Thoughts in Rhyme


By Rahomme de Linde


    1. Pity the man who once had fame;
      Which, having lost, lies low in shame.

    2. Punishment doesn't always follow the crime;
      Oft only when one is caught in time.

    3. Some say it's murder weird and wild
      When a woman wants to abort her child.

    4. Lawyers' wits are what decide
      The outcome when a case is tried.

    5. Equal justice for all must be done:
      Not punishment same for everyone. *

    6. If no one steals and no one robs,
      Police and lawyers will be out of jobs.

    7. Criminals are caused no doubt by their roots,
      As much as roots give rise to rotten fruits.

    8. The lawyer who can better argue
      Shows the Truth, in a jury's view.

    9. Society gets into a sorry state
      When criminals government permeate.

    10. Cut off the channel for the flow of semen,
      Of men who rape helpless women.

    1. Laboring men are choked to death
      By capitalists' unchecked greed for wealth.

    2. The wealth of nations does arise
      From capital and free enterprise.

    3. More pitiful than lack of sense
      Is economic dependence.

    4. Money is power, but also a tool.
      It may be used wisely, or like a fool.

    5. The so-called science of economics
      Can be serious stuff or only tricks.

    6. Any idea or thing can easily sell
      If it is really presented well.

    7. Of what good is a whole pot of gold
      If you can't of it get a hold?

    8. Only those who have toiled hard on earth
      Pay the price for human birth. *

    9. There's no economic system yet
      To erase hunger from our blue planet. *

    10. Economics is concerned more with wealth
      Than happiness, fairness or moral health.

    1. History isn't a list of dates;
      But a peoples' fortunes and their fates.

    2. There have been horrors in the past;
      Their effects mustn't be made to last.

    3. The ancients didn't through telescopes peek,
      That's why we have a seven day week. *

    4. The greater a people's achievements
      The shabbier their alien encroachments.

    5. When it comes to past acts of shame,
      Most races and people are the same. *

    6. Greater the good a culture has brought
      Worse also the evil that it has wrought.

    7. Every people's history must speak loud
      Of people of whom they feel proud. *

    8. When one's laurels now are not so vast,
      One tends to extol one's distant past.

    9. Civilization often springs
      From obsession with way-out things.

    10. Ideas die, however great
      If there's no one them to propagate.

    1. News is not a fairy tale,
      But gossip on a larger scale.

    2. The views you think are yours indeed
      Come from TV, papers, and things your read.

    3. Once news was simply just happened;
      Now it also tells us to what end. *

    4. Time, once come, can't again be seen
      Unless it's the news magazine.

    5. If in ancient times they had TV,
      Christ and Buddha we still could see.

    6. News is not meant a story to tell,
      But a commodity that they can sell.

    7. Crime and violence make the news,
      Also the journalists' own private views.

    8. During a day how many times
      Do we read and hear of terrible crimes!

    9. Let there be a week when we don't report
      Violence, crimes and what's fit for court.

    10. Anchormen think the world can't survive
      If they don't show up on TV live.

    1. On a race or nation if a statement is strong,
      Most likely it is funny or just plain wrong.

    2. You may be right, yet make not a case
      To speak too low of another race.

    3. Apartheid was heinous crime
      'Cause it was out of tune with its Time. *

    4. Powerless rage of a mindless band
      Oft burns the flag of another land.

    5. Blessed the land which does not swing
      To the left or right extreme wing.

    6. To change a group's or a people's ingrained way
      Within their system one must stay.

    7. Race and religion, more than mind,
      Can a people closely bind.

    8. A successful people is often bound
      By some common purpose and values sound.

    9. The cultures of the world, I say,
      Are like flowers in a big bouquet.

    10. East is East, and West is West;
      What's yet to come will be the best. *

    1. They're fools, not traitors, who to spurn
      Their country, its flags do burn.

    2. Free thought comes to a deadly stop
      When fanatics reach a nation's top.

    3. Once a year, all nations should
      Speak of their foes what's only good.

    4. With freedom's mighty magic chain
      We can climb up and also go down the drain.

    5. Communism has failed indeed;
      Capitalism has to yet succeed.

    6. Cursed is the wretched land
      Where power changes not from hand to hand.

    7. Democracy is not all that neat
      When people don't have much to eat.

    8. There's more in common than seem it might
      'Tween the extreme left and extreme right.

    9. Tyrants cannot hold their sway
      If dumb soldiers do not them obey.

    10. Politics is a dirty game,
      But some have to play it, all the same.

    1. A healthy society must people link
      Who the same way do not always think.

    2. Society will to ruin come
      If, duty-free, all free become.

    3. When values are not to children taught
      Society will surely begin to rot.

    4. Ordered society is attained
      When human instincts are restrained.

    5. If each one cares for another one
      Society's chores will all be done.

    6. Some who try to society change
      Have their own problems rather strange.

    7. A society which clings on to values old
      Is like a slave who is to ancients sold.

    8. A society needs some leaders great
      Whom the young must emulate.

    9. A society is more than a people-group,
      More than chunks and salt there is to a soup.

    1. We are frank and open when with friends
      But with strangers all that ends.

    2. A single bright person can get things done
      More quickly than a committee, with much less fun.

    3. A party is where many people meet
      To gossip, pretend, and hors d'oeuvres eat.

    4. In groups where people laugh and joke
      There's often a mean, and sulky bloke.

    5. When people gather to worship and pray
      One should not think of a joke to say.

    6. When an officer in a platoon takes one to task,
      About his health and family one must not ask.

    7. The respect that people for a leader express
      Oft depends on his distance and also his dress. *

    8. With strangers we see in a plane or a train
      At first we often a distance maintain.

    9. In every meeting that you attend
      You'll meet or make a passing friend.

    10. Is there a meeting where men will dare
      To show up just in an underwear?

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