005


I can taste on your lips thyne blood
Your grave a hole in the mud,
My love for you sweeter than a flowering bud.
Dead, cold, stilled
You lie there killed.
My heart with sadness was filled.
Awake my beauty, my love.
The cold morning air brings a dove.
My sweet, come and restore my love.
For you only I yearn.
My internal flame does burn.
This my love is a lesson, not meant to be learned.

Stephanie Maxey


Like a sun with no flower to bloom,
I lost meaning and only saw doom.
Eventually found myself, as I was lost,
For this, I could never repay the cost.
Just as quick as a tear was spent,
the rain came and then suddenly went.
Bringing the horizon back into view,
And this I owe all to you.
Like searching for a treasure that just might exist
Your slightest smile is too much to resist.
I find myself lost, once again,
But this time itís in the heart of a friend.
A place that I hope never to escape,
So even our last kiss will feel like a first date.
Understand that these words I write for you,
Are only possible because of what Iíve been through.

Ed Santo 


Silence Screams...!
Piece a little peace,
Oh lord in the Wars.
Let me fly free,
Don't shove me behind bars.
Dark days and rainy nights,
Stinking food and ghostly sights.
My kith and kin, their lives a sin,
Wounded souls within!
Sunny days and starry skies,
Blissful air and doves in flight.
Happy Isles nowhere to be seen,
Alas!My shattered dream

Love me and hide me ,
In thine bosom of love and warmth
oh lord!In the wars,
PEACE screams my silent heart...

Knives strafe across my heart,
Killing me with darkness.
Exposed by love to pain's mercy,
Wondering, wandering, hurt.
I wonder what his name would be,
I wonder, boy or girl?
I split with guilt, then wonder why,
I wish it reversed, undone, away.
Too small to fight, this baby mine?
Too...something, or maybe not enough?
What was it, who did it, what happened?
Will these questions find their end?
It doesn't end, but sometimes fades,
It surges strong, then surges stronger.
It goes sometimes for days and then,
It cuts in sudden, vicious waves.
And then sometimes I'm not alone,
Another reflects my pain clearly,
And I feel it again, so sharp and new,
And I remember someone who told me...
"I really, truly know your pain"
"Tomorrow the rainbow, today the rain"
"Many you love do still remain"
"But I really, truly know your pain"
And I am not comforted,
Not really.
I don't cease to ache,
Not truly.
But I am reminded of love,
And I know I am not alone.

   By: Madison Hogan
   You and I were right there
   Just standing so close without a care
You said you wanted to be with me
I said it to couldn't you see
   That you and I were meant to be
   I'm waiting here on my knees
Wanting you to make your move
The one that will be oh so smooth
   The one that will make my heart skip a beat
   And make me have to take a seat
Because my knees have gone weak from the bliss
That you can cause with just one kiss
   And after that I will never let go
   Cuz there's so much love I want to show
I need to prove I am better than her
To make you positive and completely sure
   That I am the one you want
   The one that will completely flaunt
That am eager for your lips to be on mine
And how they will feel so fine



I hunger to feel your touch
Tears I bleed hurt so much
I journey alone in a world of loneliness
no one to hold me
I feel so lonely
in my time of need
I crave you to hold me so tenderly
I journey this world lost and lonely
emptiness draining my life
drowning me in darkness
I feel your love so warm to the touch
I cradle your love
hunger for your touch
hopelessness draining my heart
getting worse through the years
loneliness hurting I bleed the tears
Please rain love upon me.


The mystery of murder

 Kennan Zishka
On any ordinary day
Hidden then open
Extrapolate a fault
On a dangerous tangent
Once set in motion
Flies in the face of logic
Thatís the mystery of murder
Double cross
Couldnít recover
From the loss
Someone somewhere
Is planning something
That will end in tragedy
For everyone involved
In every ordinary life
Flagrant or suppressed
Author the debt
That must be replayed
Once on the stage
Seeking a soliloquy
For the mystery of murder
Crooked deed
A spurned lover
Or just plain greed
Someone somewhere
Is planning something
That will end in tragedy
For everyone involved
So why curiosity?
Why turn your head to see?
Watch as the story is told
Wonder who could be so bold
An extreme that seems out of reach
Yet in everyone thereís some of each
Still in the end you most expect to learn
That the guilty will face their turn
Under the scrutiny
Of the prevailing society
On any ordinary day
Hidden then open
Extrapolate a fault
On a dangerous tangent
Once set in motion
Flies in the face of logic
Thatís the mystery of murder
Someone somewhere
Is planning something
That will end in tragedy
That needs to be solved

