July, 2006

Should I Or Should I not?
As I'm growing up I make new choices everyday.
I run into new experiences.
Experiences I never thought I would run into.
I look up to my elders.
I thought they would help me make better choices.
But I was wrong.
I have to make them on my own.
The more I look up to my elders, The More my choices go wrong.
You think of things differently, as you grow older, than when you would have when you were younger.
Being a follower is no better than being in the wrong crowd.
You make a choice you never dreamed of doing in your life, It comes back to get you, And it will stay in your head for a while.
So if you don't want to regret something for a long time, And feel the pain and sorry.
Make the right choices.
Think twice before you do something you shouldn't.

Michaela Miller


Arcing through nightly skies
Flaming languid passion,
Kissing stars as She flies
Fluttering in lunation,
Brightly feathered arching
Casting subtle shadows,
Seas and Earth hear Her sing
Burning in poems and prose,
Bards' quills wrought of Her plumes
Shedding mighty feathers,
Her monthly wing-beat looms
Raising the tides and waters,
Brimming liquid essence
Dolloping like a song,
Enchanting every sense
Her influence more than strong.
Just around the corner
Emily Schembri

Just around the corner,
Is the place that you seek,
Where it is not what you say that is important, It is what it means that matters.
In this place,
You are listened to,
But you must be paitent,
And realize that,
You're not the only one with troubles.


By-Samantha McMullan

Pitless and cold hardless and lonley no one around to hold me crying with tears all russhing down me wishing someone could hold me unhappy and sad crying buldlyee don't why my life is so lonley.[MoM-N-DaD] No longer hold me gone away and havent told me so for all you people who think this is bad you anit seen Nothin till you'v seen me mad.Now the only one i can talk to is the angel in heven waiting for the day they come to take me. Pitless-N-Cold heartless and EMPTY and i have no one their to hold me!!


general call of duty
must be good what we want 
cocker spaniel
cooperation my friend 
belgian girls dont wear underwear 
what else ?
I dont know what they watch they are probably fukin idiots
one part will laugh another will smile 
machiavelli and a little palm next to the entrance of our flat 
dude that was batman and you were not aloud 





Mountain Of Pain
Irvin Ng
No one understand
No one cares
im alone to stand
with so much scares
I walk on this dark road
Where there is no light
And it's hard for me to stand on my foot And it's hard for me to fight
Everything has faded away
Nothing else left
Only this life of mine which has gone astray And all i can do now is to bow
I put my face on the rock
And can barely look to the Heaven
And left everyone around to mock
To mock me like a raven
Then i lift my face up to the sky
But all i see is a million feet tall mountain 
Can anything teach me to fly To fly over this mountain of pain


 Why so?
Why would one feel so lonely,
When one ainít even a bit homely.
Why should one feel so dead,
When one hasnít even felt lead.
This is just to tell ya whatís it like,
To be a Gangstaí on the streets full of vice.
How would it feel to know that youíve reached the end, When you havenít even dreamt of reaching the helm.
But then thatís not all what our life brews, You think youíve got all the right things when you book a cruise.
Still you feel so hollow inside,
ĎCoz you know your kids will never have a normal life.


krystle phillip 

Black is the night sky. it is the color of death. black is the shadows casted by the light of night. it is the pain of the suffering world. it is the void in our life. Black is the people that's dieing in the war every day. it is the sorrow of the soldiers having to kill to save the innocent. it is the world fighting to survive. it is us poisoning the earth. Black is the day of judgement. it is the evil the world has seen an will still see.


This cruel world
jennifer hall

The world is a cruel place in which I live Nothing gets better no matter how much I give and give

The place in which I work is full of deceit, disrespect, and foul play.

But I have to keep working here and accept what I cannot change due to the vast amount of bills I must pay

I come to work everyday and sit at this desk, hoping eventually that things will get better, wishing that this unable load that rests on my shoulders will eventually begin to lessen in its weight

But no, it does not lessen, and my shoulders are becoming bent from the painÖ I feel dead inside all the time.. With no one who seems to care about what will become my everlasting fate.

Work, money, credit, family, trust, lies, despair, grief, depression, and utter unhappiness has become my life When do I become happy again?

Will all my life be filled with this never-ending strife?

The more I try to fight this despair, the more I sink into my hole of depression again and again.

So, thank you, cruel world

So, thank you, cruel world

Thank you for the utter helplessness I feel everyday So, thank you, for the lack of friendship, so no one can care whether or not I have anything to say.

So, thank you, for the never ending amount of debt I owe that rests over my head So, thank you, for the constant overwhelming thoughts of wishing I was dead.


