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Full Moon Tide: The Best of Tanka Splendor 1990 - 1999 edited by Linda Jeannette Ward. Clinging Vine Press.

Modern Japanese Tanka by Makoto Ueda, Editor. Modern Asian Literature Series.

Tanka Splendor 1990 Judged by Sanford Goldstein. 

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Tanka Splendor 1996 Judged by Leza Lowitz.

Tanka Splendor - 1997. Judged by George Swede. AHA Books.

Tanka Splendor - 1998.. Judged by Hatsue Kawamura. AHA Books.

Tanka Splendor - 1999. Judged by Tom Clausen. AHA Books.

Tanka Splendor 2000.

Tanka Splendor 2001.

Tanka Splendor 2002.

Wind Five Folded. Editors Jane & Werner Reichhold. AHA Books.


A Frayed Red Thread - tanka love poems by Linda Jeannette Ward. Illustrated by Jeanne Emrich. Introduction by Laura Maffei. Clinging Vine Press, 2000.

At the Hut of the Small Mind Goldstein, Sanford. 

Always Filling, Always Full by Margaret Chula, Jane Hirshfield Introduction, (Paperback)   Katsura Press, 2000. 

Black Ant's Journey to Japan by Randy Brooks

Bowls I Buy by Jane Reichhold. 

For My Brother Victor & Elsa His Wife by Gerard John Conforti. 

Geography Lens. Jane Reichhold. AHA Books: 2000.

Gift of Tanka by Jane Reichhold. 

How Sky Holds the Sun by Edward J Rielly. 

In Each Other's Footsteps. David Rice.

In The  Presence by Jane and Werner Reichhold. AHA Books, 1997.

More Light, Larger Vision by Geraldine C. Little. AHA Books, 1992.

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The Trees Bleed Sweetness. Carol Purington. Winfred Press, Wilson Hill Road, Colrain, MA, 1999.

Turning My Chair. Pat Shelley. Press Here, 1997.



Airport by Ishigaki Chô ko. Published in Canada by KDC; 1998.

An-Kon-Ka Requiem by Choko Ishigaki. Bilingual Japanese and English. Hard cover with dust jacket.

A Long Rainy Season: Haiku & Tanka (Contemporary Japanese Women's Poetry, Vol 1) by Leza Lowitz, Miyuki Aoyama, Akemi Tomioka (Editor). Stone Bridge Press, 1989

Ariake: Poems of Love and Longing by the Women Courtiers of Ancient Japan
by Liza Dalby. Hardcover.

A String of Flowers, Untied: Love Poems from The Tale of Genji. Jane Reichhold and Hatsue Kawamura, translators. Stone Bridge Press, 2002.

A Thousand Petals, Haiku and Tanka. by Jinna Johnson. Hardcover - January 1971.

A Waka Anthology : The Gem-Glistening Cup by Edwin A. Cranston, Translator. Stanford University Press, 1998.

Cold Waves: A life of Tanka by Anna Holley, translated into the Japanese by Aya Yuhki. Ashi Press:2000.

Confessions of Lady Nijo by Karen Brazell, Translator. Brazil Publications, 1983.

Embracing the Firebird: Yosano Akiko and the Rebirth of the Female Voice in Modern Japanese by Janine Beichman, December 2000.

Heavenly Maiden Tanka by Akiko Baba, translated by Hatsue Kawamura and Jane Reichhold. AHA Books: 1999.

I Am Alive : The Tanka Poems of Goto Miyoko, 1898-1978 Asian Poetry in Translation Japan, No 10 by Miyoko Goto, Reiko Tsukimura. Hardcover - October 1988.

Japanese Love Poems One Hundred One-Two Hundred by Howard S Levy. Paperback – June 1977.

Japanese poetry, the 'uta,' by Arthur Waley. Hardcover – January 1919.

Kokin Wakashu : The First Imperial Anthology of Japanese Poetry
by Helen Craig McCullough, Tosa Nikki, Hardcover - November 1985.

Light: Collected Poetry by Emperor Akihito and Empress Michiko edited by Marie Philomène and Masako Saito. Tokyo, Weatherhill, 1991.

Love Songs from the Man'yoshû by Ian Hideo Levy, Translator. Paperback - October 2000.

Modern Japanese Tanka by Makoto Ueda, Editor. Modern Asian Literature Series, 1996.

New Year's Poetry Party at the Imperial Court : Two Decades in Postwar Years, 1960-1979 by Marie Philomene, December 1983.

One Hundred Poets, One Hundred Poems. Translated by Toshi Ishihara & Linda Reinfeld.

Only Companion : Japanese Poems of Love and Longing by Sam Hamill, Translator. Shambhala, 1992.

Red Lights Shakko : Selected Tanka Sequences from Shakko by Mokichi Saito Translated by Sanford Goldstein. Hardcover - November 1989.

River of Stars : Selected Poems of Yosano Akiko by Akiko Yosano. Paperback - April 1997.

Romaji Diary and Sad Toys by Takuboku Ishikawa, translated by Sanford Goldstein. Paperback - November 2000.

Ryôkan: Selected Tanka & Haiku translated by Sanford Goldstein, Shigeo Mizuguchi and Fujisato Kitajima. Kôkodô Co.

Saigyo by Saigyo, Burton Watson, Translator. Translations from the Asian Classics.

Salad Anniversary by Machi Tawara, translated by Juliet Winters Carpenter. Weatherhill, 1990.

Salad Anniversary by Machi Tawara translated by Jack Stamm. Tokyo, 1987. Available from AHA Books.

Songs from a Bamboo Village : Selected Tanka from Takenosato Uta by Shiki Masaoka, translated by Sanford Goldstein, Paperback – May 1998.

Soul's Inner Sparkle: Moments of Waka Sensations by Fr. Neal Henry Lawrence. Bilingual in English and Japanese. Translated by Aya Yuhki. Hardcover.

String of Beads: Complete Poems of Princess Shikishi translated by Hiroaki Sato Honolulu: University of Hawaii Press, 1993. Hardcover - December 1993.

Tangled Hair : Selected Tanka from Midaregami by Akiko Yosano, translated by Sanford Goldstein. Tuttle Books, 1987.

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Three Trees. Sumiko Koganei. Tokyo, 113-0021 Japan, 1999.

The Thirty-Six Immortal Women Poets : A Poetry Album With Illustrations by Eishi Hosoda. Hardcover - October 1991.

The Wail of Gaea by Fujio Tachibana. 

White Letter Poems. Fumi Saito. Translated by Hatsue Kawamura and Jane Reichhold. AHA Books, 1999.

Women Poets of Japan by Kenneth Rexroth and Ikuko Atsumi, Translators. Paperback – March 1982.


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