Last Prayer
Heather Shepherd
She looks up to God with tears in her eyes,
for in the night she silently cries.
This night is differnt from others past,
thru this night she might not last.
Her heart aches with something to say,
and with a deep breath, she starts to pray;
"Oh Dear God, hear my plea,
and let this be the end of me.
All this pain I can not take,
for this life long curse I could not break.
I seem to struggle more each day,
how is one expected to carry on this way?
Oh, Father above, Please forgive my big sin,
Open the gates to Heaven, and let me in."
Her eyes were heavy, could say no more,
and from her hand the bottle fell to the floor.


A Day To Never Forget
La'Tia Melton
It was quiet  as if someone was and class and had blurted something absurd 
She no longer heard screaming, crying ,nor laughter So  the empty sound is what she now went after 1 minute had went by alone by herself, next minute she hears the terror of screams and cries for help
as she walks to the back not  knowing what going she now sees her mother face and sees that  her heart was torn as her mother looks up as if she were praying she begins to cry saying why? Why? Oh why? She now lies that little on the bed  there was no more movement in the legs arms nor head she now looks at her little sister  who has turn from light skin, pale, to blue just a few minutes ago she didnít know what was going on now she has a clue she could see right though her mother she was filled with sorrow and at the young age of two she now knew that her baby sister would never get to see tomorrow.


Kayla Murray

I'm tired of all this shit,
So I guess I'll just quit
I love you more than you'll ever know,
It's just hard for me to show.
Don't worry, I'll be fine
I'm taking back what's mine.
Don't be upset baby, we'll both be alright
I'm so exhausted, and I know you don't want to fight.
So let's stop this now, pretend it was all a dream
I guess some things just aren't what they seem
And even though now we're through
A part of me will always love you


irene moore 
Dont tell me that you dont love me
Because i can see it in your eyes
Dont speak unless spoken to
Because all you speak are lies
Dot tell me that you're sorry
Because I know that it's not true
Dont try and wipe my tears away
Because the reason im crying is you
Dont tell me you hate me
Because you're with me every night
Dont act like you dont want me
Because you caress my body and hold me tight
Dont tell me you want to leave me
Because you said you'd love me forever
Dont break your committment to me
Because well always be together
Dont tell me you've found someone else
Because i make your life complete
Dont worry about our problems
Because the barriers in our relationship, I can defeat
Dont tell me "nothing" when I ask you what you're thinking
Because I can read the expressions on your face
Dont act like you dont need me
Because you think you need some space
So dont tell me you dont love me
Because I always know you will
And dont think we dont have connections
Because I feel, what you feel


Help is said in a whisper
and pain is in between the smiles
You have sat here alone, and waiting
much too long
you write of loneliness like a pro
there isn't a thing that you don't know
.......about being alone
Why don't you love?
Why don't you cry?
Instead you sit and slowly die
and what, what is so wrong about you
Can everyone see?
Can everyone hear?
maybe you are not as silent as you think


Nicholas R. Holmes
        Is it such a dark and unsavory wish to cease to exist. By this i mean not to die and proceed to the afterlife but to simply allow all that composes the human condition to be no more. I realize that people are compelled to feel as if this would be a horrible and terrifying experience yet i fail to understand why. It seems to me that this would be the only true path to ,for  lack of a better word, inner peace. I personally feel that if i were forced to sit back and watch idly the people that mean so much to me suffer the physical, mental and emotional hardships of life, it would simply be to much fore any deviant person to bear. And worse to become deceased and levitate to some magical paradise were all the problems and injustices still being imposed upon the people I have allowed to be a part of my family or even more so the persons with whom I was never afforded the pleasure of getting to know or enjoying there company are no more seems to be at least selfish and a most disgusting part of human nature.
         For quite sometime I had entertained the thoughts that my only rational and decent destiny would be to endure the eternity that any decent sinner should. A destiny that no doubt would bring fear to any sane being and indeed it did in me. Yet still it seemed the only reasonable train of thought. To suffer for all the wrongs and injustices I have committed during my sentence in this world. It only seems fair. Yet at this point i am forced to pose the question that if there is indeed a god and he or she could sanction these things as a part of its creation than i would rather not be a part of that. Instead I prefer to think that at the end of my stay here I will be no more. That on that wondrous day I will close my eyes and the sweet serenity of dark silence will wrap me in its sweet embrace and just as i am here today the I will no longer.
         Please if i have offended anyone with the thoughts that i have expressed you can rest assure that they are simply the ramblings of an ignorant and uneducated young man with nothing better to do than argue with himself.


