Lorraine E. Harr
Geri Barton
Tony Pupello

Basho's frog
celebrated the day
jumped in

"first and second cousins" too
find the new garden pool

April Fool's
across the river
sun sets

park bench gathering dew
under young leaves

misty moon
lilacs he planted bloom
without him

monkey scoots branch to branch
palm tree to palm tree

tanking up at twilight
for the long night

again, wild baby rabbit
nibbles away my garden

"What's up, Doc?"
therapist casts
a downward smile

Tasmanian devil whirls
away in a dust cloud

dream of two snakes
one constricting
one sleeping

wind tossed rain
blowing this way, then that

still undecided -
take the beaten path
or "one less traveled"

a child points it out
pale moon among clouds

thunder clap
field mouse skitters
down a rolling field

high above - the hawk
begins a dwindling spiral

white butterfly
afloat on floating petals
of lace hydrangea

gossamer threads line
the old gardener's shack

Mr. McGregor
and a tipped-over flowerpot
so the story goes

yet another strategy
to outwit the critters

country fair -
lame farmer triple jumps
in the checkers match

gathering up picnic plates
and filling the trash barrels

in the pet shop
two small boys with spiked haircuts
check out pygmy hedgehogs

flea infested cat
the vet's hands full

taking a sunbreak
old pine snag

sparrows loud chatter stops
crickets' single notes begin

no ram
twilight stretches
the shaman's prayer-stick

wrestlers dripping sweat
meet once more on the mat

autumn comes
locust leaves turn all yellow
touched by moonlight

the old piano's keys
long out of tune

Capitol steps -
city pigeons fighting
among themselves

fledgling; how trustingly
you wait for your daily bread

morning mass -
last night's barmaid
serves communion

from the city fire escape
a saxophone's wail

out of dark blues
bright cineraria eyes
enter my being

aging gull follows the river
follows the river's flow

Poem Copyright © Designated Authors 1999.