lingering sadly
the fragile pink petal embrace
the cherry's old trunk

-Suezan Aikins

Driving at night
our headlights part the darkness
not the falling snow

-Winona Baker

Returning home
only the pendulum
in motion

-Betty Kendell Bennett

ah these soft spring nights
full of bawling cats...
and lilac

-Marianne Bluger

Pingos heave
out of the barrens.....
the midnight sun.

-Catherine M. Buckaway

struggling down his chest...
the breast that isn't there!

-Denise Coney

Arriving home -
the setting sun
framed in each window

-Betty Drevniok

snow on silent snow
unseen cardinals calling
my dog nuzzles me

-Muriel Ford

Falkland Island War:
on the sea floor sailors rest
free of thunder

-Claire K. Harris

January thaw
in the parking garage
a blue egg fragment

-Dorothy Howard

april...and again
the seven days of poppies
rushing red

-anne mckay

Taoreni no kichi yuku
Shiju ma Trillium.

In the stillness
among the decayed fallen trees

-Tomi Nishimura

old boat
on the starlit river
of when are you dreaming?

-Claire Pratt

manning the deck
of the sunken vessel
an unmanned robot

-Margaret Saunders

During our quarrel
an icicle has lengthened
to the breaking point

-L.Pearl Schuck

November fog
my old aunt
asks who I am

-Dorothy Cameron Smith

we dip in the lake the sun and i

-Ruby Spriggs

in mid-summer
tearing up old diaries;
cool rain

-Anna Vakar

Les erables en fen...
Ma main ralentit sa marche
sur la page blance

-Jocelyne Villeneuve

serenely stitching:
no thread in eye

-Gail Whitter

This morning the clouds
are delightfully varied
as a city crowd

-Maureen Wong

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