Life's Satisfaction
    - Anne
A pearl of misty weather followed by a crystal gem of rain
With clinging wet, feet taps on the sparkling window pain
And a golden sun showing off colorful rays
Spilling it over the sky; leaving us wonderful days
The vibrant flower that whispers as it blooms
And brightens a colorful light when placed on a tomb
And though life at times may steal us all
There are some things we must call
Satisfaction to whom may smile or glow
Because of the gold of music in our hearts does flow
Yes, this can become a major attraction,
Life's satisfaction




Thereís Something I Need to Say
Thereís something I need to say to you; but I canít continue with the lie that has become our love
Thereís something I need to say tonight, I canít lie I know I once loved you, you meant the world to me; but now someone has come into my life that has showed me the world from a magnificent point of view
Thereís something I need to say I donít love you anymore itís over you may think Iím cruel ;but itís better that way than to continue cherishing something that will never be
Those walks on the park and along the beach as the waves reached the evening moon as they showered us with love and affection
Those nights we watched movies until dark as you embraced me in your arms one more time telling me you would forever love me
I remember our senior prom everything glimmered it seemed magical as an enchanted dream as we danced to the rhythm of the alluring music hoping this night in the wrath of your lovely embrace would never end
I remember the night we were on a picnic by the lake as we admired the beauty of the moon and the stars shining upon us as you sang to me telling me how much you wanted me by your side forever
Until one day, you kissed me and I felt nothing
I wanted to end this until I hurt you any further
But then it hurt me when I found out you were the one who pretended to love me
I saw you with her and it broke my heart; but now I knew I had no guilt and I had to say goodbye and move on with my life, so good bye my love , lets end this  now without conflict walk away and donít look back cause once you do I wonít be able to let you go    


Pray To God
Carmella Adkins Hohner
It  does not matter how we do it or where we pray.
As long as we believe in our lord or father in heaven above.
We were brought up believing you should go to church each Sunday morning.
My church is in my heart and soul.
I pray to the lord anytime of day or night in my mind.
whether i am with family or friends i can pray to god in my own way .
Listening to bluegrass gospel train is my way of getting closer to the lord.
Whether i recite  the hail Mary or the Lord's prayer
. As long as we keep in touch with believing in the lord and keeping faith .
it does not matter how  it  is expressed or  where.
So pray no matter what you are doing in life.
 Just take the time..
  in your own way and  on your own time,
So  everyone keep the lord in your heart and soul.
speak to him no matter where you may be.


Alysha Campbell
Can you look into my eyes, and see the things hidden beyond your eyes?, is it really that hard to see, the pain that lives inside of me?, am i really that hard to understand, all i wanted was for you to hold my hand, forcing a smile when all i have to offer is tears, as all my happy days, turned into my worst fears, loving you so much without holding back, but the sun turned cold and my heart went black, all of the pain and all of the sorrow, reminds me of what i'll feel tomorrow, i for some reason cannot let you go,  i cannot hide these feelings to which they are to show, walking in the rain you can't see how hard i cry, wondering why our last words had to be goodbye, i can't help but wonder what we could have been, loving you forever and never let it end, all those late nights, hanging out and having fun, after a short while i swore you were the one, your promises were broken after all this time, and you know i'd be lying if i told you i was fine, loving you was the best mistake of my life, but now i'm afraid i'll dream of you at night, standing so close to you we're miles apart, nobody but you will ever have my heart, looking at me i may appear to be fine, but it's killing me deep inside, thinking of you it constantly hurts, knowing that with a little time we could have made it work, wishing that one more time we could go back again, before we uttered the words, "we can still be friends" , thinking about it now can you look into my eyes, and see the things hidden beyond your eyes.


Chariot Revisited
William J. Russell
Because I could not stop for love,
She lustily stopped for me;
The moment held us two
And immortality.
We barely moved, she knew no haste,
And I had put away
My past and future too
For her reality.
We flew together where few have been,
Beyond this earthly place;
We passed the seas of shining blue,
We passed the setting sun.
We paused before the edge of time,
At the acme of our swell;
Returning then, to dust we came,
Organic bodies homely spun.
Since then it seems a lifetime,
But each touch of her,
It seems to me,
Gives a glimpse of eternity.

