October 11, 2000

I woke when I heard Marilyn taking her shower. We quickly got dressed and were out of the house by 5:34 almost a record for her. The world of the hinter grounds of El Rito was so dark, so lacking in light except for the many, many cars on the road. I could not believe so many people were out in their cars so early. Evidently most of the people who live out here work somewhere they must commute to for at least two to three hours. We had good talks and the time went fast. Just as we approached Albuquerque did we see the first two balloons hanging in the gray air. The sky was deeply overcast and often we had singular drops of rain hitting the windshield. Not good news for the Hot Air Balloon Festival.

in the dawn sky

We pulled off the freeway on an exit ramp and parked by a sign saying "no stopping here during the Balloon Festival.

bubbling up
out of misty earth

New Mexico warms
the dawn sky with the colors
of balloons

New Mexico
even some old guys playing
with balloons

Only the flight of the hour made us turn away to continue into the city. As soon as I got my luggage checked in I raced to the boarding area to find it empty. There was just the ticket taker and the back of the last passenger disappearing down the loading ramp. Soon, along with the more colorful balloons, I was rising into the air with my spirit bundle stowed away over my head.

home again
the full moon
on the sea

Copyright Jane Reichhold 2000.

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