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First A Bounty of New Year’s Greetings














Beate Conrad


Claudia Brefeld


Gabriele Hartmann


Dragan J Ristic



Wishing you and your family a very Happy Deepavali! May the festival of lights be the harbinger of prosperity and happiness for you!- Rama & Thiagarajan



Hi Jane!  Just want you to know I absolutely love the latest addition of Lynx and fully support your idea of symbiosic Poetry.  It's a great concept and one I embrace.  Susan Galletti Campion (Sue)


Oh, Werner and Jane, how lovely to hear from you twice in the past couple of days! I am grateful for the very charming calendar that you shared. Really fun and lovely! I will enjoy using it throughout the year. I am pleased that you enjoyed the holiday poem. It means a lot to me that you like it! Warmest to you both this new year, which I have a feeling will be good for us all. May you happily create throughout 2014! Sheila Murphy

. . .

My book launch reading/party for In the Name of Wonder, was wonderful: full house (maybe 80 folks) and I sold out of books.  (see some photos attached) I'll have to send you your complimentary copy of the book, when I get the next order in (maybe 2-3 weeks).  Thanks for your patience. Thanks again for providing inspiring comments for the jacket! Best, Armand Brint

. . .Thanks for this information.  I was not familiar with 'underthebasho'. What a great idea. And I really like their five categories of haiku; that is excellent. It parallels my own feelings of how haiku has generated a number of different approaches. I think of them as siblings which share certain family characteristics yet they are all individuals and can be appreciated on their own terms. I am almost finished with my Microcosmos.  It got delayed because I was working on my tanka collection, Tanka River  which is finally available through Amazon.  Our approaches to tanka differ, so as regards the poetics I don't expect you will resonate much with them.  But, on the other hand, the seven tanka melodies I've included in the collection are available and usable for a wide range of approaches; so you might be interested there. . . .I am specifically designing Microcosmos for renga that adhere to traditional syllabics. Edith Shiffert's hyakuin follows those parameters. Not very many do. But that's how I've taken to composing renga at this point in my life. This is not a statement of exclusion; I just want a collection that gives breathing room for that approach. I am hoping to gather a second collection (tentative title: 'Parallels') which will cover a wider range of renga approaches; including net renga and other experiments. Just wanted to follow up and explain my thinking about this. I hope this makes sense. Give my best to Werner, as always. Jim Wilson


Flames and Smoke Visible reading/book signing by author, D.S. Lliteras, was televised at the International Association of Firefighters (IAFF) Local 68's Annual Firefighters Retiree Luncheon at Norfolk (Virginia) Fire Department's Fire Station #1and is available by this link on C-Span


Dear Ms. Reichhold, My song cycle setting 12 poems of Fumiko Nakajo (in your English translation) will be premiered at this concert on Sunday, Feb. 23 at Cornelia St. Cafe in New York City:
Of course, I understand that it's a long way from where you live, so it's unlikely that you will be able to attend, but I will be sure to send you a recording. Regards, Steve Holtje


Knock. Knock.

Who's there?


Hike who?

old pond/frog jumps in/sound of water


Dan Barth from his sister Karin.



Tanka Society of America to Publish 2014 Anthology—Free to Members -
The Tanka Society of America (TSA) has announced plans for a members' anthology, scheduled for release in autumn 2014. For this year only, current members will receive a complimentary copy.

M. Kei, widely known tanka poet and publisher of Keibooks, will edit the anthology. Details are posted at theTSA website and also will be published in the Winter issue of Ribbons, the TSA journal. If you're not a current (2014) TSA member, consider either joining or renewing your membership today.