She gets in the car
She's had a few
looks all around with a woozy view
she knows its wrong
she knows she should wait
but she has to get home
and cant be late
she isn't alert and misses a sign
runs off the road
and hits a pine
she opens the door
and falls to the ground
the very next day her corpse is found
now you may think this wont happen to you
but you should know that these things do.

Kalina Woodberry


I spent years loving someone unreachable,
You would have thought I learned my lesson long ago.
But here you were in my life again, without me in yours.
My life has been turned upside down for something I thought existed.
Only to find out it never did, never would or never could.
My friend, my lover, my forever only existed in my heart.
In my mind I knew it would never be, yet I let myself be dragged back in time.
To a time that only existed to me.
Be a man, let me go without the promise of a friendship that can never be.
Tell me in words that can only come from your mouth, the words only I'll believe.


Red with blue dawn
stars begin to wan
when it will it begin to end
we all have to be send
beyond the sky
in heaven or it's a lie
we may also rest in hell
which can't be a wishing well
curtains are to be pull
cover the grief full pool
never had a time
because it was full of mine
ready for a result
with a explosive cult
on one wanna be mean
just waiting for the next dawn to be seen.


By Trina

I sit on a rock, as still as the water
My mind as blank as the pure driven snow
I watch the dove fly gracefully by
Fading into the distance, dancing with the clouds
The imminence of tragedy sounded through out the sky
I run through the grass of the flourishing green meadow
Nothing could compare to the sight at my feet
What was once such beauty is now but a prize
I watch the dove's grace fade rapidly away
As it's body becomes lifeless and it's blood flows no more


future encounters
night breezes carry my thoughts
night passes me by

Jessica Augustine


One day heíll realize
Nicole McMahon
One day heíll
Heíll realize what he did to me
causing hate and pain
Heíll realize how it is to be left outside
being shoved away
Heíll realize that he made a mistake
going for her
Heíll realize what he doesnít have
a girl to hold
One day heíll realize


Jacqueline Pelletier
I donít quite understand
Why things happen the way they do
Without you here the sky isnít blue
The sun doesnít shine and the grass is not green
Thunder and lightning always surrounds me
The rain beats upon my head harder than usual
My world has gone upside down
And I donít know what to do
My favourite things are no longer favoured
And I canít seem to focus
I know you are gone
But I just canít accept it.

eyes closed for now, but when the darkness is too much then he opens his
eyes so he knows he is not alone, he goes to work and leads his life
 normally until he goes home and he remembers how he became alone, closing
his eyes to see if he will be accustomed once the lights go out, the
darkness is something he wants to learn and realize that it could be good,
how can darkness be good for anyone, he realizes that when there is no
one around he is in total darkness no matter how bright the sun shines, so
he will try to achieve understanding and compassion so the darkness won't
be so bad when he opens his eyes and its there forever and he realizes
that he has been alone because he has not let anyone into the darkness
with him for if he does not open his heart or soul to anyone the darkness
will consume him the next time he closes his eyes and realizes that its
too late and he is alone forever


Last Days - Tribulation
Steve Sheridan 
As darkness sweeps across and within each hemisphere
And clouds of heavy matter that hold all pending fear
Coalesce to form deliberation of final self denial
Consuming every parasite the measure from each vial
Anguish sets a course through related pressure points
Surging to the surface inflaming boils along its joints
Bringing forth internally substance soured in time
Leaving scars as layering in memory of some crime
Anger fuels intolerance with trembling the outside
Convulsing pains tempered with tears of being denied
Escaping equanimity amidst darkening of the day
Despair drives its motive to feel and then obey
Eyes that swell in sorrow the pit of black remorse
Seeking penance to the end observed by ghostly force
Blindness now removes itself exposing truth in weight
Burdening deeds converted a chance to alter fate
Charging with omnipotence to cut all ties of woe
Dividing with precision a harvest from the sow
Compassion stirred in pain to the hand of reconcile
Casting out all certainty harbours of the guile


 by Layne McIntyre
I don't want to leave
I don't want to go
you will forget me
I will forget you
one is lonely
I won't let you go
I won't leave you
but you leave me
like it's nothing
you laugh
I cry
you think ahead
I reminisce
what good times we had
I wish that they would never end
we were brought closer together
then we had to leave
now you're gone
blown away
like dust
never to be seen again
even by someone who knows you so well
you laugh
I cry
please don't say goodbye

