Icy Font
Carlos Colón
Zane Parks

abandoned church a thin layer of ice in the baptismal font

stained-glass window the pigeons

homing in on a fastball

bat slammed tennis racquet cancels its indoor flight

two-handed lob a pair of hand grenades

fireworks vendor's booming voice

independence day divorce papers signed in red ink

chained to the desk the shell of a ballpoint pen

homeless eyeing the turtle

"tastes great!" "less filling!" the charge of the lite brigade

hoping to surprise her suds fill the laundry room

a teardrop pops a bubble

reverie's end the snap and crackle of the fire

at the tip of a branch the marshmallow moon

edible science project

my neighbor's dachshund coughs up a gummy worm

mountain driving nausea meets me at every turn

headless stop sign

speed-trap trooper across his mirror glasses a Studebaker

jockey just making height for bumper cars pedestrian equestrian

don't walk jiggling jogger jumping up and down

a dash of tabasco on her scrambled eggs crackhead's virgin mary

spray-paint vandals a black cross dripping from the pietà

angry dad scrubs the wall crayons confiscated

building her doll defense team

toy soldier firing squad a final cigarette of bubble gum

using more of a fuchsia she pink-slips the janitor

lizzie's daddy gets the ax

asylum inmate drifting through the dayroom his mooring severed

nurse ratchet mumbles to herself

teething suckling soon weaned

"dolittle party" convention the nominee mounts a pushme-pullyu

at his rider's yell "wahoo!" the stallion snorts "happytrails" t r a i l i n g o f f

Link 32: One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest

Link 34: The pushme-pullyu, from the tales of Doctor Dolittle, is a horned animal which has one head on each end of its body.

(January 18 - April 21, 1996)