AHA! POETRY is the place for you to:

bulletEnjoy reading the new LYNX XIX:1, February, 2004.
bullet Post your poems for the Open Mic Sessions.
bulletBecome a member of an exclusive tanka group online.
bulletLearn about Symbiotic Poetry  and put it to use instantly
Ann Cantelow's Interactive Poetry Invention.
bulletFind all available ez-order AHA Books on one shelf.
bulletRead some books of poetry online from AHA Books for free.
bulletFind the online sections of the book Writing and Enjoying Haiku.
bulletGet the scoop on other poets in Poet Profile.
bulletFind books on, about, or of poetry on The Bookrack.
bullet Advertise your book or books on The Bookrack.
bulletRead and write your own book reviews of your favorite reads.
bulletLearn new/old forms such as: cinquain , ghazal , haiku , renga , sijo , and tanka.
bulletRead selections from previous  Lynx magazines.
bulletFind a new -- to you -- poetry magazine.
bulletGet in on the Sea Shell Game.
bulletWin a Maheecoozookay (as soon as you know what it is).
bulletFind a publisher for your book of poems.
bulletLearn new poetry terms in Japanese and other languages.
bulletCritique -- seek critique for Work-in-Progress.
bulletJoin and then judge the new Tanka Splendor Contest.
bulletGet on a soapbox to rant.
bullet Place your unpublished book in the Brautigan Virtual Library.
bulletRead some of the books in the Brautigan Virtual Library.
bulletHunt for serendipity in the AHA! Archives.
bulletRead about the trip to Japan in Invitation.
bulletPeek into Writer's Blog.com.
bulletFind out who is behind this page.
bullet See a haiga here or the rest of Kuniharu's work.

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