If heart holds my life
If heart holds my life and the life unhooked from life
What's left in the pot of quenchless fire is fire
To burn and bring down everything to nothing
My last letter to the unloved world penned in those words unread
If words are only words, which belong to quill and papyrus
I have the skin of silk and a mouth of ink for you to take
Empty all I have like sweep the dust on the old shelf
Love me by a book with blank pages that wait for my woo
If breath holds my heart and the heart shrunk into a seed
What's growing in the earth of lifeless life are bleeding vows
To slaughter and forget nothing but everything


What Did I Do Yesterday?
Najma Saeed
I shall do so much in the years to come;
but what did I do yesterday?
I shall give my silver in a princely sum;
but what did I give yesterday?
I shall speak the words of love and cheer;
but what did I speak yesterday?
I shall bring each lonely life a smile;
but what did I bring yesterday?
I shall feed the hungering souls of Earth;
but whom did I feed yesterday?
I shall build my mansions in the sky;
but did I build yesterday?
I shall reap such joys in the by and by;
but what did I sow yesterday?

Becky Akaji
Look inside and you will see
Pieces of my broken heart
Into my tender bleeding heart
Goes the fiery evil dart
That much too often is thrown my way
Until I fall and go astray
To find new life
To find new hope
So that my withering faith will stay afloat
Afloat amidst the stormy seas
Afloat amidst my begs and pleas
Afloat until I see that open door
Afloat until I cry no more

Jane Fenton
so often ive layed alone in the night
so often ive prayed with all of my mite
so often ive questioned my reason for being
so often ive looked without ever seeing
so many times ive cried out in pain
so many times ive tried all in vain
so many times ive felt broken and weak
so many times ive been unable to speak
then one day by chance i see you and smile
then one day by chance we talk for a while
then one day by chance i have no more fear
then one day by chance i know why im here
i know that im loved and can give love aswell
i know that there''s heaven even if you''re in hell
i know the message God shouts from above
i know that the message is have faith in love


She is an everyday statistic
And you may not even know it
One in 4 women, she is a survivor
She could be your friend, your lover
your mother, your sister, your wife
She may live in silence
But sheís reaching out to you
Her trust is broken
Will you give her a hand
She needs you even though she may be distant
Even though she may seem out of control
She doesnít want you to be her hero
She just needs an ear, a shoulder
She just needs someone to confide in
Donít feel sorry for her
She doesnít want your pity
Just give her an ear or a shoulder
Some understanding and sheíll be alright
She doesnít want to be a victim
She is a survivor


Iíve lived the last 20 years in a daze
Wandering around in my wasted haze
If only I had known what it would take from me
I would never have started this life I now see
I sometimes wonder what it would have been like living life clean
Having all of those wasted years back seems like a dream
Would I have been a different man
Could I have been more successful than I am
If only I could have those wasted years back
Instead of being at the end of the track
I sometimes wonder if life is for me a life full of pain and misery
What do I mean when I say I no longer care
Could it be that Iím simply in despair
If I could change and finally see the light
Do you think I may live through the night
Or will I simply fade away no one knowing why I decided to have my final say
But what if I make it to the next day is anyone going to listen to me anyway
So now its time to decide
Shall I live with this torment inside
or shall I just simply fade away

Gavin Newling


Goodness in you
© Jessica Murat
Just because you care
Just because you look out
Just because you passed out that shout
Just because you are always there
Just because you have the time to spare
Just because you keep me in your reach
Just because you are as sweet as a peach
Just because you keep it real
Just because you care
Just because you smile
Just because your fly
Just because you can
Just because you only
practice goodness in his land...

Just because...

Last minuet introspection
D.J. ventre
oh my,
jesus crist,
some one tame the acrid fire,
nether worlds seem strangely vacant,
like the caverns in my head,
but just before everything stops being in
being and,
being in,
being it,
begins showing that the most fantastic and
sub-worldly thing comes right before one's very last breath,
with eyelids peeled back and wide awake,
some morbidly vial climatic explosion,
brought on by redundant,

by Amit Shankar Saha.

