kehlie hulings

           Snow is white all the time
           Snow falls heavy and light
           Snow is so beautiful when Christmas lights are on bushes
           Snow is so dark on the roads
           Snow is like white ice cream
           Snow is like a white hat
           Snow is a wonderful thing for hunting season
           Snow is fall a lot of time in the winter


An ailment for the federation,
Noting for the nation.
A cool breeze the only calmness across the seas,
Trouble like hurricane Katrina in New Orleans.
Lands of water and no homes,
Nothing is visible but heard…
Not a whisper but many sorrowful moans,
Not even the cheerful singing of each and every bird.
No more Mardi Gras in our visions,
But how they will survive is their own decisions.
Babies away from their mothers,
Little sisters away from their big brothers.
Oh Katrina what misery you’ve caused,
Months, years of a problem that has or probably never will be solved.
Poverty nothing to live for but Jambalaya and the New Orleans identity,
Give them peace God and serenity.
jessica rucker


“Had thee me been”
emre karatas 

had  the  days  passed
not  mercilessly
would have been I
not  sad  but  thee

had  prevailed  not
the  beings  against  I ,
would  have  been
them  the  same beings
die  to  dead

had  thee  me  been
would have  been the
one , thee  who
keen  dying on and ,
seem  lying  on  to  all .

had  seem  thou  presence
been  visible  to eye ,
would  have  been  the
stabbed  one  from
the back
or  the  deck  my love
of .

would  have  been  me
thee ,
and  thee  me  again ,
both  us  had  been
before late

like  know  thee  die  I ,
though ,
pleased  thee  high
and ,

DesireeL. Jarmon

Pride is such an ugly creature
He wants to become the main feature
In front of GOD he will go
Never wanting to hear the word NO
If you come in contact with pride
Do not ever let him ride
Refuse to entertain his wicked thought
In the mist of disobedience you will be caught
Pride is not the way to be taught
Yes he is so real
And if you listen to him you will get a bad deal.


by Guy Haughwout

An angry man denouncing God, unfair his life has been,
Turned his back on all he loved, then turned to crime and sin.
One day God speaks to him, "Open your eyes and see."
His words fell on deaf ears, so God let him be.

Turmoil ruled his days and nights, the chaos had no end.
Then God called him once again, "Let Me be your friend".
His heart frozen by distrust, betrayal was all he knew.
Alone, the man thought he was, but Jesus felt it, too.

The stubborn man, full of pride, reluctant to give in,
Continued in his foolish way, and lived the life of sin.
But like a rose, off the vine, the man began to wilt.
Looking back on life gone by, his heart was full of guilt.

In front of God on Judgment Day, the man soon will stand.
Undying love of our Lord, still offering His hand.
The doubtful man questions God, "But my road I have paved."
"I sent My Son to die for you. Ask and be saved."


Amanda Foran

Why do we strive for it
What do we have it to compare to
Is there such a thing
We see it in others
Alas never in our selves

Take a close look
We are what we strive to be
To be perfect is to make the mistake
To be perfect is to forgive the mistake
To be perfect is just to be



I am a flame.
With passion.
With love.
With hopes.
With dreams.
I am a flame that cannot be stopped.
I burn hearts.
I flirt.
I am Emma

An old man
ponders silently
on a summer's night

leonie garrett


Angel Logan

I dream of a time when life is simple and love is free,
a time of wondrous fun and uncaged hearts.

The motor roaring the wind blowing
taking me to the height of serenity,
hiding me from all of the fears of my mind.

The test of trust and faith belongs to those nearest who can tear us apart,
but miles and memories of those afar hold no risk of loss nor destruction.

With you I’m free of expectations, free to be me,
unbound by the law of lifeand true to the deepest part of my soul.

We are the kind of love that stops for no one
that rules nothing and feels no pain.

The bond that keeps the grains flowing,
the wheels that keep the wind moving,
from now until eternity.

We are the sands of time, the hourglass that keeps us true and free.
As long as we keep love in our hearts, the sands will never run out.

Coming Home
Topher Vine

The stars light up your bedside
A thunderclap explodes my mind
I’ve been here before
But not for a long time
I’d forgotten
The pale way the sunshine’s

I’ve seen things
I’ll never see again
Places and people
I never wanted to hold
Traveling through
Caught for too long
Then I’m gone
Like the old Lynard Skynard song

As I walk
The forgotten familiar streets
The misty image
In the distance reminds me
Of those I loved
Those I left
Through the years
The memories that slept

Then you
Looking old
But those eyes still burn
With the passion and rage
Of a lion in a cage
My heart has mellowed
But I’m scared to return
To the things that held me
Only now have they saved me.


by Santeri Latvaala

In unguarded area
fool falls, head splits
pines are comminuted
to pieces
someone pulls the ropes,
I perish
my back dies just now
Pluto is as far as Hades


silence but for our beating hearts

silence but for the humming of the rain on our skin

silence but for the breaths we intake

silence but for the lies and mistakes

silence but for the tears down our cheeks

silence but for the fears we don't speak

silence but for the shivers of cold

silence but for the hands that we hold

silence but for the screaming of our minds

silence is all that holds us intertwined

silence engulfs us like the dark of the night

and silence is what lets our souls take flight....



Dried arms of maple
reach up to embrace
They are bare now
Naked and wrinkled... Grey
Like the skin of the old
Still hope remains
Tangled neath'' their knotted knuckles
Soon to wear a shimmery coat
Bejeweled and brilliant
in the afternoon sun
Coating our hearts against the bleakness
Of January days
Wrinkled yet dressed... White
Like the skin of the new
Still hope remains
Growing neath' the crystal coverage
Tiny embryos of green
Dreaming of spring
Awaiting their chance
To be born.

Thinking Of You
Ferron Boothe 

Distant sun arises
Reflecting on my mind
Visions of spontaneous gaiety
Fading with passing time

Thoughts of wondrous memories
Of what we used to be
Stands illuminated by the rays
Bringing abundant joy to me

Rays obscured by passing clouds
Momentarily deflects the light
Burst of tears from yonder clouds
Dampens my spirits' delight

Alas! a multi-colored rainbow
bursting with hues so bright
returns me to my reverie
visions of you and I

As I Lie Drenched in Apocalypse...
          by Jameel Heath

Evocative darkness dancing forth,
coming down from the pristine north,
booming and fuming with fertile death,
looming ahead of my eyes when red,
burned the fruit and communing with the dead,
ahead, ahead I see the truth,
when Osiris and Isis are once more wed,
in my dreams there are no seams,
and my mind sits upon golden beams,
full of light and innocent sight,
but alas, those are but dreams,
just for now, just for now,
till time takes her final bow,
till that solstice in seven years,
when omega marches through with a golden plow,(wow!)
till darkness lifts the smoke shall drift,
to the west I gaze with widened eye,
waiting for the midnight Sun to rise,
archer watch your arrows fly,(so high!)
from austere steppes I bring dispassionate eyes,
stoic detachment through inscrutable days,
always mindful that my life blood soon shall dry.(WHY!?!)



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