Anne Carly Abad's haiku recently received an honorable mention in the Basho Haiku Festival Tournament (Japan, 2013). She placed third in the Diogen Summer Contest for Haiku, Senryu, Tanka and Haiga 2013. Her work has appeared or will appear in Magma Poetry, The Cordite Poetry Review, and Strange Horizons. Find out more about her at

The Heron's Nest is pleased to announce the names of artists whose work has been selected in this year's illustration contest. We were happily overwhelmed with hundreds of beautiful images from which to choose. The following artists will be featured in The Heron's Nest, Volume 15 (2013) (annual print edition):
 Cover - Hiroko Seki; Back Cover - Julie Warther; Overview - Steven Addiss; Spring - Michele L. Harvey; Summer - Claudia Brefeld, Autumn - Ray Rasmussen; Winter - Maya Lyubenova; Readers' Choices - Barbara A. Taylor
 You may view the selected images here:
The Heron's Nest, John Stevenson, Managing Editor, PO Box 122, Nassau, NY 12123



Hey. I'm really glad you like it. It's just one haiku. QR is an abbreviation for Quick Response Code. I've learned to program these barcodes so that when you scan them with a smart phone, they reveal a text message. Each "block" makes a line. So someone who can scan the blocks would see text that reads as follows:

 decipher the code
celebrate discovery
increase harmlessness

The concept/practice is interesting to me for several reasons. First is this: we know that technology is perceived as an increasingly de-humanizing process. But technology makes no choices. We make the choices and if we feel de-humanized, we are capable of re-asserting our humanity. It takes work, but I think it's worth it. I've created regular barcodes with text messages before and I've printed the codes onto self-published collections of poetry, which I have surreptitiously placed on bookstore shelves--Barnes and Noble, for example. When the clerk scanned those simple barcodes, instead of a price appearing on the cash register's L.E.D. it read "Happy Birthday." (I tested these by sending friends in to "buy" the books). I can program to say just about anything, but the length is very limited. So far. The other main reason relates to code in general. The alphabet, itself, is a code and at one point in history, it too challenged people with a difficult learning curve. But we adjust and adapt and learn to use these tools as we would a wrench or a screwdriver. Jim Babwe



2014 will be the 25th anniversary of Lilliput Review and it is still going strong, though I may have lost a step or too. Here's an electronic archive of older issues you can flip through:
Lillie fits in the palm of your hand and, though Eastern forms area big part of it, all poems, 10 lines and under are considered. I'll get the issues off to you this week. And thanks again so much for the poem. best, Don Wentworth, Editor,Lilliput Review, 282 Main Street, Pittsburgh, PA  15201 Homepage:

Ardea #3 is now online. Thank you for your support. I hope the wait has
 been worth it. Please do submit for issue 4. All best wishes,  John Kinory

Chrysanthemum 14 is now online and ready to be viewed at: chrysanthemum - English - current issue
Chrysanthemum will appear on the 15th of April and the 15th of October. Deadline for the spring issue is the end of February and for the fall issue at the end of August.
Submissions are welcome at any time. Please send your submissions to Beate Conrad: Include your contribution in the body of the email; no attached files. Please send up to 5 Haiku, Tanka, and 1 haibun, and 2 haiga at a time. Collaboration Poetry will be considered only occasionally. All submissions must be unpublished and not under consideration elsewhere. If work originally published by Chrysanthemum is submitted elsewhere, please credit the magazine. All contents are copyright by the authors. All rights revert to the authors upon publication in Chrysanthemum.

 Welcome to Haiku Sansaar
Haiku Sansaar is a new online bilingual English Hindi journal, presenting haiku and its related genres. We present the work of both international and Indian poets who are well-known among their own language groups but unknown outside it. The journal's chief goal is to foster understanding and communication among haiku poets and readers who speak different languages so that we can learn from each other. It is our hope that Haiku Sansaar will help to promote friendship in a truly international way.
Please send 10 to 15 haiku in the body of the email to or

The 32nd issue of the Ghazal Page newsletter is attached. Your suggestions for content or responses to earlier newsletters are always welcome. All the best, Gene Doty;

A Hundred Gourds 3:1 is now online. The ninth issue of A Hundred Gourds, a quarterly journal of haiku, haibun, haiga, tanka and renku poetry is now released. The issue marks the beginning of our third year of publishing.  Many thanks to our readers and contributors for making AHG the success that it continues to be. We wish you all the Joy of the Season and a Happy and Fruitful New Year.
http://www.ahundred Along with our regular Haiku, Tanka, Renku, Haiga, Haibun and Expositions sections, AHG 3.1 offers two Features: In Memoriam – Laryalee Fraser, 1940 – 2013 It was with great sadness that we received the news that Lary passed away in October. A patient and encouraging mentor for many, Lary was modest about proclaiming her own achievements.  Susan Constable has compiled a collection of Lary’s fine haiku and haiga in tribute to the unstinting service Lary gave to the online haiku community for many years. Le Groupe Haïku de Montréal In the heart of Montreal, Canada, Le Groupe Haïku de Montréal meets to support its members in the writing of haiku that differs from the kind of haiku typically written in France. Mike Montreuil gives some insight into the workings of the group and a bi-lingual sampler of haiku, haibun and tanka.
Please check our submissions page for details and editors’ guidelines. Lorin Ford - Haiku Editor, Managing Editor