The Church Bell

The church bell of town sings a song,
Ding-dong, ding-dong, ding-dong, ding-dong, 
It's for our heart it rings too long, 
It's melody is what I long, 
It will make thy heart nice and strong, 
And now let us all sing along...


With a quaking determination I welcome the mornings first dispersal of white light Warmed softly by a distant dying star That awakens an entire hemisphere of life I resist the urge to retreat to the blankets that cradle and nurse my saccharine dreams that explode from my wet unconscious mind But after rolling up the bags that bruise my indigo eyes and painting my face white I notice the dissatisfaction that remains from the previous night Taking great steps and wide strides to avoid the onyx shadows that settle restlessly inside And commit to the limitless possibilities that supposedly sway and drift in alternating winds I rose my hand inch by inch as to obtain one of these pathways that bare fulfillment and lucent balance But when your living in the wind Where do you begin This morning I began in the shadowed Realizing that paving pathways over shadows doesn't mend this lack of light With all hands and feet I blow life into the darkness Retrieving dim dirt and turn it into the mother of all life And with the light from mornings first sun I can now turn simple soil into a olive ocean

Jen - Jenny


Tabaitha Travis

A child screams,but it isn't heard

To afraid to say a word.

Her innocence stolen in the night

To young and to small to put up a fight.

The beautiful small that always played upon her face Is gone forever, gone from it's rightful place.

Her dreams and hopes are forgotten and gone Just like the melody to a once cherished song.

She screams and screams within her soul

To afraid to talk to afraid to say NO!


For all the children in the world

To afraid to say one simple word.

Scream and shout until you are heard.


I Keep cumming up short
Justin Glandon
                       I comb my hair i wear cologne
                       I jackoff in my bed alone.
                       I buy new clothes and go to the bar,
                       I have no job i have no car.
                       I flash my money like im in the game,
                       guys think im cool,chicks think im lame.
                       for all the effort witch i put forth,
                        i know in the end I be fucking a dwarf 
They think your fat
Well how about that
You are confused
While others are amused
They think your too big
They start to call you a pig
You are really good at math
They just stare at your calf
You start to leer
Into a mirror
You think your too wide
You must hide
You think you can shear
Away the fear
The mocking feels like a cannonball
Your heart begins to fall
You think your too fat
You MUST be like Pat
You start to throw-up
Your friends tell you to grow-up
They start to make fun of a new girl
You no longer have to hurl
Your old friends are behind your back
That is something you do not lack

Kristin Thomson 


My hand hurts from writing,
Trying to write these feelings away.
My head hurts from thinking
If I can make it another day.
My soul hurts from fighting
To escape this lonesome cage. 
My voice hurts from screaming
All of my captivating pain.
My eyes hurt from crying
All these endless tears.
My back hurts from carrying
Such burdens all of these years.
My ears hurt from hearing
That all my pain will soon heal.
My heart hurts from trying
So hard to feel.

Krista Novakowski


" Prayer "
Forgive him 4all of his sins,
Because u kno wat hes done,
and were hes been.
Forgive him 4 he has used ur name in vane!
But dats because hes going through so much pain.
Hes got things to do tomorrow night,
but before he do dem things
show him da light,
so dat tommorow night!
ma dawgwould look up
and take his fight.
Im looking up and all i c is my skys r gray, But all i can do is just sit here and pray.
If u can here me tonight
Let ma broda c da light.
                                             " AMEN "    @}~'~

Endured so much pain In these short twenty-one years conquered my fears and shad so many tears stared death in the face to see it tern away thatís why every night I lay awake and I pray and thank the lord for giving me another sunset if I die before I wake will never forget all my family and friends and all there guidance life is short and full of surprises so when you fill like life is to hard look in the mirror at all your scars you cam way to far to give up in this game it mite rain but it will sunshine again threw the trials and tribulations how many times did death face you never erase you every thing happens for a reason and thatís why I am believing that I am still breathing

daniel ray 


Get Away
Rylie Rutter
if you don't like me, step away. If you like me, don't astray. You be nice, I 
be nice. You be mean, I be mean. Simple tasks will lead you here, and I don't 
care if you're revere. Books are fine, punks are okay, I don't even care, if 
you're a stray. Talk to me, I'll talk back. If you dis me, I won't turn back. 
I'll keep on walking, where I go. I won't go to a parent, and blow. I'll stand 
my ground, be strong. Be tuff, and move along.


