Resources for RENGA or LINKED POETRY
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Narrow Road to Renga.  Jane Reichhold with Twenty Pilgrims. AHA Books, 1989.

Symbiotic Poetry by Werner Reichhold. 



Basho's Narrow Road : Spring & Autumn Passages : Narrow Road to the Interior and the Renga Sequence : A Farewell Gift to Sora : Two Works by Matsuo Basho, translated by Hiroaki Sato. Stone Bridge Press, 1996.

Japanese Linked Poetry : An Account With Translations of Renga and Haikai Sequences by Earl Roy Miner. 1979.

Monkey's Raincoat: Sarumino - Linked Poetry of the Basho School With Haiku Selections by Lenore Mayhew, Translator. Tuttle, 1985.

The Road to Komatsubara: A Classical Reading of the Renga Hyakuin by Steven D. Carter. Harvard University,1989.

Three Poets at Yuyama by Steven D Carter. 1983.



cur*rent: linked haiku by Marlene Mountain and Francine Porad. Mercer Island, WA:Vandana Press, 2000.

Eleven Renga by Alexis K. Rotella with Florence Miller. Paperback – 1994.

Other Rens by Kris Kondo, Marlene Mountain, and Francine Porad. Mercer Island, WA:Vandina Press, 2000.

Sassy: A Collection of Linked Poems. Alexis K. Rotella and Carlos Colón. Tragg Publications, Shreveport, LA, 1998.

Shadow Lines by Margaret Chula, Rich Youmans. Katsura Press, 1999.


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