Spreading My Wings
Dedicated to: My Mother
Mother’s Day Poem
Samuel S. West

Today, I started to spread my wings and fly in the sky. Although when I was flying in the air I flew into the most troubling winds so I flew right back to my nest with my mother.

I explained to my mother that I can’t spread my winds anymore it’s much too scary for me to go alone and do my own thing. Mother I need your comfort and your guidance. Mother I need your motherly love to teach me how to be strong during troubled times.

Mother you mean everything to me. You have been with me every step of the way every since I was a little child you have been as strong as a bull. Thanks mom for giving me everything I needed to make something out of myself. Mother I thank you for never giving up on me.

Thanks for telling me what’s right and what’s wrong because of the resulting daily chats with me you have encouraged me to go out into the world and try to spread my winds again to show the world what a wonderful mother can bring on God's green earth.


I want to thank you for everything you have done for me and all the sacrifices you have through to make me grow a s better person. You have been there through thick and thin and that is something not just anyone does so all I want to say to say is Happy Mother's Day and thank you for being my mother

lonely child


Heaven's Stairs
For Anna
by James G Jones

As I look into the heavens
Across the star filled sky
I cannot help but think of you
and wonder...why

I didn't really know you
Nor have we ever met
I never held your hand or kissed your cheek but still...yet

My days are filled with thoughts of you
My nights, you drift softly into my dreams I stand in complete awe of you As a servent to a Queen

I only wish I could have known you
Maybe I'd have been a friend
to help in some small way
Your broken heart to mend

I promise to always remember you Anna
and to say a little prayer
Until the day i can meet you
standing upon Heaven's Stairs
Jonathan Magboo

Your Flowers and gifts,
You give to me,
But all I want,
Is a embrace from thee

If I had a wish ...i would wish for you ...and if i had another ,I would wish my wish came true ,,but wishes only happen in children's fairytales all I do is dream of you when all my wishing fails ..I think of you each day and night and every moment true ..I can't believe I cannot have a love that is so you ..I want ,,I need ..I have to have a love that is so pure .. no person... other than for you can be my only cure ..You are the one that I wished for ,,with a heart so pure and true ..I only want just one love ,,Just one love shall I endure ......TBC

john migala
~We used to be Friends~

All the fun times we had together,
I wish that we could have another.
Always thinking our friendship would last, But now it's all in the past.
Why did it all have to go down this way?
Cuz in the end we both had to pay!
I tried to ease all of the pain,
And with no surprise that my solution was the same.
Day after day along with all my tears,
I keep on wondering why I'm still here!
You had called me names and said i didn't have a heart, 
Right at that moment i fell apart.
Shocked in disbelief not knowing what to say...

best friends for never
Althea Rosita Wunderler-Selby

what happened to best friends for ever?
what happened to us?
what happened to staying by each others side through the hard times?
i was there for you but you weren't there for me.
you left me when i needed you most.
i was alone with no one to bring me through this tough time.
i wished you knew this but i don't exist to you anymore.
what happened to best friends for ever?
what happened to US?
your to late now.
I'm moving on.
i don't need you anymore, i am fine on my own.
you forgot about me,i will forget abut you.
good bye for good.

Shana Stephenson

I wish that there was a way to tell her face to face that i'd cry a million tears for her and go through every pain she felt, just so she never had to hurt. I'd tell her how i'd walk a thousand miles for her just to fill a need and how i'd just simply take my life for her just so she could breathe. i love this person with all my heart and i tell her so everyday. She's the best of the best, a person i can trust. This person is my best friend.


this boulder
that i carry on my shoulder
gets no lighter as i get older
stuck in a world full of lies
often i compromise
and wonder
will my troubles take me under
the earths folds
were fiends lie in wait for moral souls
ill be dammed if that's my fate
so patiently i wait
for one fateful day i will see his face and feel his warm embrace

muloma sandi                                  


Sometimes when I'm frightened, I sing a joyful tune. Sometimes when I cry, I always look at you. Sometimes at night, I always think of you. Sometimes I admit, I just love you. Sometimes when I laugh, It always came from you. Sometimes, I just always want to be with you. Sometimes, your always there for me. Sometimes, I think your so lucky to be with. And I know this poem doesn't rhyme. And you probably think it's dumb. But I surely admit to you, its worth a loyal friend. That word I always hear. It always seems to be near. The word I heard so often, the word that was so romantic. Sometimes, Its okay, to think about love...

love's the word.


im those times that u were mean i still loved u i still stuck by ur side it was rough but we got through now i wish could go back to u i still and always will love u with all my heart i know that i was not smart to let u go but now i know how much i love u and i always will love u this much with all my heart i will miss u but u will still be in my heart for the rest of my life u may not love me but i still love but u don't care i wish u would care like u use to bu ti guess my dreams r not ocmeing true

Klista Castle


To my dear friend who lost her two parents this year2007 
i give you this short poem with love....

          Keep us in your prayer

In the arms of the lord we came to be
Welcomed us with open arms’ you see
Little angels set our way ……
With flowers  and laughter’s……. your here to stay 
Holding hands  we set to see 
The flowers the grass ooohhhhh how we hope more too see 
No sadness.. no sorrow… but happiness for all to see 
We wish for you our love and all to know 
That we love you all eternally …
Take care and be happy…..

By Sameera 


Mom thank u 4 being there 4 me you helped me get back up when I fell you helped me get through the good times and the bad times of life so I write this poem to tell you thankyou for being there 4 me.

Annisah Villagran


the flower blew in the wind
the wind blew the flower
ripping at its petals
the flower fought back
straining to stay alive
the roots ripped from the ground
the flower had lost the long fought battle
as the flower fluttered away in the wind all was quiet,
the wind blew the flower was forgotten
the grass grew where the flower once lay

Ellie Johnston


I'm Sorry

I'm sorry if i tell you lies
I'm sorry but i cannot longer hide
I don't love you at the very start,
and i don't mean to broke your heart

I cannot longer hide this feelings
so i want you to know im tired of pretending

if i hurt you im sorry
now you know what is true will you ever forgive me too?

i said i love you but i lied
i say this to you because i thought that maybe someday im gonna learn to love you too but im wrong, so wrong and i know its caused you pain but before you blame me why i break your heart,.
why don't you ask yourself first?

you know at the very start i told you
but you said please give me a chance to love you dont blame me if i did this to you coz you know at the very start, your name is not here in my heart!!

Well always be apart
the emotions i feel in my heart
r about to burst sayin this makes it worse

I'm sorry so sorry


I've never felt this way before

How do you do it, you make my heart soar How do you do, the things that you do take this heart, and make it brand new kiss me, touch me, make everything alright tell me you love me push all else out of sight you make me want to change be someone else you encourage my dreams tell me to push myself you touch my cheek and wipe my tears you hold me close and keep me safe from all my fears I've fallen in love with the person you are I dont need you looks, you money, your car I only want you and the way you make me feel so take my love and eternally seal this love, this hope, these feelings I feel and forever I'll be yours Yes. This love is for real.



I'm lost in 'the crowd'
Now I'm more lonely
Than I ever could be
Everyone knows me;
But I'm a stranger to me.

I've no face, no identity,
No faith, no belief,
That I can identify with me.
I've a voice which
Echoes someone else's words
My thoughts are not my very own.

I'm a mass,
I'm a class
Of cynics and hypocrites.
Now I feel good .
I'm 'the crowd'
Empty and loud.
Empty and loud.



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