Born of the Forever Song
By: Chris Franklin
Long before my birth
My soul was as it will be for all time
Of the light of my darkness
I will be forever of split between my heart and soul 
My hear is of purest darkness of the light 
My soul if a flame by the light of the void 
Forever unbound by time Within the stream of time my power grows 
Promise to the abyss for watching over the children left behind 
Cass out of the kingdom of Forever light To a place of hope of pain and kindness of the end 
The end to the beginning of rebirth If the heart and soul are will 
Sins are my memoirs never to forget Learn by each passing moment 
Never to relive the past By the pain I feel By the breath of time itself this promise to remember 
Now and forever Love to lose Life to live Death I will live on in the stream of the forever song of my soul 
The voice of the spirit I will live for the tomorrow to come today 
Birth to the never ending song of DarkLight 
           I stand alone watching life from far away
         A place in my mind where all my thoughts shall play
               My pain roams wild, my love seeks out-loud
          I'm a ghost that floats slowly through the crowd.
            Who am I? What am I? Why can't anyone see
            The pain, the hurt that burns deep inside of me.
                 I close my eyes tight and imagine myself
          Way beyond the clouds where the stars sparkle like diamonds
                      And the moon looks at me and smiles.
           My imagination takes off to a place I haven't been in awhile
                       A place not far away I loved as a child.
                      A place over the hill, past the green pasture
                            A place so beautiful in my mind
                                only my eyes will capture.
                              A place so concealed by love
                              Is this what I've been after?
                             My thoughts begin to tremble,
                                my soul takes its rapture
                                  I ask myself again, 
                       Is this the place my thoughts really been after?
The World
As I look around I see the world,
All of its beauties and wonders,
Yet we sit here and complain about it,
We didn't have to be here,
There must be a reason,
A reason we are here,
No I'm not talking about fate,
It is a greater reason,
The sun shines everyday,
We can look back on the good and the bad, 
Know in our hearts that there is a God, 
And just listen to people tell us he's a fake, 
Yet we sit here and do nothing about it, 
And we still wonder what's wrong with the world, 
We expect someone else to stick up for God, 
But we should realize, today's the day, 
We need to be God's people and spread his word 
We need to tell of God's love for everyone, 
And of the forgiveness he offers us.

Gabby G

I stand alone in world of my own

Asking why the truth has yet to let itself be known I'm wandering through the pages of time The world's clock ticks away, bringing us closer to the midnight chime.

Soon the day will start anew

And more and more people will bid life adieu Some will laugh as others do fail Leaving only those who could pay to prevail.

Someday soon we'll wonder how corruption hid in a dark back street And set the world a fire with flames made from those who lie and cheat.

Those flames that set my world alight,

Hiding the meaning of life tonight.

And as we wonder through the empty lanes We'll remember the cause was greed that ran in our veins Like race cars heading towards the finish line And will of course miss the warning sign.

Now the race is over and what is left?

Scraps that are of hope bereft.

And still time runs on passing us and not noticing the wreck It seems no one is in a hurry to stop and check Those that have fallen down already And those whose legs are unsteady.

Tonight mine are the legs that are weak.

No one would stop because I was part of the crowd, not unique.

That is, until I met you of course.

You heard my cries above the worlds noise and looked for its source.

I looked at you offered hand and followed it to your eyes You saw me when no one else did and for you, I think I can rise.

Its funny how with your hand in mine,

I can stand apart and not follow the crowd's line.

And even if today you leave me leaning,

It doesn't matter because I've learned life's meaning.



Thereís a tiny little graveyard to the north of south kandoo, the only sound at night time is the sound of little shoes.

His eyes are alert his lips are dry like sand, while on a chosen grave he lays a bony hand.

At night he wanders to the top of mount glace, you see this was the grave robbers secret place.

There he would sit for hours at night, gazing at the moon and and being dazzled by itís light.

But one night while sitting alone in his tomb he heard the shouting of a child who was in her room.

She was shouting and yelling at her parents downstairs, She was being very naughty but she didnít care.

At that moment the grave robber came, she stopped screaming and turned and he whispered her name.

He brought a finger to his lip and said do not make a noise; the girl was very silent as she fell against her toys.

The grave robber took her voice in his hand, the girl could not speak and she couldnít call her dad. He said: ďnow in Kandoo if a childís not well behaved, I shall take their voice forever and keep them in my caveĒ.


fluttering through your callous eyes
has left me dirty no surprise
these hands are washed with gasoline
f**k your heart & wipe it clean
oh, Iíve died inside your clutch
your kiss, your touch, it hurts to much
ravish me, your wicked hands
Iíll beg to give into your demands
sweeping down my back with sin
I loose control, Iíve let it in
your eyes f**k mine, I fall apart
suck the life from my vicious heart
I bleed your blood I breathe your air
save me from your judging stare
your beast has met me face to face
hell is here for your embrace.
canít you see the moon sink deep?
to light a fire in your sleep
your sky your love contained in flame
black your veins to live in shame.