Haibun Today (December 2013) is now online. The winter quarterly issue of Haibun Today is now online for your reading pleasure at   
This new issue features critical analysis of individual haibun and tanka prose by Glenn G. Coats, Jeffrey Harpeng and Charles Tarlton as well as an assortment of book reviews by Ruth Holzer, Ingrid Kunschke and Bob Lucky. Contributors include A.T. Allan, Mike Andrelczyk, Jenny Angyal, Lynette Arden, Susan B. Auld, Dawn Bruce, Donna Buck, Peter Butler, Ashley Capes, Matthew Caretti, Steven Carter, Sonam Chhoki, Glenn G. Coats, Robert Davey, Janet Lynn Davis, Angelee Deodhar, Lynn Edge, Judson Evans, Claire Everett, Gary Ford, Terri L. French, Deborah Guzzi, Jeffrey Harpeng, Laura Hill, Ruth Holzer, Marilyn Humbert, Gerry Jacobson, Ryan Jessup, Jaclyn Jones, Ken Jones, Roger D. Jones, Carol Judkins, Padmini Krishnan, Ingrid Kunschke, Gary LeBel, Alison Lock, Bob Lucky, Doris Lynch, Johannes Manjrekar, Francis Masat, Mike Montreuil, Susan Nelson, Peter Newton, Doug Norris, Sergio Ortiz, Marge Piercy, Dru Philippou, Patricia Prime, Nu Quang, Ray Rasmussen, Mike Rehling, Bruce Ross, Miriam Sagan, Adelaide B. Shaw, Jeff Streeby, Charles Tarlton, Takenoko, David Terelinck, Paresh Tiwari, Patricia Tompkins, Anita Virgil, Harriot West, Colin Will, Bill Wyatt and Athena Zaknic.  Writers are now invited to submit haibun, tanka prose and articles for consideration in the March 2014 issue of Haibun Today. Please consult our Submission Guidelines at Haibun Today.


from a note from Lorin regarding the passing of John M. Carley:

with John in England and me in Australia, I didn't meet him in the flesh. Straightforward and sincere a person as John was, though, he shared a lot via correspndence. He was devoted to his family, had lived and taught in Africa and Italy, was a drummer and recording studio manager ...did lots of things, in fact and never lost the admirable 'common touch', nor his sense of humour or generosity through all the trials of chemotherapy, the last lot a new experimental sort. 

We published a feature on John in the June 2013 AHG, which includes an interview by Willie which shows something of John 'as a person', but who John was shows in all of his writings : an engaged, witty, thoughtful and thought-provoking man. His own piece, 'From Here to There', within this feature gives some insight into his development and interests as a poet. 

Also in AHG 2.3, the June 2013 issue, is one of his essays on renku 'Explaining it all Away: 

Another, 'What Price Kigo?' is in AHG 2.1, December 2012: 

- Lorin


Din Brosscher with Thanks to the Kabbala Centre!





Beate Conrad

Claudia Brefeld

Gabriele Hartmann

Dragan J Ristic

Rama & Thiagarajan


Susan Galletti Campion (Sue)

Sheila Murphy

Armand Brint

Jim Wilson

D.S. Lliteras,

Steve Holtje

Dan Barth


Tanka Society of America


Anne Carly Abad'

The Heron's Nest / John Stevenson


from Jim Babwe


Lilliput Review 25th Anniversary/Don Wentworth

Ardea / John Kinory

Chrysanthemum 14 / Beate Conrad

Haiku Sansaar / Angelee Deodhar

Ghazal Page / Gene Doty

One Hundred Gourds / Lorin Ford

Haibun Today /
Jeffrey Woodward

A note from Lorin Ford regarding John M. Carley


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