Thoughts in Rhyme


By Rahomme de Linde


    1. The pain that seems for ever to last
      Will some day be of the past.

    2. Pleasure is sin only when
      It results in pain instead of fun.

    3. Neither intense pleasure nor constant pain
      Can the body for long sustain.

    4. Joys and sorrows, great and small
      Will melt some day beyond recall.

    5. Tears come when glad or sad;
      But laughter never when things are bad.

    6. Don't try one's grief to understand;
      Just extend a caring and friendly hand.

    7. Rejoice this day the best you can;
      Things may turn not as morrow's plan.

    8. Joy and sorrow to the mind are bound:
      Pleasure and pain in the body found.

    9. Lust is heightened fantasies
      Of thrills with bodies one only sees.

    10. What we like to do, we do with pleasure;
      What we have to do, under pressure.

    1. It isn't food that makes you fat.
      But overeating: Don't forget that.

    2. A rule for losing weight might say:
      The mouth be shut for many a day.

    3. Both are white and both feel grainy
      One's for soup, the other for tea.

    4. Fasting is when we eat the least;
      Eating most is a feast.

    5. Eating is a supreme pleasure
      If done in its proper measure.

    6. Eat you may on your own,
      But you cannot feast all alone.

    7. There's more to eating than nourishment:
      It should also be an enjoyment.

    8. Sharing foods without conversation
      Is like dancing all alone in isolation.

    9. Each time we eat, let's also know
      That it's the farmers who cause the foods to grow.

    10. The energy in the food, though not the fun,
      Has come to us from the distant sun.

    1. Life isn't long: take it but lightly.
      Our needs are strong: work not too slightly.

    2. When gift or kindness comes your way
      "You shouldn't have," one mustn't say.

    3. Quench a quarrel before it grows;
      Before it turns to harsh words and blows.

    4. Care not what your neighbors say
      Of how you spend your night or day.

    5. Heartily give to one and all
      Counsel and help if on you they call.

    6. Advice none on why or whom
      They should take as bride or groom.

    7. Don't try to rid the world of all its weeds,
      Attend to just one person's needs.

    8. Avert the bad, if it's not too late;
      If it has happened, call it fate.

    9. Wish one and all from all your heart
      Happiness of every sort.

    10. If your choice is between reason and good,
      Reason it out, but choose the good.

    1. We can be noble, we can be mean,
      Most often we are in between.

    2. Reason and morals are cast to dust
      When one is blinded by the fire of lust.

    3. Naught we know can the cosmos span
      Save the measuring mind of puny Man.

    4. For fast and swift orgasmic pleasure
      People have lost their name and treasure.

    5. No one is always good or bad;
      No one for ever is glad or sad.

    6. The body's beauty is just outside;
      There's blood and flesh and filth inside.

    7. We have affected the world indeed,
      With thought and word and drastic deed.

    8. We are the only earthly creature
      That talks of past and thinks of future.

    9. Those who are great and good in fame
      May not at home be quite the same.

    10. Some are poor and some are wealthy;
      Fortunate those who just are healthy.

  5. LIFE
    1. There's more to life than food and drink:
      It's a scope to build, a chance to think.

    2. Life isn't just for one's own living:
      It's also for loving, and for giving.

    3. Who predict the course of life by star
      Oft know not what stars really are.

    4. Time creeps slow from future to past;
      But look behind: it has slipped by fast.

    5. The world is ruled by physical laws.
      But chance is what life's patterns draws.

    6. Take not life too seriously
      Nor treat it rather frivolously.

    7. Life is precious, there's much to do.
      Care for and respect other lives too.

    8. On Time's endless, evolving line
      We are but dots invisibly fine.

    9. Between the stretches of future and past,
      Only for a moment do we really last.

    10. Life is for laughing, loving, crying,
      Some reflecting, and then just dying.

    1. Those who're richer, envy them not;
      Share with the poorer whatever you've got.

    2. Hurting none in body or mind
      Is the noblest law that you can find.

    3. Let ire and hateful attitude
      Be allowed only in solitude.

    4. Do some good to some, to all be kind;
      Even if searching, no God you find.

    5. When you are right and also strong,
      Help the weak, and correct the wrong.

    6. If a hurt results that you did not will,
      Feel no guilt, but be helpful still.

    7. Expect not, but always say
      "Thanks" to someone every day.

    8. Smile at someone every day,
      And to someone kind words say.

    9. Trim the trees and cut the grass
      But in the home let love not pass.

    10. You may for yourself much expect:
      Remember to always others respect.

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