I'm lost and alone in a world that is new.
I'm frightened and sad in this place without you.
Like a deserted puppy left out in the rain.
'Cause the children who owned her thought she was lame.
Like a beaten child who's mother was drunk.
That cried out her name when killed in her bunk.
Like a young girls last breath that ended her pain.
'Cause for her fathers death she took the blame.
Like a friend who's in need but no one's around.
To catch her before she falls dead on the ground.
Like a heart that was broken from the loss of a love.
That caused her to jump from the tower above.
Like a knife through the back when you know your friends lied.
For all of this pain is why I have died.


The Frozen Lake

The heat shone down on the frozen lake, Such a long time since the heat last saw her, She was forgotten.

She was lost.

But a lake forgotten is not a lake dry, And the sun had found her, and soon she would be alive.

The heat melted the ice, and the water began flowing, Touched by the ecstasy of the beautiful sun.

The sun shone brighter, and harder on the water, Pleased by its success at melting the ice.

Ecstatic at the reflection from the glistening water, And return of the light from the surface of the lake.

Then the lake began circling,

Like a whirlwind the passion carrying the current, Like a wind in the storm.

Over the edge of the mountain, a fountain of ecstasy, The water penetrated the valley that lay deep beneath.

Fireworks exploding.

The droplets of water danced on the earthís surface, As the stream hit the valley bed.

A whirlwind of life and passion and joy, The water slid slowly down the smooth surface of the mountain, Then deep into the darkness of the valley.

More and more water, released. Unchained. Exposed by the sun, Thrusting to the surface, desperate to reach the edge.

In the passion and fury a rock is released, And the remaining water left to gush until all reaches the edge, Like an explosion, the rush of water flies furiously over the edge, Until the lake at the top of the mountain is dry.

The valley bed full,

At total capacity

It ripples a long time, before settling to sleep.

Still. Lifeless. The passion is over,

The cloud draws in, resting heavy over the new lake.

Cold again, the lake is frozen,

Forgotten and lost after its moment of joy.

But a frozen lake is not a dry lake,

And she knows that the sun will soon shine again.


Philosophical Mind
Tony Cook-

We r all unpredictable like a creature
not tame
Or do we play a roll in a losing game

The creation of life is explained by a theory Praising the eternal prolonging our mystery 
Supposedly it is a venture known as our destiny

From da depths of da oceans mountains grew 
But nature can tare dem down n build dem anew 
From da nites so black 2 our skys so blue 
These r da everchanging flows of da river of life 
From da days we as humans grazed in fields of grass

2 now being human, weak minded forgetting our past

Do we live wiv angels constantly by our side 
Or do we secretly reveal our angel that quietly lives inside 
Now n then we get our feelings of divine spirituality Its a shame we only use it wiv human practicality 
We live in desire of our fantasies only 2 be held back by realities This is because we live life by written technicalities


            I look into the mirror and what do I see?
            An out of control creature staring back at me.
            I fall to my knees and think how can this be?
            Its true, its too late there's know way to break free.
            Growing up to be like my mom was one of my biggest fears,
            when she doesn't have a pill she breaks down into tears.
            She used to abuse us then use her pills as her excuses.
            Now I'm headed down the same path and I hope there's a cure,
            a cure for being just like her. 
            I feel stuck, everyday my goal is to find something to get 
            me messed up. I cant face a day sober cause this world is 
            just too much. Life really truly sucks.
            Sometimes i get extremely mad, I tried so hard not to be 
            like her I gave it everything I had.
            Now I look in the mirror and what do I see?
            Its my mom staring back at me.
            I fall to my knees and think how can this be?
            Its true its too late there's know way to break free. 

                  Poet, Jessica Holts

You haven't seen me forever, you wonder who I am, Years later, you find me, you see me, you see...

I'm done with my suffering.

I'm changed.

"Hey Alen, remember me?" Yes I remember you.

He wonders....

Why does he wear sunglasses? Why does he wear suits? Why the collar shirts? Why? Why does he look good? Why do the girls dig his looks and personality? Why?

I want to be friends with him. I want his fame and popularity. I want his personality.

Why all nice all of a sudden?

Well FCK you. I remember how you treated me.

You remember how you treated me? Remember the disrespect? Remember the hate?

I've changed. I'm looking better. In fact, I'm looking like I've never imagined I would look like. You wonder why I do what I do. Why does he show off?


I love the attention. I love the heat. I love the hate. I love the love. I love the respect. I love the disrespect. I love the curiosity. I love to make you wonder.

Now you want my fame? You want to be my friend?

You can fck yourself. I am not interested in your kind.

Alen Papic


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