"Mist" was her name and she was in my way
And the wind was all silent and away.
Neither the sun nor the moon are to blame,
It was the breeze; that the breeze never came.
I walked in the fog with two sightless eyes
And then I heard her cry: She cries! She cries!
She cried on my shoulder and on my chest,
She cried with such tears that moistened my breast.
She hugged me tightly and fell on her knees
As fall the waves on the shores of the seas.
And as my sight cleared I made brisk my walk;
She fell further as time ticked on the clock.
And clung to my feet she did drain in rain
The saltless tears of a bosom in pain.

"Lie to me,"
She said,
"I love you,"
He cried.
With blood shot eyes,
And painful goodbyes,
They became more apart,
With an empty hole in their heart.
Madly in love,
Crazy some say,
For such a beauty,
To die this way.
As time went by,
And the wounds started to heal,
They called each other up,
To see how they feel.
"I hate you,"
She screamed,
As she put down the phone,
Crying, hurt, and once again,alone.

Paula Bielnicka 


by Monta
Cold wind runs through my empty eyes,
Iíve lost some part of me,
The pain is gone, but heart is cold.
You don't care when I'm there,
I am at the back of your mind,
Locked in silver chains.
Iím sick of this all,
Every time you look at me,
You burn another hole in me.
I cry out my silent pain,
And wipe away like wind blows sand,
I wonít let it stay and tire my mind.
I wish to end this nightmare,
And run away from you,
To place, where sunshine never goes down.
I wish it was that simple,
Because Iím locked in silver chains...


Thomas Marshall
     A trip to the North for Andrew and Me, - a couple of "Pointers", to
     the "Star of the Sea"
     Below "Weber Falls", is a man with a pole, - seeking small trout to
     nourish his soul.
     There's a deep churning pool at the top of the falls, - with
     wildflowers and moss growing damp on rock walls.
     A gray "Little Dipper" dives into the pool, - it's mate lands
     nearby and it really is cool,
     To watch these small birds fly and swim in their niche.
     A young couple climbs down and the boy gets an itch, -
     And jumps off of the rocks with a yell to the whirl, -
     there are handclaps and giggles and smiles from his girl.
     Asterisms and Birds, and I feel on the verge,
     Of "On Earth as in Heaven", - at a place where they merge.
     A time, a place, a friendship, a prayer.
     Little Dippers up North,
     And North, - Up There!    

                                         "North Star"
                                         "Star of the Sea"
                                         "Polaris" in  "Little Dipper"
                                         Asterism in "Ursa Minor"
                                         "American Dipper" - small diving
                                         bird found at fast flowing
                                         "Pointers" found in "Big Dipper
                                         Asterism in "Ursa Major"


 -Natural Mystic-
Trip stumble and fall just to rise again
A vision of the risen my one and only friend
Out to feed the world feed yourselves first
Our children are hungry and dying of thirst
Refusing to drink from waters man pollute
Being stoned for speaking truth
From the tree that bears the fruit
Inspiration growing within
Ital food in each word we sing
Knowing love and the joy life brings
A humble servant welcoming the King Of Kings
In all I sing


How can you live with yourself, you deserve it, evil, possessed.
I have seen your ears they are filled with peoples shouts.
Your heart is filled with hate,
I know you have a good side even though its hidden.

Juna Benjamin


Jessica Augustine

I allowed the rain to enrapture me this morning.  I became overwhelmed in a reverie of passion and pleasure.  I released the pains of the past few days and of the past several years, but only for a moment.
In this moment of time, a moment that seemed to last an eternity; I was free.  I became liberated.  I danced in the rain, letting each drop remove a scar from my past.  I threw off all of my hats and found myself; but only for a moment.
I'm still here under all of the inspirations, the pleasures, the treasures of my life.  I'm still here under all of the pains and pressures. I felt alive again, if only for a moment.
I found myself again, if only for a moment.


Thunder Melanie Ann Sptizer
Tears no longer fall from my eyes,
It is water
Water of sadness,
Water of forgiveness,
Water of hatred
As the trees flow back and forth
I cry,
Just siting here,
Waiting to die
You don't understand,
This is not all about a man!
It's about me,
And what I need
Do you understand now?
Don't be to loud
I don't want them to know that I am crazy
Now you know I am not all that lazy
All I think about is death
I can not face the truth
This is what I say as I try to preserve my youth
I'm getting old now,
And it is my turn to die
I might only be four teen
But the depressment has drove me to be many years
You are no longer sad to be here
I know that now
Even sadder than before
But tears still don't fall from my eyes!


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